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Vol. 87 No.4 - Monday April 29, 2019


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International Game Technology PLC Releases Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting and 2018 Annual Reports and Accounts


LONDON, U.K. (April 18, 2019) -- International Game Technology PLC ("IGT") (NYSE: IGT) announced today the release of its Notice of the 2019 Annual General Meeting ("2019 AGM") and 2018 Annual Reports and Accounts for the period from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, and provided updated information for the 2019 AGM, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency London, 30 Portman Square, London, W1H 7BH, on May 17, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. British Summer Time (BST).

IGT is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Interactive and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play. We have a well-established local presence and relationships...


The Notice of the 2019 AGM, 2018 Annual Reports and Accounts, and instructions to participate at the AGM are available at, along with IGT's 2018 Annual Report on Form 20-F.

These materials can be viewed directly online and are also available for download in PDF format. IGT's 2018 Annual Report on Form 20-F was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on March 8, 2019 and is accessible through its website at

About IGT

IGT (NYSE:IGT) is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Digital and Social Gaming.

Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play.

We have a well-established local presence and relationships with governments and regulators in more than 100 countries around the world, and create value by adhering to the highest standards of service, integrity, and responsibility. IGT has over 12,000 employees.

For more information, please visit

SOURCE: International Game Technology PLC.




Texas Lottery to Add New Fireball Feature to Pick 3™ and Daily 4™ Starting April 28

New add-on feature provides more chances to win and increased prize amounts

AUSTIN, Texas (April 24, 2019) --Texas Lottery® players will soon have more chances to win when they play Pick 3™ and Daily 4™ by purchasing FIREBALL, a new add-on feature for both daily draw games. FIREBALL will replace the Sum It Up!® feature starting Sunday, April 28. The first drawings for Pick 3 plus FIREBALL and Daily 4 plus FIREBALL will be Monday, April 29.

We are excited to refresh Pick 3 and Daily 4 with the launch of the FIREBALL add-on feature,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “FIREBALL will give our players more opportunities to create winning combinations and increase their chances of winning a prize. Pick 3 is one of our longest-running draw games and Daily 4 set a sales record last fiscal year. By introducing FIREBALL, we anticipate player interest for both games will grow, generating higher sales, which most importantly leads to more revenue for Texas education.


Following each Pick 3 and Daily 4 base game drawing, the Pick 3 FIREBALL and Daily 4 FIREBALL numbers will be drawn separately from a set of 10 balls (0-9). To create FIREBALL prizewinning combinations, the Pick 3 FIREBALL number can be used to replace any one of the three drawn Pick 3 winning numbers, and the Daily 4 FIREBALL number can replace any one of the four drawn Daily 4 winning numbers.

If a player’s selected numbers match any of the FIREBALL prizewinning combinations, the player can win a prize based on their selected Play Type and wager amount, in addition to any base game winnings. Players can also win FIREBALL prize(s) without winning in the base game.

Players must select the FIREBALL option at the time of purchasing a Pick 3 or Daily 4 base game ticket. The cost of the board(s) doubles where the FIREBALL option is chosen. Pick 3 and Daily 4 players will need to use new Pick 3 plus FIREBALL and Daily 4 plus FIREBALL playslips. Players should be advised that the current Pick 3 and Daily 4 playslips will no longer be accepted after the Night drawing on April 27.

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NY Gaming Commission

Pick 3 and Daily 4 drawings take place four times a day, six days a week (Monday-Saturday) at 10 a.m., 12:27 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10:12 p.m. CT. A live webcast and results of all Texas Lottery drawings are available at

About the Texas Lottery

Beginning with the first ticket sold in 1992, the Texas Lottery has generated $29 billion in revenue for the state and distributed $60 billion in prizes to lottery players. Since 1997, the Texas Lottery has contributed $23 billion to the Foundation School Fund, which supports public education in Texas. As authorized by the Texas Legislature, certain Texas Lottery revenues benefit state programs including the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. Since the first veterans’ themed scratch ticket game was launched in 2009, the Texas Lottery has contributed more than $110 million for programs supporting Texas veterans.

The Texas Lottery provides several entertaining games for lottery players including Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Lotto Texas®, All or Nothing™, Texas Two Step®, Pick 3™, Daily 4™, Cash Five® and scratch ticket games.

For more information visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or at:

CONTACT: Media Relations, T: 512-344-5131, E:

SOURCE: The Texas Lottery.




Loto-Québec Awards Pollard Banknote Two-Year Instant Ticket Contract Extension


WINNIPEG, Manitoba (April 25, 2019) -- Pollard Banknote Limited (TSX: PBL) (“Pollard Banknote”) is pleased to announce a two-year extension to its instant ticket manufacturing contract with Loto-Québec. The extension commenced February 1, 2019, and will allow the company to continue its role as the Lottery’s primary instant lottery ticket supplier, which it has been since 2014.

Pollard Banknote has partnered with Loto-Québec to create high performing instant games since 1989, initially through an agreement with Canada’s Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (“ILC”). Over the past three decades, Pollard Banknote has worked closely with the Lottery, gaining an understanding of their production requirements and unique market considerations, and leveraging this expertise to develop innovative products that align with Loto-Québec’s exacting requirements.

Most recently, Loto-Québec selected three of Pollard Banknote’s wide range of industry-leading print innovations to enhance its Multiplicateur Surprise ticket and the X L’Argent family of games.

Pollard Banner

Multiplicateur Surprise takes advantage of Pollard Banknote’s exclusive Flip Scratch™ format, allowing players to snap open windows to reveal variable imaging on the back side of each window, and a scratch area that covers additional play symbols.

The Lottery’s $2 10x L’Argent and $5 20x L’Argent combine two eye-catching innovative features on one ticket—Pollard Banknote’s patented Scratch FX® product and neon inks. This Winning Combination™ brings together the unmistakable shimmer and shine of Scratch FX®, with the bold glow of neon ink that makes these tickets pop at retail.

We are pleased to extend our agreement for instant lottery tickets with Pollard Banknote. We have established a successful working relationship and continue to be impressed with the company’s innovative printing processes that help keep our retail market stocked with fresh and modern-looking tickets,” said Marie-Claudel Lalonde, Senior Director, Strategy & Marcom, Loto-Québec. “We look forward to continue building on our strong and collaborative working relationship to bring players in Québec the most entertaining and engaging instant tickets available.

Pollard Banknote is thrilled to continue working as the primary supplier of instant lottery tickets for Loto-Québec,” said Michelle Annandale, Vice President, International Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote. “As the leading instant ticket vendor in Canada, we are pleased to maintain our strong relationship with the Lottery, drawing on our extensive experience and specialized expertise to develop unique and innovative products that meet the specific needs of the Québec marketplace.

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NASPL 2019

Loto-Québec’s mission is to responsibly and efficiently manage games of chance in a controlled and measured fashion, in the interest of all Quebecers. In fiscal year 2017-2018, Loto-Québec’s contribution to the Ministère des Finances reached $1,310.5 million. These funds help support major government programs in health, education and infrastructure sectors, as well as pay down the provincial debt. For more information, visit:

About Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote is a leading lottery partner to more than 60 lotteries worldwide, providing high quality instant ticket products, licensed games, Schafer Systems retail merchandising solutions, and a full suite of digital offerings, ranging from game apps to comprehensive player engagement and iLottery solutions, including strategic marketing and management services. The company is a proven innovator and has decades of experience helping lotteries to maximize player engagement, sales, and proceeds for good causes. Pollard Banknote also provides pull-tab tickets, bingo paper, and its Diamond Game and Oasis-branded electronic ticket machines to charitable and other gaming markets in North America.  Established in 1907, Pollard Banknote is owned approximately 67.5% by the Pollard family and 32.5% by public shareholders, and is publicly traded on the TSX (PBL). For more information, please visit our website at



Doug Pollard,

Co-Chief Executive Officer,

Telephone: (204) 474-2323


John Pollard,

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: (204) 474-2323


Rob Rose,

Chief Financial Officer,

Telephone: (204) 474-2323



SOURCE: Pollard Banknote Limited.




Sugal & Damani Shares Its Experience in Delivering Instant and Personalized Services to Millennials


GURUGRAM, India (April 22, 2019) -- Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA) recently concluded its seminar on ‘Lotteries in the Digital World’.

The Group CEO, Mr. Kamlesh Vijay spoke about his vision and global experience involving delivering instant and personalized services to the Millenials in the digital world.

Mr. Kamlesh Vijay, commented:

Kamlesh Vijay
Group CEO, Mr. Kamlesh Vijay

Every modern lottery is talking about creating traction for the Millennials, who constitute a large segment of population, having disposable income, means and influence. Handling this demography is not easy as they have discerning taste and lingering choices.”

World over; Sports, high frequency and instant win games are natural choices for this segment at the cost of traditional lottery games. The choices before an operator are diverse and tricky due to regulatory framework, cultural and social orientation.

It was a perfect opportunity for us at APLA to discuss this subject in detail and set our vision for the future.”

It is said that Challenges lead to brilliance. In India the regulators and lawmakers, have banned instant win games long time back and recently imposed the highest slab of GST tax rate leading to infeasibility of running the most popular forms of high frequency games. Any forms of sports games – fixed odds, pools or even sports lottery have never been allowed. Under such a challenging situation some of the operators and technology providers had to come up with brilliant ideas and offer unique services involving skill and fantasy games to attract the Millennials.


As an example; Skilrock Technologies Pvt Ltd from India, which is a group company of Sugal & Damani and also a Gold contributor to WLA, designed unique services around its gaming platform, which were immaculately launched by another Group company of Sugal & Damani to attract, service and retain very discerning Millennial players with an extensive range of loyalty, bonus and customer services with deployment of latest AI, ML ,data analytics and also AR and VR for immersive gaming experience. Now this experience is benefiting a large number of operators across the world.

Lotteries around the world have to adopt latest technologies, keep pace with the expectations of Millennials and provide them one of the finest services to ensure maximization of revenues for good causes.


Event: APLA/WLA Seminar 2019


Venue: Danang, Vietnam 14 – 18 April 2019

A copy of Mr. Kamlesh Vijay’s presentation can be downloaded HERE.


About Sugal & Damani Group:

Sugal & Damani Group is a 48 year old privately held diversified business conglomerate with revenues exceeding US$2 billion. The group runs the largest state government lottery operations in India and has diversified into Skill based games, fantasy sports and other services, which are attractive to the young adult players. 

Its Group Company SKILROCK TECHNOLOGIES is a Gold Contributor of WLA, a leading Lottery and Gaming technology provider, which offers innovative gaming solutions for the emerging markets. S&D also runs a very large payment services business called “Payworld” with over 200,000 retail touch points.

For further information or assistance please CONTACT:

--- email:

--- website:

SOURCE:  Skilrock Technologies.


Neopollard Banner


Neopollard Interactive Named Lottery Supplier of the Year At 2019 EGR North America Awards


LANSING, Michigan (April 22, 2019) -- NeoPollard Interactive (“NPi”) is pleased to announce that it has been named Lottery Supplier of the Year at the 6th Annual EGR North America Awards. Culminating in a ceremony in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on April 11, 2019, the EGR North America Awards recognizes excellence in the North American online gaming industry.

The Lottery Supplier of the Year category celebrates suppliers who have demonstrated outstanding performance and innovation in the delivery of market-leading solutions for lottery operators. Evaluation in this category considered product integration and delivery, quality, commercial success, and innovation in the last 12 months. The judges’ remarks cited NPi’s proven commercial success and recognized NPi’s iLottery 360° Solution as an “innovative and comprehensive approach.”


As partner to North America’s leading iLottery operators, with approximately 80% U.S. market share in terms of revenue, NPi’s leadership in the iLottery space is further solidified through this recognition. NPi’s iLottery 360° Solution enables the company to provide a fully turnkey iLottery operation -- including sophisticated technology platforms, managed services, and industry-leading game content -- that is specifically geared towards serving the needs of lotteries and the preferences of lottery players.

NPi is truly honored to be awarded Lottery Supplier of the Year by the EGR North America Awards,” said Liz Siver, General Manager, NPi. “As a company, we have, and will continue to be, committed to our clients’ success. We are thrilled to be recognized for our comprehensive iLottery 360° Solution, innovative approach, and, most importantly, the successful lottery partnerships we have cultivated since forming nearly 5 years ago.

NPi’s focused approach and operational expertise has earned the company the reputation as ‘partner of choice’ for lotteries looking to enhance the way they connect and engage with players. By focusing on generating sustainable revenue for good causes, as well as offering the most exciting, innovative, and engaging digital gaming products, NPi demonstrates the proven ability to incrementally increase revenues for its lottery partners.

About NeoPollard Interactive

NeoPollard Interactive LLC (“NeoPollard Interactive”) is jointly owned by two of the world’s most trusted and reputable companies in lottery and Internet gaming – Pollard Banknote Limited (“Pollard Banknote”) and NeoGames S.A.R.L. (“NeoGames”). Established in 2014, NeoPollard Interactive combines the marketing expertise and extensive worldwide lottery experience of Pollard Banknote with the proven leadership and technology of NeoGames in launching new online and mobile gaming products and services suited to an ever-evolving marketplace. The company leverages the strengths of each partner company to develop, implement, operate and maintain innovative online gaming services that enable regulated lottery clients to generate revenues for good causes.



Doug Pollard

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: 204-474-2323


Moti Malul

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: 734-353-4275



SOURCE: NeoPollard Interactive LLC.


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Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) Successfully Oversees the World’s First Private Manager Transition Project


LAKEWOOD, N.J. (April 22, 2019) – Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) has successfully overseen the world’s first Private Manager Agreement Transition Project, working on behalf of the Illinois Lottery.

Acting Director of the Illinois Lottery Harold Mays said, “GLI ensured all parties stayed informed and coordinated throughout the two-and-a half-year-long project. We could not have successfully completed this complex transition without GLI.”

General Manager of Camelot Illinois Colin Hadden added, “GLI’s governance oversight and project management expertise were invaluable to this transition.”

The first project of its kind, the complex disentanglement of Lottery business operations included transitioning all Private Manager lottery operations and processes from one vendor to a new vendor.

GLI 300x250

In addition, the transition included all underlying technology, as GLI oversaw the transition of both lottery business operational processes, as well as core-system migration to deliver a new retail network, new data centers, new iLottery platform, and integration with the lottery’s scratch-ticket management system.

GLI experts also implemented governance processes to ensure quality delivery by vendors in the areas of project management, business and technical requirements, development and quality assurance testing, and data center and network design and implementation, along with retailer rollout and security.

After winning a competitive bid, GLI operated a Project Management Office (PMO) for two-and-a-half years for the oversight and management of the Private Manager Disentanglement Agreement Project transitioning the Illinois State Lottery from one Private Manager to another. GLI played a critical role as the PMO, implementing the necessary governance and project-management infrastructure to ensure the success of this transition, which concluded in February 2019.

About Gaming Laboratories International

Gaming Laboratories International, LLC delivers the highest quality land-based, lottery, and iGaming testing and assessment services. GLI’s laboratory locations are found on six continents, and the company holds U.S. and international accreditations for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, 17020, and 17065 standards for technical competence in the gaming, wagering and lottery industries. GLI also holds ISTBQ certification. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Christie Eickelman, Vice President of Global Marketing, T: +1 (702) 914-2220 or E:

SOURCE:  Gaming Laboratories International.


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Hoosier Wins Big in Las Vegas at BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™

Fishers native wins $50,000 on trip won via Hoosier Lottery 2nd Chance promotion

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (April 23, 2019) -- Eight Hoosier Lottery players travelled to Las Vegas last week to participate in the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™.

The Hoosiers, along with 91 other participants from lotteries across the country, were playing for the chance to win up to $1 billion.

Schafer Systems Inc.

Laura Clayton from Fishers won big, coming home with a $50,000 prize.

It’s a bit surreal at the moment. I came here with the mindset that we had a vacation that we didn’t pay for,” Clayton said after the event in Las Vegas.

Clayton advanced to the second round of the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™ to win the $50,000 prize. She plans to use the prize money to pay off student loans.

She travelled to Las Vegas with her husband, and the couple said they enjoyed relaxing by the pool.

This is unbelievable,” Clayton said after advancing to the second round. “We were just excited for the free trip.

The trip took place April 14-17, 2019. In addition to the cash prizes won at the event, each participant received round-trip airfare to Las Vegas, deluxe hotel accommodations for three nights, $1,000 spending money and the opportunity to play in the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™.

Hoosier Lottery’s BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™ 2nd Chance promotion ran from April 3, 2018-Jan. 13, 2019. To enter, players submitted a non-winning $10 GOLDEN TICKET Scratch-off into the myLOTTERY 2nd Chance promotion. The Hoosier Lottery randomly drew eight winners: four in August and four in January.

$10 GOLDEN TICKET Estimated Overall Odds are 1 in 3.63. 2nd Chance promotion odds are dependent upon the number of entries received.


BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™ is administered by MDI Entertainment, LLC and Scientific Games International, Inc.

Any questions regarding the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™, including questions regarding the assignment of proxies, prize payments, and tax liability or withholding for cash prizes, should be directed to MDI Entertainment, LLC at 1-800-201-0108.

Participation in the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™ may be subject to other local, state, and federal laws, including the laws of the State of Nevada.

Click here to download the Hoosier Lottery Mobile App.


Hoosier Lottery distributions benefit every county throughout Indiana. The Hoosier Lottery contributes $30 million to local police and firefighters' pensions and $30 million to the Teachers' Retirement Fund. In fiscal year 2018, the Hoosier Lottery contributed $246 million to the Build Indiana Fund.

To learn more about the Hoosier Lottery, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

CONTACT: Jerry Grider, Hoosier Lottery, Sr. Manager of Public Relations, T: 317-264-4676, E:

SOURCE: Hoosier Lottery.


Jumbo Banner


The Florida Lottery Introduces Three New Fast Play™ Games

The fastest way to play and win!


TALLAHASSEE, Florida (April 22, 2019) -- Rush to your nearest Florida Lottery retailer for three new Fast Play™ games from the Florida Lottery, on sale now! $50,000 CASH DOUBLER, 9s IN A LINE, and CASH STASH range in price from $1 to $5, and give players the chance to win top prizes of $500 to $50,000.

Fast Play game tickets print on-demand from the Lottery terminal and can be played immediately. If the ticket is a winner, the prize can be claimed instantly! $50,000 CASH DOUBLER, 9s IN A LINE, and CASH STASH can be purchased at any of the Lottery's more than 13,000 retailer locations state-wide.


To play, ask the retailer for a Fast Play ticket for the game you wish to play, or present a Fast Play playslip, tear-away sheet, or barcode to the retailer and a ticket will print automatically.

Follow the instructions printed on the ticket to determine if you are a winner. The overall odds of winning a $50,000 CASH DOUBLER prize are 1-in-2.94. The overall odds of winning a 9s IN A LINE prize are 1-in-4.00. The overall odds of winning a CASH STASH prize are 1-in-4.05.

Prizes up to $50,000 can be claimed at any Florida Lottery district office and prizes less than $600 can be redeemed immediately at any Florida Lottery retailer. Fast Play game prizes must be claimed within 60 days after the official end of game.


The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $35 billion to education and sending more than 808,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The Florida Lottery reinvests 97 percent of its revenue back into Florida’s economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and contributions to education. Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $61.2 billion in prizes and made more than 2,000 people millionaires. For more information, please visit:

CONTACT: Florida Lottery Communications, T: (850) 487-7727, Web:

SOURCE: Florida Lottery Communications.


Smartplay Banner


New Illinois Lottery Digital Platform Delivers Increased Player Engagement

Improved website and mobile app make it easier to play games and scan tickets

CHICAGO, Illinois (April 18, 2019) -- The Illinois Lottery’s new digital platform is now fully operational and delivering encouraging signs of early engagement. The website ( and mobile app are designed to make gameplay easier and more convenient for players.

The modernized digital platform already is bringing new players to the Illinois Lottery, with 35,000 new accounts registered in March.


The Lottery also continues to see an increase in website traffic, with more than 1.9 million visitors since the soft launch in February. Mobile app downloads have increased 277% when compared to the same six-week period last year.

“Our mission is to grow the Lottery and attract new players in a socially responsible way,” Illinois Lottery Acting Director Harold Mays said. “The new digital platform helps support that mission by providing a solid foundation for future revenue growth for the State of Illinois.”

The new digital platform features a dynamic home page that displays the next jackpot and most recent game results, quick registration and a state-of-the art data platform to provide a personalized experience for each player.

The new mobile app allows players who buy draw-based game tickets at retail locations to check whether they have winning tickets by scanning them directly through the mobile app.

The new mobile app is available for iOS and Android users. The iOS app can be found in the Apple App Store, and Android users can download the app from the Illinois Lottery’s website. Players also can play via their mobile device or computer at

“The Illinois Lottery’s digital platform offers players an engaging, streamlined experience,” Camelot Illinois General Manager Colin Hadden said. “By employing best practices to create an environment for responsible gaming, our goal is to attract lots of people to play a little, rather than a few playing a lot.”

The new website and mobile app have built-in responsible play protections. With mandatory age and identity checks, only those 18 years old or older who reside in Illinois are able to play online.

Other player protections include a weekly deposit limit that a player may set to a lower limit that fits with their budget, preventing players from adding more funds once the limit is reached, and a session timer that displays how long a player has been active on the site.


The new digital platform is one part of a complete technology and retail transformation for the Illinois Lottery, with significant retail improvements being delivered in the coming months. These improvements are intended to make it quicker for retailers to check tickets and improve the in-store experience for players and other customers.

An $86 million investment will see new retail terminals, vending machines, signage and ticket dispensers transform the Illinois Lottery’s presence in more than 7,200 retail locations. The transformation is one of the biggest retail and technology transformations undertaken by any lottery in the U.S.

Last year, the Illinois Lottery provided more than $700 million to the State’s Common School Fund to support K-12 education throughout Illinois. With Camelot Illinois on board, Illinois Lottery funding for education is expected to grow by 40 percent to more than $1 billion annually in 2027.

The new digital lottery was developed by Camelot Lottery Solutions for Camelot Illinois, the integrated business manager for the Illinois Lottery. Camelot Lottery Solutions’ digital lottery, data platforms and services power some of the most innovative and fastest growing digital lotteries in the world, which now includes the Illinois Lottery.

About the Illinois Lottery

Founded in 1974, the Illinois Lottery has contributed over $20 billion (since 1985) to the State’s Common School Fund to assist K-12 public schools, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars to the Capital Projects Fund and to special causes like Illinois Veterans services, the fight against breast cancer, MS research, Special Olympics and assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS. In addition to playing in-store, the Illinois Lottery offers online and mobile play for all draw-based Illinois Lottery games at Players must be at least 18 years old.

CONTACT: Wendy Abrams, T: (312) 771-0504.

SOURCE: Illinois Lottery.


GBGC Banner


FDJ Achieves Strong Financial and Non-Financial Results in 2018


Solid 2018 results : Revenues up 1.8% to € 1.8 billion, EBITDA margin up 17.5%, net profit up to € 170 million

  • Retailer remuneration up + 4% to € 785 million


Strong economic and social footprint:

  • €5.4 billion contribution to GDP (+ 2.9% vs. 2017)
  • 52,500 jobs created or sustained
  • Territorial impact: 20,350 jobs created or sustained in the local bar-tabac-presse trade


FRANCE (April 12, 2019) -- Stéphane Pallez, CEO of the FDJ Group: "The Group's financial and non-financial results validate the relevance of our business model, which combines strong operational performance with redistribution to the community, including since 2018, the French heritage. Responsible Gaming policy and strong economic and social footprint. They allow the FDJ Group to continue its investments, both in terms of digital transformation and corporate social responsibility. With this in mind, FDJ is committed to allocate, as of 2019, 10% of its television advertising investments to Responsible Gaming.”

Classified Advertisement

Turnover of € 1.8 billion + 2.3% vs. 2017; EBITDA margin of 17.5%

In 2018, bets are up + 4.4%, to € 15.8 billion and players' gains up + 5.7% to € 10.7 billion, with a return rate to players (TRJ ) up 66.8% to 67.6%, thanks in particular to the very good performance of sports betting.

FDJ records a gross gambling product (PBJ = stakes - gains) up 1.9% to 5.1 billion euros with a share of the economic gambling sector in France close to 50%.

FDJ's contribution to public finances rose 2.8% to € 3.5 billion, including € 3.3 billion in public levies on games.

FDJ's 2018 sales amounted to € 1,803 million, up + 2.3% vs. € 1,762 million in 2017.

The Group's operating expenses, excluding depreciation, totaled 1,488 M €, up 2.9%, after the 1 st phase of increase in compensation retailers 4% to € 785 million.

Indeed, the agreement signed in 2018 to fully involve retailers in the sustainable development of the company has entered into force.

  • In 2018, retailers benefited from the stop payment of the rental of furniture at the point of sale (more than € 13 million in 2017) and the remuneration of promotional activities, i.e. an equivalent of 0.1 commission point.
  • In 2019, a 2 nd phase of increase in their remuneration, differentiated according to the games in order to support low lottery lottery games and the growth of sports betting in the network, applies, i.e. an equivalent of 0.2 point of commission.


Over two years, retailers' average total income will rise by +0.3 percentage points, or 5.5% of average commission per retailer, compared to 5.2% in 2017. Remember that 95% of the stakes are in the network of more than 30,000 points of sale.

FDJ posted a stable EBITDA of € 315 million, representing a margin on sales of 17.5% at a very satisfactory level. Excluding the impact of higher retailer compensation, the Group's EBITDA would have increased + 4.6% and the EBITDA margin on sales would have increased +0.3 points.

The stable operating result stands at € 257 million.


Solid net income of € 170 million

FDJ Group's net profit for 2018 is solid at € 170 million, vs. € 181 million in 2017, including a financial result impacted by market developments end 2018.

With shareholders' equity up € 44m at € 564m and net cash surplus up € 33m at € 841m at the end of December 2018, the FDJ group continues to present a solid financial structure.

CSR policy: reinforced priority on Responsible Gaming and strong commitment to the game of minors in 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of the company's sustainable development model, with Responsible Gaming as a priority.

FDJ has reinforced its actions to train retailers to refuse sales to minors: more than 13,000 retailers trained in 2018.

The company broadcast during the World Cup an information campaign on the prohibition of gambling minors and integrated at the end of its Illiko TV campaigns a film recalling this ban. These actions mobilized in 2018 more than 2% of the television advertising budget. FDJ announces that as of 2019, 10% of the Group's television advertising investments will be dedicated to Responsible Gaming and in particular to the prevention of the game of minors *.

FDJ has maintained in 2018 at 100% its level of compliance for the Responsible Gaming certification of the European Lotteries, the highest level of commitment acquired in 2012. Its level 4 certification, corresponding to the highest level of global commitment, has also confirmed by the World Lotteries Association in 2018.

FDJ has also strengthened its actions in the following areas:

  • Fight against fraud and money laundering  : 4 billion gambling transactions and earnings payments were the subject of a risk analysis in 2018; in 2019, a "scoring" of money laundering risk will be developed and applied to all point-of-sale and online activity;
  • Promoting diversity : FDJ obtained a score of 84/100 on the new index "equality women-men" established by the law Avenir Professionnel in 2018 and continues to strengthen its actions to improve its score in 2019;
  • Fight against global warming : the group's greenhouse gas emissions fell by 8% in 10 years between 2017 and 2017, while the turnover increased by 62%. In 2019, FDJ will implement an ambitious action plan aimed at achieving carbon neutrality this year and reduce its carbon emissions by 20% by 2025.


Contribution of € 5.4 billion to GDP, + 2.9% vs. 2017; 52,500 jobs created or sustained

For the third consecutive year, the BIPE evaluated the economic and social contribution of the FDJ Group in France **.

In 2018, the contribution to the national wealth of FDJ amounted to € 5.4 billion, + 2.9% vs. 2017, representing 0.2% of the Gross Domestic Product. The economic training effect induced by FDJ is close to that of the construction sector ***.

In terms of jobs, FDJ has created or maintained 52,500 jobs in France. Between 2016 and 2018, the average annual growth of jobs created or sustained was + 0.7%.

The contribution of FDJ is notable for two ecosystems:

  • The State, with 3.6 billion euros of total contribution to the state budget, up + 3.3% vs. 2017, including € 3.5 billion in public finance and € 0.1 billion in dividends;
  • Local commerce , with € 785 million contribution. FDJ created or maintained 20,350 jobs in this network in 2018. It contributes 20% of the jobs created or sustained in the bar-tabac-presse sector. With 1 point of sale accessible in less than 10 minutes, in urban foot or rural by car, FDJ has with its 30,000 points of sale the 1 st network of proximity present in more than 10 000 municipalities.


FDJ supports other ecosystems, resulting in the redistribution of € 160 million in 2018 and the creation or sustainability of 6,200 jobs (ie 12% of total employment attributable to FDJ):

  • French sports , both professional and amateur, through the action of the National Center for the Development of Sport (CNDS) and the sports partnerships established by FDJ, for € 116 million;
  • French heritage in danger , thanks to the funds donated to the Heritage Foundation during Operation 2018 Mission Heritage Games. Thanks to the € 22m raised in 2018, matched by the State, more than 230 sites have begun to benefit from financing;
  • The social action and the memorial contribution of its founding shareholders in the world of fighters : the Union of the Wounded of the Face and the Head and the National Federation André Maginot, thanks to the 18 M € of dividends received in 2018 which contribute to more than 90% of their budgets;
  • The action of its Foundation, which is committed to promoting equal opportunities by supporting more than 100 national and local associations with a 2018 budget of € 4 million.


* This commitment is taken in addition to the strict respect of the obligation of law to gambling operators and that any commercial communication in their favor must be accompanied by a warning message against excessive gambling or gambling. pathological, as well as a mention of the telephone number of information and assistance made available to the problematic players (article 7 of the law n ° 2010-476 of May 12, 2010)


** The methodology of the BIPE study incorporates the international standards for the evaluation of economic impacts used by major bodies (UN, European Commission ...). It evaluates the direct, indirect, induced and catalytic effects for calculating the contribution of FDJ to wealth (Gross Domestic Product) and employment in France.


*** The induced economic training effect corresponds to the multiplier effect between the added value directly generated by FDJ and that induced on the French territory via its various contributions.


About the FDJ group (

National Lottery and French leader in gambling, 2 nd lottery in Europe and 4 th in the world, FDJ offers in point of sale and on-line a public offer, fun, responsible and secure of more than 90 games: lottery games - Draw (Lotto, EuroMillions ...) and Scratching (Millionaire, Cash, Mission Heritage games, Astro, Végas, ...) - and sports betting (ParionsSport).

FDJ performance is supported by a portfolio of iconic brands, historic and recent, 1 st close sales network in France, a growing market, recurring investment and innovation strategy for increased attractiveness of its offer and of its distribution with an enriched gaming experience.

In 2018, with 25 million players, with more than 30,000 points of sale and 2,200 employees, FDJ collected € 15.8 billion in bets, 15% digitized, distributed € 10.7 billion to its players, contributed € 3.6 billion in the state budget and remunerated its retail network for € 0.8 billion.

SOURCE: FDJ group.


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The Global Lottery Monitoring System and Moldovan Police Join Forces to Safeguard the Integrity of Moldovan Sports


LAUSANNE, Switzerland (18 April 2019) -- The Global Lottery Monitoring system (GLMS) and the General Police Inspectorate of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs concluded today an agreement with the objective to share information regarding irregular betting patters in relation to Moldovan sport.

GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi has stated: “Cooperation with law enforcement authorities is of key importance for us.

Working already closely with EUROPOL, INTERPOL and Victoria Police in Australia, we consider law enforcement authorities as a significant piece of the puzzle for the overall fight against sport competition manipulations.


We are confident that with the active cooperation with the Moldovan police, we will be able to make a difference in a country in which we have detected a big number of irregularities over the last years.”

Representatives of the General Police Inspectorate have added: “Being well aware of the good reputation of GLMS and its Lottery-Members in combatting corruption in sport as well as its global network, we are pleased to conclude this agreement, which will surely be extremely beneficial for our investigations.

We are pleased that we have now such a significant ally in our efforts to safeguard the integrity of Moldovan sports”


• Giancarlo Sergi, GLMS General Secretary:

• Evangelos Alexandrakis, GLMS Deputy General Secretary,


About GLMS

GLMS is the state lotteries’ mutualized monitoring system on sports betting. It aims at detecting and analyzing suspicious betting activities that could question the integrity of a sport competition.

Building on six years of experience with the establishment in 2009 of ELMS with European Lotteries, GLMS went global in January 2015 extending the network to other continents.

Lottery Insights December Issue
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GLMS facilitates the sharing of sports betting information as part of the collective efforts of its members in ensuring sports integrity globally, and is dedicated to effective cooperation with all key stakeholders: regulators, law enforcement authorities, sports organizations.

GLMS currently has 32 individual Members from 4 continents (Österreichische Lotterien - Austria,  Loterie Nationale – Belgium, Hrvatska Lutrija – Croatia,  SAZKA – Czech Republic, Danske Spil – Denmark, Veikkaus – Finland, La Française Des Jeux – France,  Staatliche Loterieverwaltung in Bayern – Germany, Opap SA – Greece,  Szerencsejatek – Hungary, Islenk Getspa – Iceland,  Israel Sports Betting Board  - Israel, Lottomatica – Italy, Sisal – Italy,   Maltco Lotteries Ltd – Malta, Norsk Tipping – Norway,  Santa Casa De Misericordia da Lisboa – Portugal,   STOLOTO – Russia, Sportna Loterija – Slovenia,  Svenska Spel – Sweden,   Loterie Romande – Switzerland, Swisslos – Switzerland,  Nederlandse Loterij, the Netherlands,  Hong Kong Jockey Club – Hong Kong, Singapore Pools – Singapore,  Ktoto Co – South Korea, China Sports Lottery – China, Loto-Québec- Canada,  Polla Chilena de Beneficencia – Chile, Banca de Quinielas de Montevideo – Uruguay, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports, Morocco,  Loterie Nationale du Sénégal – Senegal) and 2 collective Members (European Lotteries Association and World Lottery Association).

GLMS has 2 associate Members: Scientific Games International (SGI), INTRALOT



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AGTech Wins Lottery Hardware Bid in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China

HONG KONG, SAR (April 23, 2019) -- AGTech Holdings Limited is delighted to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing AGTech GOT Technology Co., Ltd has won the lottery terminals procurement tender to supply lottery terminals to the Sports Lottery Administration Center in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, following the winning bids in Tianjin and Hainan since 2019.

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The successful bid further strengthened the Company’s leading position in China’s sports lottery hardware market and demonstrated the continued competitiveness of AGTech’s lottery terminals.

John Sun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AGTech said, “So far this year, AGTech GOT has already won tenders in various province, municipality and autonomous region across China, further reaffirming our hardware division’s continued dedication to and leading position in China’s lottery industry. AGTech has and will continue to enhance product innovation, ensure safety and R&D compliance, and contribute to the overall healthy development of China’s lottery market.”

About AGTech Holdings Limited:

AGTech was incorporated in Bermuda and its shares are listed on the GEM (Stock Code: 08279). AGTech is an integrated technology and services company engaged in the lottery and mobile games and entertainment market with a focus on China and selected international markets.

A member of the Alibaba Group with around 400 employees, AGTech is the exclusive lottery platform of Alibaba Group and Ant Financial Group.

AGTech’s businesses are broadly divided into two categories:

  1. Lottery (including hardware, games and systems,  provision of distribution and ancillary services); and
  2. Games and Entertainment.


AGTech is a Gold Contributor of the World Lottery Association (WLA), an associate member of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA), and an official partner of the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

For more information, please visit:

SOURCE: AGTech Holdings Limited.



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