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Vol. 86 No.11 - Monday March 18, 2019


Sports Betting

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IGT Signs 10-Year Contract with TIPOS in Slovakia to Provide Aurora™ Platform, Lottery Retailer Terminals, and Services

Contract includes provision for extension totaling up to an additional five years


LONDON, U.K. (March 11, 2019) -- International Game Technology PLC (IGT) (NYSE: IGT) announced that its subsidiary IGT Global Services Limited (hereinafter "IGT") has signed an agreement with TIPOS a.s., the government-owned lottery in Slovakia, to deliver a variety of new lottery technology, as well as ongoing lottery-related services. The agreement, which is the result of a competitive procurement process in which IGT was the incumbent, is for an initial term of 10 years with a provision for one or more extensions totaling up to five years thereafter. TIPOS has been a valued IGT customer for over 25 years.


IGT is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Interactive and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play. We have a well-established local presence and relationships...

"IGT's expertise and technology innovations will provide TIPOS with the flexibility and power it needs to effectively manage and grow the lottery," said TIPOS CEO Jan Barczi. "We look forward to continuing our relationship with IGT to enhance funding for important causes in Slovakia over the coming decade."

"This agreement represents an exciting new era in the long-term relationship between IGT and TIPOS," said Declan Harkin, IGT Senior Vice President & COO, International. "TIPOS will benefit from IGT's latest lottery solutions, including our core lottery platform Aurora™, our Open Retail terminal platform, and Retailer Pro, IGT's next-generation retailer terminal.

In addition to providing exceptional performance and reliability, Aurora's business features and functions will enable long-term innovation and growth for TIPOS and their expanding customer base, ultimately increasing revenues to good causes."

Under the terms of the agreement, IGT will provide TIPOS with a new lottery central system, retailer terminals, associated software and peripherals, as well non-lottery software and services such as prepaid mobile phone top-ups and event ticketing for sports and cultural events.

Lottery Insights December Issue
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The solution, scheduled for deployment in early 2020, includes IGT's Aurora central system, the Open Retail software terminal system, and 3,400 Retailer Pro terminals and Printer Pro printers. IGT will also continue to provide ongoing services to TIPOS including central system/terminal installation and maintenance; warehousing; retailer training and hotline/data center management and operation; a communications system; field services; and consumables distribution.

In addition, IGT will provide TIPOS with a full range of marketing consultancy services including game portfolio development; marketing programs to drive same store sales growth; provision of data analytics and market research support; and retailer network development programs.

The Aurora core lottery system is a suite of open and agile components designed to drive lottery innovation and profitability. IGT's Open Retail software terminal system features new software architecture that improves time-to-market and lowers the cost of ownership, supporting any connected device that has a web browser or a native downloadable app. The Retailer Pro terminal provides a high-performance point-of-sale (POS) terminal solution for mid- to high-volume lottery retailers.

IGT has provided lottery and instant ticket equipment and services to TIPOS since 1993. Proceeds from TIPOS are transferred to the state's General Fund and support a variety of good causes, including education and sports.

About IGT

IGT (NYSE:IGT) is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Digital and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play. We have a well-established local presence and relationships with governments and regulators in more than 100 countries around the world, and create value by adhering to the highest standards of service, integrity, and responsibility. IGT has more than 12,000 employees. For more information, please visit



Angela Geryak Wiczek, Corporate Communications, toll free in U.S./Canada (844) IGT-7452; outside U.S./Canada (401) 392-7452

Giuliano Frosini,

T: +39 06 51899584;

for Italian media inquiries

James Hurley,

Investor Relations,

T: (401) 392-7190




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Georgia Lottery Launches First Retail Location Past Security at Atlanta Airport

ATLANTA, Georgia (March 7, 2019) --The Georgia Lottery Corp. celebrated the grand opening of its new store at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday. Located on Concourse T, this is the Georgia Lottery’s first retail location at the airport beyond security checkpoints.

We want to be where people are, and what better place than ‘The World’s Busiest Airport?’ ” Georgia Lottery President and CEO Gretchen Corbin said.


There’s no other venue in the state that can match the volume of consumers that Atlanta’s airport provides. Our new airport location will generate additional dollars for HOPE scholarships and grants, including the Zell Miller Scholarship, as well as lottery-funded Pre-K.

The Georgia Lottery has operated two kiosks in North and South baggage claim since November 2006. Those combined locations rank as the No. 2 retailer in the state in lottery sales.

The Georgia Lottery’s new Concourse T store will reach passengers with connecting flights, which account for approximately two-thirds of the airport’s travellers.

As with the baggage claim kiosks, players at the Georgia Lottery’s Concourse T store will be able to purchase scratch-off and draw game tickets, as well as claim prizes up to $25,000.

Since its first year, the Georgia Lottery Corp. has returned more than $20.5 billion to the state of Georgia for education. All Georgia Lottery profits go to pay for specific educational programs, including Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship Program and Georgia’s Pre-K Program. More than 1.8 million students have received HOPE, and more than 1.6 million 4-year-olds have attended the state-wide, voluntary prekindergarten program.

For more information on the Georgia Lottery Corp., please visit:

CONTACT: Tandi Reddick, Communications Director, Georgia Lottery Corp., Office: (404) 215-5062, Cell: (404) 323-4644, Email:

SOURCE: Georgia Lottery Corp.




German Sports Betting Association Calls for Fundamental Reform

Third State Treaty on Gaming is only a provisional one

STUTTGART, Germany (March 12, 2019) -- The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) assesses the planned Third State Treaty on Gaming as a small but insufficient step to regulate the German sports betting market. At the Gambling Symposium of the University of Hohenheim, DSWV President Mathias Dahms today appealed to the federal states to continue negotiations on a new gambling treaty and fundamentally reform German gambling in 2021.

The Interim State Treaty, which will be submitted for approval by the Prime Minister on 21 March 2019, and which contains virtually no changes to the first Gambling Treaty from 2012, provides for the lifting of the upper limit on the number of sports betting licenses available.

The responsible state of Hesse should set up a new licensing procedure in a timely manner and issue licenses in the spring of 2020.

DSWV President Mathias Dahms outlines the urgent need for further action:

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"It is true that, after seven years of regulatory chaos, the countries are finally establishing a system of permission for sports book providers. The problem, however, is that the timely as well as restrictive regulations of the state treaty remain: The popular live bet - about 60 to 70 percent of the market - is massively limited, set flat-rate limits arbitrarily. This makes the licensed sports bet unattractive to the black market. In the digital age, unlicensed offers are just a click or a swipe on the smartphone. If consumers now migrate in droves here, the State Treaty has missed its goals. The recovery of players who have migrated to the black market by licensed providers will take years to complete.

From the point of view of the sports betting companies, the agreement is only a temporary solution until a policy reform in 2021. It does not remedy the structural shortcomings of the current regulation: the rationale of the state lottery monopoly is still not the EU "hypocrisy test", leaving large parts of the online market unregulated a central supervisory authority will not exist in the foreseeable future. The compromise that was found is no more than the lowest common denominator between the federal states, explains Dahms:

"Last but not least, the disproportionately short term of the sports betting licenses of just 18 months makes it clear that the decision of the states is nothing more than a provisional pillar for the dilapidated House State Treaty on Gambling. The DSWV demands to place the German gambling regulation on a completely new foundation: The unrealistic regulations on sports betting in the current state treaty date from a time when there was no iPhone, no Facebook and no apps. We need a modern gambling regulation that accepts that consumers want to place their bets live, digital and mobile. In the modern world, the betting process can also be easily monitored in real time using the Safe Server. Schleswig-Holstein demonstrated this many years ago."

Other EU Member States, such as Denmark, have succeeded in successfully regulating online and offline gambling through attractive licensing conditions and demand-oriented offerings, establishing high consumer protection standards and drying up the black market.

SOURCE: German Sports Betting Association (DSWV).


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New Remuneration Model for over 3,800 Lottery Retailers

ALNA and LRA negotiations with ‘the Lott’ result in a better deal for Australia’s newsagents and lottery agents.

AUSTRALIA (March 13, 2019) -- The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) and their affiliated body the Lottery Retailers Association (LRA) are pleased to announce a positive outcome from lengthy negotiations with ‘the Lott’ (now part of Tabcorp) on behalf of thousands of lottery retailers and newsagents across Australia. The result is a positive new model that reduces retailers’ costs, improves remuneration, includes retailers in the digital economy, and enables retailers to provide an enhanced omni-channel experience for all our customers.

From 1 July 2019, (subject to regulatory approvals and excluding SA*) ‘the Lott’ retailers will have the opportunity to earn significantly increased commissions from a potential revenue increase of at least 10%*, benefit from reimbursements and significant reductions in the cost of their shop fit-outs – worth $17million over five years for retailers, and receive commissions on digital lottery sales through an opportunity for retailers to benefit from all channels.

This represents many millions of dollars a year in benefits for retailers.

GLI 300x250

Ben Kearney, CEO of the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association said, “The 3800+ lottery retailers selling ‘the Lott’ brands in every state and territory (excludes Western Australia) have been heard and this is the start of a new relationship based on goodwill and mutual benefit.”

“We look forward to helping our newsagents and lottery retailers make this new model work, which will in turn help us to continue supporting them. These are exciting wins that benefit retailers and allow us to continue to modernise our industry.”

Of the benefits, most significant for the industry is financial reward for omni-channel retailing, giving newsagents and lottery retailers access to online sales. For the first time, there will be commissions on digital lottery spend made by the growing number of bricks-and-mortar customers who like to buy lotteries both in person and online.

Customer insights and sales data has shown us that an omni-channel customer (those who shop both online and at a bricks-and-mortar retailer) are more valuable than a digital only or purely bricks-and-mortar customer.

In order to be eligible for the new remuneration model, retailers do not have to do much more than what they are currently being asked to do. ALNA and LRA members will receive intensive support to apply the new remuneration model to their businesses.

Mr Kearney continued, “We appreciate the patience our members have shown during this lengthy, complex and very involved consultation process. We have shared detailed analysis and have actively collaborated to make this the start of a better deal for our members and a stronger partnership with Tabcorp overall.”

Gary Carter, CEO of the Lottery Retailers Association said, “Many of our recommendations during the process have been implemented and we have played a large role in advocating for a better deal for our members and streamlining processes to make this new model easier to use. This is another example of what can be achieved when an industry comes together and works hard to achieve change.”


* Retailers that are fully compliant have the opportunity to receive more than 10% additional income from the sale of lottery products (compared with FY18)


About the changes:

Increase in revenue

The new retailer model increases the commission on the sale of lottery products to 10.3% (except Instant Scratch-Its, Lucky Lotteries, and Keno (SA), and subject to regulatory approval)*.

*NOTE - The new model is unable to be introduced in South Australia at this stage and ALNA will be working hard with the South Australian Government, regulators and our retailers there to get agreement on an approach that will allow our retailers to benefit.

Reduced shop fit-out costs

As part of the new model, ‘the Lott’ will now fund the Digital Point of Sale screens (DigiPOS) required in all shop fits, remove ongoing fees for these and covering reasonable maintenance costs. Retailers who previously paid for these screens in their shop fits will be reimbursed. This positive change is worth $17million over five years for retailers.

Inclusion in online sales

Retailers can now benefit from online sales with commissions and bonuses paid to retailers for the digital sales of their omni-channel customers (customers who retailers sign up as members, who then shop online as well as in-store). Figures confirm what the retail industry is well-aware of about the rise of omni-shoppers, and this inclusion gives retailers a piece of the digital pie so they can benefit from this growing trend.

‘The Lott’ has explained to our retailers that “this isn’t about pushing customers online,

but about giving them the freedom to move seamlessly between channels.”

Changes for retailers


In order to benefit from the new model, retailers must pass standard site surveys and comply with the same requirements that are already part of their agreement, such as regular free training.

There will be a 1% increase in weekly franchise fees, and this will be compensated for by the increase in commissions, a performance adjustment to this franchise fee, along with the other new benefits available from the remuneration model.


The new model will be in effect from 1 July 2019 in every state of Australia (subject to regulatory approvals), except Western Australia where ‘the Lott’ is not the lottery operator, and SA, where the program is unable to be introduced to SA retailers at this stage. We will work with the South Australian Government, regulators and our retailers there to get agreement on an approach so that our retailers can eventually benefit as well.

To assist with a smooth rollout for its members, and to prepare for the next phase of consultation, ALNA and LRA will be providing members with helpful guides, hands-on assistance, and easy ways of providing feedback on the model.

The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association is the only national association with a national ACCC collective bargaining authorisation, and along with its affiliated association Lottery Retailers Association (LRA), represents newsagents and lottery agents in every state and territory of Australia. As such, it is the only association that is negotiating nationally with ‘the Lott’ for further improvements.

There are over 3,800 lottery retailers in Australia. ALNA represents many of these small businesses, countless are family-owned, and they rely on the sale of official government regulated lottery products to contribute to their overall profitability.

About the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) and the Lottery Retailers Association (LRA)

The Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association (ALNA) is the only national and non- profit, industry body specifically for Australian newsagents and lottery agents.

Representing a significant part of the Australian economy, ALNA works tirelessly to better its members businesses, and to ensure a secure future for newsagents and lottery agents. The Lottery Retailers Association (LRA) is based in Victoria representing many the lottery retailers there. They have had a strong affiliation with ALNA for several years, working together to benefit all our members.

SOURCES: ALNA and LRA joint press release.


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Make Every Month Amazing with ‘Set For Life’ – Camelot Launches Campaign for Brand New National Lottery Game

(March 8, 2019) -- An exciting new game from The National Lottery – Set For Life, which offers a top prize of £10,000 every month for 30 years – launches in style this week with a massive multi-channel marketing campaign from Camelot.

Running across TV, VOD, digital, OOH, radio, social and in-store POS the campaign will kick-off this Sunday (March 10) with a 30” spot in the Dancing on Ice final on ITV.

The TV ad, which features the tagline ‘Make every month amazing’, is a dramatisation of how living every month without compromise could feel – whether that’s having a monster January, launching into May, scorching through August or making October a scream.


As well as TV, the campaign will see VOD running across all of ITV, Channel 4 and Sky; placements on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook; a partnership with Takumi to create a stream of content with a wide range of UK influencers over the next 12 months; nationwide activity across all commercial radio stations; and OOH advertising at over 5,000 sites. In addition, there will be a full range of POS to support The National Lottery’s 45,000 retail partners, as well as a series of press ads across all leading retail trade publications.

David Connelly, Set-For-Life Marketing Manager at Camelot, said: “We’re hugely excited to be launching the new ‘Make every month amazing’ campaign for Set For Life. All of the assets, which we’ve created in partnership with adam&eveDDB, are fun and innovative – just like the game itself – and really get across the world of opportunities that become possible with £10,000 coming in every month.

Set-For-Life offers National Lottery players something completely new and meets a different set of consumer needs, especially among younger people. It’s a great addition to our range of games and means that we now have a portfolio that offers something for everyone. We think players will be really excited by Set-For-Life – and that’s great news for sales and, most importantly, returns to Good Causes.

Tickets for the new Set-For-Life game will cost £1.50 per line and go on sale on Friday 15 March, with the first draw taking place on Monday 18 March. Players will be able to buy tickets in around 45,000 National Lottery stores as well as at, and on both The National Lottery’s iOS and Android apps.

The TV ad was created by adam&eveDDB, with media planning and buying done by Vizeum.


CONTACT: Sarah Icken, Senior Media Relations Manager, Press Office: 020 7632 5711.

SOURCE: Camelot Group (:


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Play for Real Money with Instant Scratch-Its Monopoly

QUEENSLAND, Australia (March 11, 2019) -- The year 2005 was the year Million Dollar Baby took out the Best Picture at the Oscars, trucker-hats and cargo pants were all the fashion, and Gold Digger by Kanye West was at the top of the charts – it was also the last time Australian Instant Scratch-Its players could get their hands on a Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

The Monopoly ticket was one of Instant Scratch-Its most popular licenced tickets and after nearly 15 years, Instant Scratch-Its is excited to release the newest edition of the ticket to board game gurus and scratchie fans this week.

The new $5 Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its game gives Australians the chance to play for real money with two top prizes of $100,000.

Schafer Systems Inc.

Instant Scratch-Its spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer said the new Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its game would appeal to those who loved the classic board game but wanted the chance to swap monopoly money for real money.

“When playing the classic Monopoly board game, everyone remembers how easy it was to fantasise about what you would do if the thousands of dollars of colourful paper money and the exclusive real estate you owned on the board was real,” Ms Spencer said.

“While we can’t promise you a hotel in Mayfair, we can guarantee that two players will walk away with $100,000 in top prize money.

“With a one-in-four chance of winning on this ticket and a total of 620,000 prizes up for grabs, you could be one of the many players taking home a share of the $6.6 million in prize money available on this ticket.”

With an easy game-play featuring all of the Monopoly characteristics players know and love, Ms Spencer said there wouldn’t be any family squabbles about who gets to be the car or the top hat.

“Forget upturned Monopoly boards and bickering over who is the banker, with the $5 Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its ticket, you can roll the dice and take your chance at the community chest to your heart’s content without having to share,” she said.

“The best part is that you are playing for real money so once the game is over, instead of packing up the set until the next rainy day, you could be cashing in your win.”

The new Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its tickets are available now at the Lott lottery outlets in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.


About Instant Scratch-Its

The world’s first scratch off ticket with instant prizes was introduced in the USA in 1974 and into Australia in 1978.

Instant Scratch-Its tickets are priced from $1 to $20. Within this price range there are a range of game types, from quick fun plays to extended play games.

Each ticket series or game has a specific prize structure consisting of several prize levels, ranging from top prizes of up to $1 million down to thousands of other smaller prizes. In most instances, the top prize represents approximately 10 per cent of the total prize pool available in that game.

Chances of winning on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket range from 1 in 2 to 1 in 4, which creates millions of moments of instant joy each year.

The Lott operates and markets Australia’s leading lottery games in each jurisdiction under Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries, Tatts, SA Lotteries and Tatts NT.  These games include Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto, Set for Life, Lucky Lotteries, The Pools and Instant Scratch-Its.

For more information please contact:


Bronwyn Spencer

the Lott

Senior Public Relations Executive

0457 731 671

Matt Hart

the Lott

Head of Public Relations

0412 404 626


SOURCE: the Lott.


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OLG’S Responsible Gambling Program Again Recognized As Best In The World

TORONTO, Ontario (March 7, 2019) -- Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is honoured to receive the World Lottery Association’s (WLA) 2018 Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program award in recognition of its PlaySmart program.

OLG received this international recognition for the first time in 2014 and is the only lottery and gaming organization in the world to win this award twice.


The WLA made the announcement during its biennial World Lottery Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Presented every two years, the award recognizes excellence in responsible gambling and rewards the gaming and lottery organization with the best overall program from among the more than 80-member countries. Eligibility for the top prize is limited to gaming operators with level 4 certification the WLA's highest level of accreditation.

"OLG’s Responsible Gambling program is driven by a simple vision: to provide a healthy and positive gambling experience for all players," said Stephen Rigby, OLG’s President and Chief Executive Officer. "We have a responsibility to our customers, employees, as well as our business and community partners, to provide the most effective programming that promotes positive play and mitigates harmful gambling.

In particular, the WLA recognized PlaySmart’s strategic approach to responsible gambling, its commitment to continuous improvement and its success in implementing robust and innovative training programs for retailers and employees.

OLG’s Responsible Gambling program – PlaySmart – provides an innovative approach to player education, using engaging multimedia content at province-wide gaming sites, live events, online and through social media. PlaySmart aims to help gamblers of all levels to better understand key gambling concepts, to know how the games work, and to budget their play, by making gambling education as fun and entertaining as gambling itself.


OLG builds on the strength of its Responsible Gambling program by working with independent experts in an effort to prevent problem gambling from occurring in the first place, and by strengthening the bridge to support services for those who need it.

OLG upholds the importance of responsible gambling by requiring service providers who operate Ontario’s gaming sites to adhere to OLG’s rigorous RG standards and controls. The PlaySmart program is evidence-informed, designed and delivered in collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), the Responsible Gambling Council, Gambling Research Exchange Ontario, ConnexOntario and Credit Canada.

OLG is a crown agency that develops world-class gaming entertainment for the Province of Ontario. Acting in a socially responsible way, OLG conducts and manages land-based gaming facilities; the sale of province-wide lottery games; PlayOLG Internet gaming; and the delivery of bingo and other electronic gaming products at Charitable Gaming Centres. OLG is also helping to build a more sustainable horse racing industry in Ontario. Since 1975, OLG has provided nearly $50 billion to the people and Province of Ontario to support key government priorities like health care; the treatment, prevention and research of problem gambling; and support for amateur athletes. Each year, proceeds from OLG’s operations also support host communities, Ontario First Nations, lottery retailers and local charities across the province.

CONTACT: OLG media relations, T: 1-888-946-6716.

SOURCE: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).


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Gaming Standards Association Joins the New Japan Gaming Market Establishing GSA Japan

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 10, 2019) – The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) has established a presence in Japan. GSA Japan will provide relevant educational services and act as a conduit offering unbiased gaming industry information and education on the technical aspects of gaming and regulation to the relevant authorities, as well as Japanese business entities that wish to enter the gaming industry.

The Gaming Standards Association is a well-known and respected industry body, with long established policies and practices. The Japanese market is actively looking for the right answers and GSA Japan is here to provide them.

Japan’s rich economic power and technological strength will lend itself towards learning from practices in other countries and developing solutions that are of the highest standards and integrity. With the addition of the casino industry, Japan can develop a strong tourism industry that will be highly competitive internationally.


GSA President, Peter DeRaedt: “For more than 20 years GSA have brought together the industry and policy domains and successfully facilitated discussions leading to the creation of a number of key standards that provide an important level of transparency to governments, regulators, operators, and manufacturers. As a non-profit international trade association, we have always stayed true to our mission of being the leading gaming standards forum, creating value by facilitating innovation and efficiencies for the gaming industry. We are looking forward to supporting the Japanese government and its representatives with the unbiased information they are looking for.

GSA Japan Managing Director, Mr. Kaji Takeshi: “The Japanese Government stipulates that casinos are developed using the world's highest standards of regulation to guarantee the integrity of casino management, along with its supporting systems to avoid any possible adverse side effects. In order to fulfill this important goal, and to develop the casino industry and create better-integrated resorts that conform to international standards, a good partner like GSA is of great value. The support of a sincere and experienced guide is optimal to be successful.

There is a level of membership for every type of company. Is your organization interested in working with GSA on the creation of future standards? Please join us – visit to learn more, and follow GSA on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

CONTACT: Paul Speirs-Hernandez, Steinbeck Communications/Red Wagon Institute, T: +1-702-413-4278, E:

SOURCE: The Gaming Standards Association (GSA).


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Regulatory Modernization Essential to Overcoming Disruption in the Gaming Marketplace

New Report Highlights Recent Reforms in Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Mississippi

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 6, 2019) -- Today, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released the latest white paper in its ongoing efforts to promote regulatory reform, providing an in-depth look at regulatory modernization efforts in five gaming jurisdictions.

Highlights from the new white paper, Advancing Regulatory Modernization: Building on a Record of Success, include:

  • Ohio and Michigan abandoned their decades-old regulations on the shipment of gaming machines, providing costs savings and streamlined shipping processes;
  • Nevada has allowed customers to open unified wagering accounts for financial transactions relating to multiple forms of casino gaming, a critical first step toward meeting consumer expectations for seamless, simple financial tools; and
  • Pennsylvania and Mississippi increased the ownership share that triggers the need for an institutional investor to acquire a gaming license, improving gaming companies’ access to capital without raising the regulatory burden.


Change truly is the new normal in our industry, with each year bringing innovative casino games, delivery systems, customer identification processes and more,” said Sara Slane, senior vice president of public affairs for the American Gaming Association. “As technology continues to disrupt the gaming world, regulatory reinvention must keep pace. Smart regulatory reforms improve our industry’s ability to accommodate changes in the marketplace, provide a seamless experience for consumers and create greater efficiencies for regulators and businesses.

Background: Driving an efficient regulatory reform process is part of AGA’s strategic goal to create a more favourable business environment for gaming in each state. Across the country, more than 4,000 dedicated public servants are responsible for regulating all forms for gaming. AGA’s regulatory reform initiative is designed to eliminate burdensome regulation that bogs down business and regulators alike. Learn more about the Next Generation policy initiative here. AGA plans to send a copy of today’s white paper to U.S. gaming regulators.

About AGA:

The American Gaming Association is the premier national trade group representing the $261 billion U.S. casino industry, which supports 1.8 million jobs nationwide. AGA members include commercial and tribal casino operators, gaming suppliers and other entities affiliated with the gaming industry. It is the mission of the AGA to achieve sound policies and regulations consistent with casino gaming’s modern appeal and vast economic contributions.

SOURCE: The American Gaming Association.


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Gaming Authority Tests Document (Guidelines for Duty of Care) on How to Prevent Gambling Addiction

THE HAGUE (March 11, 2019) - -As of today (Monday, March 11, 2019), the Gaming Authority (Ksa) is asking market parties and other stakeholders to respond to the Duty of Care obligation . In this document, the Ksa outlines measures from providers that are minimally necessary to prevent gambling addiction and to adequately protect the consumer.

The Betting and Gaming Act states that gaming providers have a 'duty of care' to prevent gambling addiction. This law, which states that games of chance may only be offered if a license has been granted for them, does not make clear how this obligation must be implemented in practice.


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With the Duty of Care Guideline (pdf, 321 kB) , the Ksa meets the wish of gaming providers to provide more clarity about the interpretation of the duty of care: how should the law be translated into practice? With this document, the Ksa also responds to the Remote Gambling Act . This law, which was adopted by the Senate on 19 February 2019 and makes online gambling legal in the long term, does contain specific provisions about what should be done in the field of addiction prevention. The Ksa is in line with the new law with the Guidelines for Duty of Care.

Addiction sensitive

The Duty of Care Guideline deals with various aspects of addiction prevention and consumer protection, focusing on the different types of gambling. For example, measures are proposed in the areas of information provision, access policy, (temporary) exclusion and assistance from experts. The proposed measures do not apply one to one for all games of chance. That is because one game of chance, for example a lottery, is less addictive than a slot machine or a casino game.

Basis of supervision

Until 22 April 2019 there is the option to respond to the draft version of the Duty of Care Guideline . The responses are then assessed and processed in a final version. This will be determined later this year. From then on, the Guidelines for the Duty of Care are the basis for the supervision by the Ksa in the area of addiction prevention.


The Ksa organizes five meetings in the country about the Duty of Care Guideline . During those meetings, Ksa employees provide information about the document and answer any questions. The meetings are always from 11 am to 1 pm.

The meetings:

  • March 26: Eindhoven
  • March 28: Amsterdam
  • April 2: Zwolle
  • April 9: Utrecht
  • April 11: Rotterdam


Register and respond

Only via this form can you register for one of the meetings. Registration is required. After registration you will receive further details.

Responses to the Duty of Care Guideline can be e-mailed to with the Duty of Care Guideline. Responses are treated confidentially and are not made public.

SOURCE: De Kansspelautoriteit.


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Gaming Standards Association (GSA) Announces 2019 Board of Directors

NOVOMATIC’s Roman Czubak Re-elected Chair; James Anastasio, from Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Elected Vice-Chair

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 13, 2019) – The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) recently held elections for its Board of Directors. The officers and members represent the broad diversity of companies in and facets of the global gaming industry.

Returning as Chair is Roman Czubak, Head of Sales CEE, and returning as Treasurer is Byron Bridger, Vice President of Information Technology at Atlantic Lottery.

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New officers are James Anastasio, Director, Strategic Gaming Development, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, who was elected Vice-Chair, and Earle G. Hall, CEO of AXES Network, who was elected Secretary.

Returning as Board Members are:

  • Adrian Marcu, Vice President of Architecture, IGT
  • Randy Hedrick, Vice President, Advanced Development & Hardware Engineering, Scientific Games
  • Chris Hobbs, Director of Corporate Affairs, Microgaming
  • Syed Hussain, Chief Information Officer, Oregon Lottery
  • Francesco Rodano, Chief Policy Officer, Playtech


Also joining GSA’s Board is Nimish Purohit, Sr. Director of Technical Compliance at Aristocrat Technologies.

“This is an exciting time in the gaming industry. Technologies advance and change daily, and that gives suppliers and operators an ever-evolving toolbox to entertain players. That evolution is what makes GSA standards so vital,” Czubak said.

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GSA Platinum members include: Aristocrat Technologies Inc.; International Game Technology (IGT); Konami Gaming Inc.; Microgaming Software Systems, LTD.; NOVOMATIC AG; Playtech, (PTEC.L) & Scientific Games International (SGMS).

CONTACT: Paul Speirs-Hernandez, Steinbeck Communications/Red Wagon Institute, T: +1-702-413-4278, E:

SOURCE: Gaming Standards Association (GSA0 press release.



Registration for APLA/WLA Seminar 15 - 18 April 2019 in Danang, Vietnam is Now Open!




Dear friends of APLA

We are pleased to announce that the Registration for the 2019 APLA/WLA Seminar is now open!

The details for this event are as follows:

  • Date: 15 – 18 April 2019 (Business Program on 16 – 17 April)
  • Venue: Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa, Danang, Vietnam
  • Theme: Lotteries in the digital world - Disintermediation, Disruption or Transformation


This Seminar is being hosted and organized by both Singapore Pools Private Limited and Vietnam Lottery (Vietlott). You can expect a very exciting business program line up and an interesting experiential social program specially recommended by Vietlott.

A renowned industry leader Mr. Tim Kobe (Founder of Eight Inc,), who is popularly known as the visionary behind Apple’s iconic stores has been specially invited to be our Keynote Speaker. To quote an article, “Kobe believes that studying the humanities can help build empathy. A lack of empathy often goes hand-in-hand with a lack of awareness about the human experience that a particular piece of technology creates, which will restrict its widespread adoption, thus preventing true innovation. Tech companies and products, even entire countries, Kobe said, need to be designed with human experience in mind.”

Various Industry experts will also present on how we can captivate and reach out to the Digital Natives via channels that are pervasive to them.

Panelists comprising of representatives from WLA and APLA will also present on how digitalization have brought forth both opportunities and challenges to the Lottery industry.

We hope you will take home nuggets of knowledge and updates and embark onto your own Organisation’s transformational journey if you have not already started.

The Networking day will take us to Ba Na Hills, an area founded by the French colonials at 1919 and only lately, investors have transformed this whole place which is now referred to as the ‘climate pearl’ of Vietnam. It's located 1487m above the ground and boasts of chiller weather and fresh air.

Check out the ebrochure and also keep checking the APLA website for more announcements (

Do hurry and register and as they say, Early Bird catches the worm…..

N.B. It is important to note that for the Hotel booking link, you can only book for nights from 15th to 18th April. If you need to arrive before 15th or stay past 18th, you will need to email to the hotel to request the room booking extension, the special room rates are valid from 12th to 21st April.


See you all in Danang.



Beh Swan Swan

APLA Secretariat Administrator



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