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Lottery Insights December Issue
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A Weekly Snapshot of the Top Lottery and Gaming News Stories



Vol. 83 No. 8 - Monday May 21, 2018

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NJ Lottery Announces New Drawing Host: Lauren Berman

Erica Young will move into expanded communications role

TRENTON, NJ (May 10, 2018) – The New Jersey Lottery is pleased to welcome Lauren Berman as the new host of the daily Lottery drawings and is happy to have Erica Young taking on a greater role within the Lottery organization.

We are eager to welcome Lauren as the new Lottery Drawing Host. Erica has been drawing the weekday midday and evening winning numbers for close to four years and we are excited that she will be taking the next step in her professional journey by representing the Lottery as an ambassador at various events during the year,” said New Jersey Lottery Acting Executive Director John M. White.

Players will still see Erica at events and in videos on the Lottery website and social channels.


I am filled with gratitude for our viewers who have welcomed me into their homes with kindness and support, and I will always consider them my extended Lottery family. I will miss the joy in making dreams come true, but it’s time to move into the next stage of my career and grow professionally in other areas. I’m excited for this next chapter,” Young said.

Erica has continued a heart-warming legacy with the New Jersey Lottery. Her late mother, Hela Young, was the beloved Lottery Drawing Host for over twenty years.

Getting to follow directly in my mother’s footsteps has been one of the most special and meaningful opportunities, I imagine, I might ever experience. I’m humbled by all of the beautiful sentiments and memories players have shared with me over the years.”

Erica will transfer hosting duties on Monday evening, May 14, 2018, when she introduces Lauren Berman as the new Lottery Drawing Host. Lauren comes with a news and reporting background from WPHL-17. You can watch Lauren draw the winning numbers for Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5 XTRA, and Pick-6 XTRA on Monday through Friday evenings and CASH4LIFE on Monday and Thursday evenings.

In conjunction with the change in Drawing Hosts, the Lottery is also announcing that PIX11 and PHL17 will no longer televise the midday Lottery drawings. However, all live midday drawings can still be viewed on Livestream via and on the official Lottery Facebook page. The last television broadcast of the midday draws will be Friday, May 11, 2018.

All New Jersey Lottery game winning numbers and drawings for the Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5, Pick-6, CASH4LIFE and 5 Card Cash games can be viewed on the NJ Lottery website ( or on the official Lottery Facebook Page. Evening draws, with the exception of CASH4LIFE and 5 Card Cash, can be seen on WPIX-TV (PIX11) in New York and WPHL-TV (PHL17) in Philadelphia. Powerball and Mega Millions drawings can be seen on WABC-TV or WTXF stations.

Media Inquiries: MaryAnn Rivell, Public Information Office, Phone: (609) 599-5875, E:

SOURCE: The New Jersey Lottery.



Skilrock to Showcase the Latest Features of Its Unified Gaming Platform at Juegos Miami, Florida


GURGAON , India (May 17, 2018) -- After successfully showcasing it’s unified gaming platform called WEAVER at various shows, Skilrock will be focusing on Americas this year. Weaver can be customized to address exact gaming needs of any jurisdiction across all types of channels and it will therefore be a major attraction at Juegos Miami, Florida from 30th May to 1st June, 2018.

For Skilrock it be their second show at Juegos Miami followed by many more events in Americas. They are excited to once again showcase their extensive range of gaming solutions. This year’s special highlight will be their wide range of technology solutions and exciting contents like e-Scratch and Lotto Zone.

Skilrock Technologies

Mr. Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director commented “Juegos Miami is growing in terms of attendance and quality of exchange. We are delighted to be part of the show and look forward to our interactions with the delegates and visitors. We have added several new features to our Weaver gaming platform that are very relevant to this part of the world. I am very sure that each visitor to our booth will find something relevant for their operations as our motto for this show is to bring smile to the faces of all stakeholders.”

About Skilrock Technologies

Skilrock Technologies is a leading technology solution provider for the lottery, gaming and payment industry with its R&D centres located at global IT hubs. It is technology arm of $2 billion Sugal & Damani Group, who are leaders of Indian lottery & gaming operations.

The all-encompassing WEAVER Gaming Platform of Skilrock serves RETAIL, iGAMING & SELF SERVICE channels with equal ease, supporting a wide variety of games like Lotto, Keno, Bingo, Instant, Sports, Poker, Rummy, Casino and Slots. More than 120,000 retail touch points and over 3 million iGaming players across 18 jurisdictions have been serviced using Weaver Platform.






CONTACT: Sourabh Goyal | Manager – Marketing & Sales, T: +91.124.3828822, Email:

SOURCE: Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Sugal & Damani Group).



CAIXA Launches the Newest Lottery in Brazil: Lucky Day

The bettor chooses seven numbers from a universe of 31 and still the month of luck. Four numbers drawn already guarantee prize


BRAZIL (May 15, 2018) -- Gamblers of lottery games now have one more chance to win prizes with the new lottery mode. CAIXA launched on May 14 the Day of Luck . The player has the option to choose seven numbers from the 31 available ones and still a month of the year. The idea is to bet on dates, so the 31 days of the month, and the months of the year, which will be represented by balls with numbers from one to 12.

"When we think about the product, we think about moving the imagination of the Brazilian, who likes a lot of game and always tries to make the relationship with commemorative dates and important and dear days," explained the national superintendent of Lotteries of the CAIXA, Gilson Braga. According to him, the renewal of the product portfolio is always thought by the team. "We have detected that within our lotteries we needed to make a renewal. We always want to bring news to our bettor," he added.

The minimum bet is seven numbers, but the player can score up to 15 "lucky days" in a single game. This increases the chances of winning, as well as the value of the bet, whose minimum price is $ 2. "This allows you to have games accumulated with the various combinations," said the superintendent.


Each wheel has three games available. You can also bet on a jackpot. "You can get a quote from friends or even buy bucks made and available by lottery entrepreneurs, which increases the chances of winning with a little less appeal," said Gilson Braga.

"This will be our lottery more easily for people to win. It will not be high prizes, but intermediate values that can help in the day to day," explained the CAIXA superintendent.

The prize pool will be divided into five tracks. Those who hit four and five numbers drawn will receive the fixed prize in the amount of R $ 4 and R $ 20, respectively. The hit of six numbers gives the player the value of 30% of the apportionment and the seven numbers of 70%. It will also be awarded who will hit the month drawn. In this case the value is fixed of R $ 2.

"The main prize should reach the house of R $ 300 thousand", calculates Gilson Braga. "This will depend a lot, as with other lotteries, accumulated eventualities can increase the amount of the prize," he says.

With the bet of the seven numbers, the probability of the player winning the main prize is one in 2,629,575. In the case of the second prize, the odds are one in 15,652. In the third and fourth prize categories, the statistic is one in 453 and one in 37. In the case of the month of the year, the possibility of gain is as high as one by 12. These chances increase according to the number of bets.

Sweepstakes and raffle

The raffles will be held three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. "Exceptionally in this first week of launch, the first lottery will take place on Saturday, May 19, during the CAIXA Feirão of the Own House in Goiânia, so people will have five days a week to get to know and bet on the new lottery,” said the superintendent.

Schafer Systems Inc.

From the week of May 20, the numbers will be drawn in the Lucky Truck, along with the other lottery games CAIXA.

The collection follows the same distribution as the other lotteries. "We have a regulation," said the CAIXA superintendent. "The values derived from the collection of on lending of these products go to safety, sports, health and safety."

"I found the proposal very interesting. It reminds us of special dates"

The filmmaker Luiz Rogério Teixeira Quintão, 51, found the proposal of the new lottery game very interesting. "It reminds us of special dates and dialogues with our personal side. For me it's approved, next week I'll be playing."

The resident of Brasília, who plays Lotofácil and Mega-Sena every week, has already hit Quina. "I do not remember the value. It was the only time I won," he said.

Asked what he would do if he won the main prize for Lucky Day, he replied that he would build a temple for the devotees of Hare Krishna in Brasilia. "I would become a simpler person. I am a Buddhist," he said.

The cashier, Simone Oliveira Vieira, said she would bet on special and commemorative dates.

"The month will be my birthday and the dates will diversify into special dates." The resident of São Sebastião, administrative region of the Federal District, plays in Mega-Sena and Quina and has already won $ 10 in a bet on Quina.

SOURCE: CAIXA press release.


Camanah Signs Banner


Oregon Lottery Finishes Up First Round of Responsible Gambling Training for Retailers

By Patrick Johnson (Oregon Lottery)

SALEM, Oregon (May 9, 2018) -- More than 6,000 Oregon Lottery retailer employees around the state have been trained on how to help Lottery players gamble responsibly.

Last year, the Oregon Lottery launched a training module entitled Responsible Gambling & You. To date, a total of 3,903 Traditional and Video Lottery retail locations have completed the program – 99-percent of all Oregon Lottery retailers.

Recognizing the challenges associated with training frontline retail staff, the Lottery developed a simple, short and tailored program that could easily be taken on any mobile device or desktop computer. The training is not intended for employees to counsel people, but is designed to point them to resources for help. This training also helps direct family, friends and other loved ones to finding the assistance they may need.


As part of a focused training effort, the Oregon Lottery invested in the development of online training programs that were designed specifically for bar, tavern, restaurant and deli-style retailers that carry Video Lottery products such as line & poker games.  Training was also developed for our retailers who carry Lottery “traditional” products such as Scratch-it tickets and draw games like Keno, Powerball & Oregon’s Game Megabucks among others,” said Krystal Smith, Associate Program Manager, Oregon Lottery.

As part of our commitment to the state of Oregon, the Lottery recognizes that we have a shared responsibility with our retailers for the promotion of responsible gambling practices,” said Stacy Shaw, Senior Manager Product Marketing for the Oregon Lottery. “We are dedicated to ensuring that players and their families have the information they need to make informed choices about gambling as well as direct access to help that is free, confidential and effective.  It is also part of our commitment that we provide ongoing education and training to our retailers and their staff regarding responsible gambling practices.”

With that commitment in mind, Oregon Lottery retailers were asked to have their staff take the responsible gambling training program. The training assists employees with skills to point players to resources to get help. One percent of Oregon Lottery proceeds are directed at funding programs that assist people who have gambling related issues. More than $92 million has been directed to these programs.

Lottery Corporate Accounts Manager Debbie Jahn, said that the retailer training has been well received.

Several retailers have commented about how the training is helping their customer service folks,” Jahn said. “By supplying pamphlets, providing the training video and other materials, we are committed to helping retailers provide a fun, safe play environment for Lottery games.”

CONTACT: Stacy Shaw, Senior Manager Product Marketing, Phone: 503-540-1101, Email:

SOURCE: Oregon Lottery.




Iowa Man Wins $4.38 Million Lottery with a Free Ticket

Davenport Man Claims $4.38 Million Lotto America Jackpot

Chuck Anderson Won Prize With Free Play From Davenport Convenience Store


Iowa Cheque


CLIVE, Iowa (May 10, 2018) -- A Davenport man on Thursday claimed a $4.38 million lottery jackpot, acknowledging that he had beaten long odds to win a jackpot with a ticket he received as a free play in a lottery promotion.

But Chuck Anderson emphasized that he wasn't getting ahead of himself.

"I'm waiting until the money is deposited," he said. "I won't believe it until it's there."

Anderson, 52, won Iowa's first jackpot in Lotto America just six months after the game's start. And in an interesting twist, his winning ticket was one that he received for free from the Iowa Lottery.

His winning ticket came from the Kwik Star convenience store at 2850 W. Locust St. in Davenport. This month, the Iowa Lottery is giving away free lotto plays in a promotion called "Lotto Surprise." Throughout the month, random players will receive free lotto plays when they buy tickets in a particular game. During the first week of May, the qualifying purchase was a Powerball® ticket and the free plays involved were in the Lotto America game. So, Anderson's jackpot-winning ticket in Lotto America was generated as a free play when he bought a Powerball ticket.

Anderson's ticket matched all six numbers in Saturday's Lotto America drawing, which were: 8-15-18-32-45 and Star Ball 1.


Anderson said that he didn't check the results of his tickets for a couple days after Saturday's drawing. When he saw the winning numbers on the lottery website, he said he didn't believe it as first.

"I had to check them again," he said with a laugh. "I had to look a couple times."

Anderson said he is working with legal and financial advisors to make responsible decisions with his winnings, and he plans to invest the money for his future.

"I'm excited for the opportunity to help family and feel lucky to have won this prize," he said. "As a family, we're private people and don't want to change who we are."

Anderson chose to receive his prize as the lump-sum amount of about $2.6 million.

Kwik Star will receive a $5,000 bonus from the Iowa Lottery for selling the Lotto America jackpot-winning ticket at one of its stores.

Today's version of the Lotto America game debuted Nov. 12 and is sold in Iowa and 12 other states. The game's name is a throwback to the first multi-state lotto game known for big jackpots in the United States. Iowa was a founding member of the original version of Lotto America, which began back in 1988 and made headlines around the world for its jackpots before ultimately being replaced by Powerball in 1992.

In today's version of Lotto America, jackpots start at $2 million. Tickets cost $1 each and the game has drawings on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Lotto America has the playstyle of Powerball, with players selecting numbers from two separate pools for a chance at a big prize. Players in the game choose five numbers from a pool of 52 and another number, called the Star Ball, from a pool of 10. Players who match all six numbers in a drawing win the game's jackpot.

The odds of winning the jackpot in Lotto America are around 1 in 26 million, compared to odds of about 1 in 292.2 million of winning the Powerball jackpot and about 1 in 302.6 million of winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

Jackpot prize:  $4,380,000

Chosen to receive as:  $2,615,080.18 lump-sum option

Federal withholding:  $627,619.24

State withholding:  $130,754.01

Net amount:  $1,856,706.93

SOURCE: Iowa Lottery.



Hoosier Lottery Launch Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (May 14, 2018) – Hoosier Lottery announces Lucky Seven, the latest Now and Later game available in retailers today.

The $5 Lucky Seven ticket has two parts: an Instant Game and a Draw Game. Players scratch the Instant Game for chances to instantly win up to $7,777 now and enter the Draw Game into a nightly drawing for a chance to win up to $77,777 later.

To play the Lucky Seven Draw Game, players must enter their Draw Game portion of their ticket in a nightly drawing. Every night around 11 pm ET, the Hoosier Lottery draws seven Lucky Seven numbers. Each Lucky Seven ticket has seven numbers labeled YOUR DRAW NUMBERS. Players can scratch to reveal their numbers. Players win prizes based on how many of YOUR DRAW NUMBERS match the WINNING NUMBERS from the nightly drawing in the same position.


Players must match 3 or more numbers in the same position to the drawn numbers to win a prize. For added excitement, if players find a clover “image ” symbol, they receive a free match. Players can choose when to enter the nightly Lucky Seven drawing. Players must enter their Lucky Seven tickets by 10:39 PM ET for the drawing night they choose, for their chance to win up to $77,777.

Entering the Lucky Seven Draw Game is convenient and easy. Players can ask any Hoosier Lottery retailer to enter their ticket for them, they can enter by scanning their ticket with the free Hoosier Lottery mobile app, or enter by going to After entering the drawing, players must hold onto their ticket to see if they won and to claim any prizes.

Lucky Seven Combined Estimated Overall Odds are 1 in 2.70. Instant Game Estimated Overall Odds 1 in 4.71. Draw Game Overall Odds 1 in 5.

ABOUT THE HOOSIER LOTTERY: Hoosier Lottery distributions benefit every county throughout Indiana. The Hoosier Lottery contributes $30 million to local police and firefighters' pensions and $30 million to the Teachers' Retirement Fund. In fiscal year 2017, the Hoosier Lottery contributed $228 million to the Build Indiana Fund. To learn more about the Hoosier Lottery, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter. Download Hoosier Lottery logos here.

CONTACT: Jerry Grider, Hoosier Lottery,Sr. Manager of Public Relations, T: 317-264-4676 office, E:

SOURCE: The Hoosier Lottery.


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Lottery Focuses on Livestreaming Midday Drawings Online: Stops Midday Drawings Television Broadcast

Evening drawings will continue to be televised and streamed online

TRENTON, NJ (May 11, 2018) -- Acting Lottery Executive Director John M. White today announced that the midday drawings for the New Jersey Lottery’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 games will no longer be televised, starting with the midday drawing tomorrow, May 12, 2018.


Since we have determined that more and more of our players are watching drawings on our New Jersey Lottery website and Facebook Page, using Livestream, the Lottery has discontinued using its television air time for the midday drawings and will, instead, replace the televised midday draws with other Lottery messages, including planned Responsible Gaming public service announcements,” said White.

The evening live drawings will continue to be streamed online and televised on PIX11 and PHL17. All drawings will continue to take place under the supervision of an independent third-party auditor.

Viewers can still tune in to PIX11 and PHL17 at the typical midday drawing broadcast time slot of approximately 1 PM and see a summary of the results of that day’s midday drawing.

As we go forward, the Lottery is looking forward to engaging all of our players with our website, including those who have been watching the midday draws on television,” White continued.

To view the live drawings on the, click “Watch Drawings” under the “Player Tools” button, or visit here.

To view recordings of drawings, click the “View on” button to watch previous drawings.

The wagering times for the midday drawings will not be affected by this change.

INQUIRIES: MaryAnn Rivell, Public Information Office, Phone: (609) 599-5875, E:

SOURCE: New Jersey Lottery.


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ESEN eSports Bring Sportradar on Board for Data, Streaming and Integrity

GALLEN, Switzerland (May 8, 2018) -- In a multiyear partnership, leading esports tournament and league organiser ESEN eSports will be calling on Sportradar to collect and distribute audio-visual and data content across those competitions, including the King of Nordic tournament.

Moreover, the partnership is underpinned by the fact that Sportradar’s award-winning Fraud Detection System will be monitoring all those competitions in order to identify any instances of match-fixing. As part of the multi-year deal, Sportradar will be the exclusive worldwide provider of betting audio-visual streams and transmissions for matches played within ESEN eSports competitions.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of sports-related data and content, Sportradar will also distribute all the official data from the tournament organiser’s competitions.

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A key pillar of the deal was the employment of Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System, which monitors and analyses betting patterns from over 600 operators around the world, including esports-only bookmakers.

ESEN eSports CEO Joakim Stenberg felt that this partnership was a great step forward for esports: “By establishing this partnership with Sportradar, we have developed a new source of revenue for the company but we have also unlocked a range of content opportunities that will increase insight and improve engagement in the matches and competitions we are hosting. I am especially proud to have put the Fraud Detection System in place.

This is such a critical piece of the deal and will give priceless peace of mind to players, coaches and our spectators and fans wherever they are watching.” Mark Balch, Esports Product Manager at Sportradar, added: “Following our award for Best Esports Supplier at the end of last year, we have seen a real spike in interest from both esports competitions organisers who want to get broad and credible engagement, as well as betting operators who want the richest mix of leagues, tournaments and competitions in their offering, safeguarded by our peerless Fraud Detection System.

It is an exciting time in esports and we are delighted that key stakeholders in the esports ecosystem recognise our unique proposition and our commitment to safeguarding the integrity of all competitions we work with.” Betting operators looking to get the fastest and most reliable streams and data on ESEN Esports tournaments, as well as the best odds service with an unmatched variety of markets and up-times should contact Media, publishers or platforms looking to get the fastest and most reliable data on ESEN Esports tournaments should contact


ESEN eSports AB is Sweden’s first public company that is one hundred percent focused on esports. ESEN is one of Sweden’s biggest streaming company covering esports and gaming. The company produces large esport tournaments, like King of Nordic from their independent production studio in Stockholm and creates and stream tournaments from events like DreamHack, Copenhagen Games and the computer festival Birdie. More information can be found at

SOURCE: Sportradar press release.


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Aristocrat Replaces Competitor System Product at Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino

Aristocrat’s Oasis 360™ System Now Managing 80 Percent Of Racetrack Systems In New Mexico


LAS VEGAS (May 14, 2018) – Aristocrat has installed its multiple award-winning Oasis 360™ casino management system at Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino in Sunland Park, N.M. replacing an existing competitive product. This is the third system replacement Aristocrat has announced recently.

Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 system is the casino management system of choice for Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino’s 700 slot and video poker games. Sunland Park will benefit from Oasis 360’s player-centric modules, including Oasis Loyalty™, Oasis ONE LINK™, PlayerMax Mobile™, and nLive™ with Player Portal™.

With this most recent installation, Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 system is now installed at 80 percent of New Mexico’s racetrack locations.

Sunland Park, in concert with the installation of the Oasis 360 system, added 20 new high-performing Aristocrat slot machines.

Sunland Park’s Executive Gaming Director Ahmad Mughni said, “Bringing the Oasis 360 system online is a significant step forward in our customer service initiatives. The combination of loyalty products and communication tools will empower us to provide our customers with the most meaningful and entertaining gaming experience possible.”

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Aristocrat Vice President of System Sales Clark Warren said, “We are proud and excited that Sunland Park has chosen to take advantage of the many cutting-edge loyalty features in Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 system. These features are designed to increase carded play, excitement on the gaming floor, player loyalty, and player interaction with all the system modules that Sunland installed. With features such as floor wide bonusing, engaging mobile and digital products, and a comprehensive view of the player, Sunland Park is now in a better position than ever before to provide the highest levels of customer service and a much-improved casino experience for their guests.”

Aristocrat’s Oasis 360™ system is one of the most widely used casino management systems in North America, and comprises essential solutions for the modern casino, ranging from accounting to player loyalty to brand connectivity.

For more information about Oasis 360 system or any of Aristocrat’s industry-leading solutions, contact your Aristocrat representative or visit Join Aristocrat on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About Aristocrat

Aristocrat Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Limited (ASX: ALL), a leading global provider of land-based and online gaming solutions. The Company is licensed by more than 200 regulators and its products and services are available in more than 90 countries around the world. Aristocrat offers a diverse range of products and services including electronic gaming machines and casino management systems. For further information, visit the company’s website at

CONTACT: Paul Speirs-Hernandez, Steinbeck Communications/Red Wagon Institute, T: +1-702-413-4278, E:

SOURCE: Aristocrat Technologies Inc. press release.



The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Announces Receipt of Additional Fantasy Sports Contests Operator Applications


HARRISBURG, PA (May 15, 2018) -- The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Boardannounced today that  it has received applications from four additional companies to operate Fantasy Sports Contests in addition to the six previously received.

It is legal to participate in Fantasy Sports Contests with any of these ten firms listed if you are submitting an entry fee for a contest and initiating play from within Pennsylvania. It is not legal to participate if you are playing while within Pennsylvania with any firm not listed below.

Lottery Insights December Issue
Click here for the latest electronic version of Lottery Insights.

New applications were received from:

  • Sportshub Technologies d/b/a Fanball, CDM Sports, MFL 10s, National Fantasy Championships
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports LLC
  • Fantasy Draft LLC d/b/a Fantasy Draft
  • Full Time Fantasy Sports, LLC d/b/a


Applications previously received to offer Fantasy Sports Contest in Pennsylvania are:

  • StarStreet, LLC d/b/a DRAFT
  • JDAD, LLC d/b/a FFPC: Fantasy Football Players Championship
  • Fanduel PA LLC d/b/a Fanduel
  • Crown PA DFS Inc. d/b/a DraftKings Inc.
  • Boom Shakalaka Inc. d/b/a Boom Fantasy
  • d/b/a


About the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board:

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is tasked to oversee all aspects of the state’s casino industry, along with oversight of new gaming initiatives created through amendments to the Race Horse Development and Gaming Act approved by the signing of Act 42 of 2017. These include Interactive Gaming, Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) at truck stops, gaming at qualified airports, Fantasy Sports Contests, and sports wagering.

The Commonwealth’s casino industry currently consists of 10 stand-alone and racetrack casinos in operation, along with the two smaller resort casinos.  These facilities collectively employ nearly 17,000 people and annually generate approximately $1.4 billion in tax revenue from slot machine and table games play. The largest portion of that money is used for property tax reduction to all Pennsylvania homeowners.

Additional information about both the PGCB’s gaming regulatory efforts and Pennsylvania’s gaming industry can be found at You can also follow the agency on Twitter by choosing @PAGamingControl.

CONTACT: Doug Harbach or Richard McGarvey (717) 346-8321.

SOURCE: The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.




EquiLottery Unveils 'Win Place Show: An EquiLottery Game' Rebrand


Louisville, KY (Tuesday, May 15, 2018) - Live sports lottery company EquiLottery LLC has announced the rebranding of its signature three number lottery game based on live horse racing. Now known as Win Place Show, this rebrand is being accompanied by a new marketing look ready to be integrated into lottery marketing materials and a sneak peek at the redesigned mobile app which will be ready for the general public to download in July of 2018 through the App Store and Google Play.

"When we began this journey, we were focused on a single product catering to the excitement of integrating live horse racing with the lottery experience," said EquiLottery Founder & CEO Brad Cummings.

"We've come a long way in developing that vision and the Win Place Show rebrand is the culmination of that hard work and dedication."

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Visitors to will be met with a new look website fully integrated with the new Win Place Show branding. They will also find a series of interviews with Cummings about the evolution from single product to the opening up of an entirely new live sports category in the lottery industry. All EquiLottery social media accounts have also been rebranded for this occasion.

"As we have evolved our vision for what is now Win Place Show, we have come to realize our initial game offering was only the tip of the iceberg for lotteries looking to integrate live sporting events into the lottery experience," continued Cummings. "This rebranding represents a change in our company's vision from a tactical single product to a strategic focus on multiple lottery games based on live sporting events. There's more to come on that vision, but for now we celebrate this exciting moment for our company and what it means for the lottery and horse racing industries."

About EquiLottery

The creators of Win Place Show, a lottery game based on the results of live horse racing, EquiLottery has evolved into leaders of a new live sports category for state and provincial lotteries. Developing a series of live sports games of pure chance protected by US and Canadian patents, EquiLottery supports its lottery offerings through a series of products and services that make its games plug-and-play for its state lottery customers. These include systems integrations, plug and play mobile apps, video streaming, intellectual property licensing, sports licensing, horsemen negotiations, calendar development, data licensing, second chance raffle prizes and multi-channel marketing support.

CONTACT: Brad Cummings, T: (502) 644-1454, E:

SOURCE: EquiLottery press release.



GLMS and the TIU Join Their Forces to Keep Tennis Free of Manipulations


LYON, France (May 15 2018) -- The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) and the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) have signed today an MoU agreeing to work closely together to combat match-fixing in tennis, through the secure sharing of information on irregular betting patterns as well as the cooperation on education and prevention initiatives.

GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi states: “In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in match fixing in Tennis and as was noted by the Independent Review Panel’s Interim report, lower category tournaments are particularly vulnerable to manipulations. We are therefore delighted to join our forces with the TIU in order to protect the integrity of Tennis globally and effectively. Thanks to the GLMS growing network which guarantees local competent presence and global reach, I am convinced that we can play a strategic role in TIU’s pursue to fight Tennis results manipulation at all levels.”


Matthew Perry, the TIU’s Education & Training Manager, adds: “The TIU works closely and co-operatively with the betting industry on a global basis. Relationships with licensees, regulators and operators are essential in tackling corruption effectively wherever it occurs.

"Today we are pleased to further strengthen cooperation with the GLMS which brings together 29 Lotteries all over the globe in its goal to safeguard the integrity of sports.

"We are confident that GLMS’ experience, expertise and global reach will be of real value in our intelligence work. We also look forward to working with GLMS and its members on important education and capacity building projects.

GLMS and the TIU have been already enjoying an unofficial sharing of information for some years now. Under this agreement, the two organisations will be also using their best efforts to developing joint initiatives when it comes to education and prevention activities, as both entities consider them as key in the overall effort to tackle the phenomenon.


  • • Giancarlo Sergi, GLMS General Secretary:
  • • Evangelos Alexandrakis, GLMS Deputy General Secretary,


GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi and TIU's Education & Training Manager, Matthew Perry, shake hands after having signed the MoU


About GLMS

GLMS is the state lotteries’ mutualized monitoring system on sports betting. It aims at detecting and analyzing suspicious betting activities that could question the integrity of a sport competition. Building on six years of experience with the establishment in 2009 of ELMS with European Lotteries, GLMS went global in January 2015 extending the network to other continents. GLMS facilitates the sharing of sports betting information as part of the collective efforts of its members in ensuring sports integrity globally, and is dedicated to effective cooperation with all key stakeholders: regulators, law enforcement authorities, sports organizations.

GLMS currently has 29 individual Members from 4 continents (Österreichische Lotterien - Austria,  Loterie Nationale – Belgium, Hrvatska Lutrija – Croatia,  Danske Spil – Denmark, Veikkaus – Finland, La Française Des Jeux – France,  Staatliche Loterieverwaltung in Bayern – Germany, Opap SA – Greece,  Szerencsejatek – Hungary, Islenk Getspa – Iceland,  Israel Sports Betting Board  - Israel, Lottomatica – Italy, Sisal – Italy,   Norsk Tipping – Norway,  Santa Casa De Misericordia da Lisboa – Portugal,   Sportna Loterija – Slovenia,  Svenska Spel – Sweden,   Loterie Romande – Switzerland, Swisloss – Switzerland,  Nederlandse Loterij, the Netherlands,  Hong Kong Jockey Club – Hong Kong, Singapore Pools – Singapore,  Ktoto Co – South Korea, China Sports Lottery – China, Loto-Québec- Canada,  Polla Chilena de Beneficencia – Chile, Banca de Quinielas de Montevideo – Uruguay, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports, Morocco,  Loterie Nationale du Sénégal – Senegal) and 2 collective Members (European Lotteries Association and World Lottery Association)

SOURCE: Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS)


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Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) Offers Proven Sports Betting Testing & Consultancy Services


LAKEWOOD, NJ (May 16, 2018) – When the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the landmark decision paved the way for numerous business opportunities relating to legal betting on sports across the U.S. The proven sports betting and consultancy team at Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) has been on this playing field for decades, providing jurisdictions with the game plan they need for success in this global sports-betting arena.

This is a watershed moment in the history of sports wagering here in New Jersey and throughout the country,” stated James Maida, GLI President/CEO. “For decades, GLI has been successfully providing feedback on sports and event wagering technical standards to governments around the world. It’s now time for GLI to leverage everything in our toolbox to facilitate faster time-to-market for those looking to execute the same results in the U.S.

James Maida
James Maida, President/CEO GLI

As the first and most experienced independent sports-betting testing and certification laboratory in the world, GLI is using its years of sports-betting expertise to help prepare legislators and regulators of sovereign tribal nations, aspiring sports betting operators, software suppliers, and U.S. states to effectively implement and regulate legal betting on sports across the nation.  GLI’s veteran team of sports-betting experts are helping clients and customers craft a winning sports-betting strategy in this post-PASPA era. Additionally, GLI provides training and workshops to better understand sports betting through its GLI University®.

With this window of opportunity presenting itself for the first time to the industry domestically,” added Maida, “our team of more than 75 dedicated technical compliance, regulatory service, and supplier services staff have spent more than a year working with industry stakeholders to help prepare our customers by pulling from our deep pool of experience in sports/event wagering across global markets in Australia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Canada, and the United States (Nevada). They are experts across the various elements, including betting integrity systems, IBIS, and geolocation.”


Betting integrity and the impact that wagering can have on “fairness of contest” is a key area that will be a focus of states and tribes as they consider how to approach sports betting. GLI is well positioned to assist in the implementation and evaluation of systems that address betting integrity and to provide subject-matter expertise to policymakers.

GLI’s Vice President of iGaming Salim Adatia added,“The rush is now on. Stakeholders who have been waiting for this day will benefit from engaging a lab with the most sports betting evaluation experience, technical competencies, and regulatory knowledge in order to best position themselves for success. GLI uses its extensive resources, expertise, proprietary technology, and carefully designed systems to offer a one-stop-shop for regulatory/technical requirements consultancy, sports-betting platform and application testing, and security auditing including penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and threat and risk assessments.

Salim Adatia
Salim Adatia, GLI’Vice President of iGaming

GLI’s testing assures online event wagers comply with appointed jurisdictional technical standards and best practices. They ensure wagers are accepted in a fair and secure manner so that resultant betting outcomes are in accordance with pre-specified rules. Additionally, GLI’s testing assures all wagers placed are correctly resolved and paid based on the correct odds and rules corresponding to the game or event. Moreover, this testing ensures appropriate mechanisms and controls are in place for adherence to technical requirements associated with the handling of wager disruptions and cancellations, abandoned events, and refunds.

In addition, GLI compares the front-end activity with back-end results and confirms that a complete and accurate log of transactions, performance, and payments are available upon request from the system for regulatory, taxation, player dispute, or other purposes.

Whether you are a legislator, regulator, operator or product developer, GLI is available at your convenience to share insights on this landmark SCOTUS ruling repealing PASPA, and to offer information and solutions needed to ensure you and your staff are prepared for what is sure to be a formative period in the U.S. gaming industry,” Adatia concluded.

About Gaming Laboratories International

Gaming Laboratories International, LLC delivers the highest quality land-based, lottery and iGaming testing and assessment services. GLI’s laboratory locations are found on six continents, and the company holds U.S. and international accreditations for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, 17020, and 17065 standards for technical competence in the gaming, wagering and lottery industries. GLI also holds ISTBQ certification. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Christie Eickelman, Vice President of Global Marketing, T: +1 (702) 914-2220 or E:

SOURCE: Gaming Laboratories International.



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