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Wisconsin lottery
Address: 2135 RIMROCK ROAD #231 MADISON, WISCONSIN 53713
E-mail Address:
Phone: (608) 261-4916
Fax: (608) 264-6644
Population: 5,654,774
U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division
Lottery Director: Cindy Polzin
Year Lottery Founded: 1988
Sales FY 2016: $627,164,937
Number of Employees: 86
On-line Vendor: GTECH
Instant Ticket Vendor: Pollard Banknote
GTECH Printing Corporation
Pulltabs: Pollard
Retailers: 3,710
Advertising: Hoffman York
Games Offered: Instant games;
PBall,Megabucks,SuperCash,Daily Pick 3,Daily Pick 4,Badger 5.
Beneficiaries: Property tax relief
Jurisdiction: State of Wisconsin

Background Information


Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment authorizing a state lottery in 1987, and the Wisconsin Lottery began ticket sales on September 14, 1988. It was the first lottery to launch with both an instant game, Match 3, and a pulltab game, Wisconsin Red. Match 3 sold more than 50 million tickets in six weeks
The Lottery’s first draw game was Megabucks Lotto*America, adding its own brand to the multistate lotto game. Tickets went on sale in August 1989, and Wisconsin quickly became the highest-grossing member of the Lotto*America group.
SuperCash! launched in February 1991 as the Lottery’s second draw game, followed by Powerball in April 1992 (replacing Megabucks Lotto*America), Wisconsin’s Very Own Megabucks game in June and Daily Pick 3 in September
Today, the Wisconsin Lottery has a strong lineup of draw games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperCash!, Badger 5, Pick 3 and Pick 4.
Since the beginning, Lottery proceeds have been used for property tax relief for eligible Wisconsin taxpayers


August 3, 2020 Wisconsin Lottery Sales Jump During Pandemic
July 4, 2019 Bill Allowing Anonymity for Lottery Winners Heading to Committee
May 1, 2019 Wisconsin Kicks Off Participation in First POWERBALL Millionaire of the Year
April 23, 2019 Wisconsin's Top Republican Hopes to Formally Introduce Legislation to Let Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous
April 5, 2019 Wisconsin Lottery Launches First New Lotto Game Since 2014
March 28, 2019 $768.4 Million Ways to Say #WINsconsin
February 5, 2019 New Campaign Highlights Lottery’s Benefits to Wisconsin

News 2018
July 19, 2018 Wisconsin Lottery Packers Scratch-Off Games Offer Fans a Chance to Win Packers Club Seat Season Tickets
May 10, 2018 Controversies in Ukraine Surrounding the Lottery Companies “Patriot” and M.S.L. Are Ongoing
February 21, 2018 The Wisconsin Lottery Has a Vacancy for a Security and Operations Bureau Director
February 14, 2018 Wisconsin Lottery Turns 30

News 2017
November 21, 2017 The Wisconsin Lottery Has a Vacancy for a Corporate Sales / Key Account Representative
July 25, 2017 Packers, Wisconsin Lottery Announce New Scratch Tickets
July 18, 2017 The Wisconsin Lottery is Seeking to Employ a Marketing & Product Development Bureau Director
June 29, 2017 Wisconsin Lottery Sales Up Due To Illinois Lottery’s Problems
March 6, 2017 Governor Violates Ban on Lottery Promotion?
February 28, 2017 Wisconsin Lottery Posts Record Sales

News 2016
July 25, 2016 Packers, Wisconsin Lottery Announce New Scratch Tickets
July 20, 2016 Wisconsin Lottery Sales Up One Percent Last Year
June 19, 2016 Report Says State’s Gambling Revenues See Decline Lottery and Tribal Gaming
April 26, 2016 Schafer Systems Inc. Extends Contract with State Of Wisconsin – Lottery Division
April 12, 2016 Wisconsin Lottery Warns Consumers to Watch Out for Scams


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