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Oregon Lottery
Address: 500 AIRPORT ROAD S.E. SALEM, OREGON 97301
E-mail Address:
Phone: (503) 540-1000
Fax: (503) 540-1010
Population: 3.5 million
Lottery Director:
Deputy Director:
Barry Pack
Roland Iparraguirre
Year Lottery Founded: 1984
Sales FY 2015:
Sales FY 2016:
Sales Per Capita: $345
Number of Employees: 390
Retailers : 3,465
On-line Vendor: GTECH (October 3, 2007 to November 30, 2020)
Instant Ticket Vendor: GTECH Printing Corporation
Advertising: Borders Perrin Norrander
April 11, 2007 June 30, 2013
ITVMs: Interlott
Pulltabs: Sci Games
VLT(s) GTech
Games Offered: Instant, Breakopens, Megabucks, PowerBall, Pick 4, Win For Life, Sports Action, Keno and Video Lottery.
Beneficiaries: K-12 public education, economic development and Natural Resource Programs..
Jurisdiction: Oregon State


Background Information


An initiative brought the issue of a lottery to Oregon voters in 1984, and a constitutional amendment was passed with a majority of 66 percent. The Oregon Lottery began ticket sales with a Scratch-it instant game on April 25, 1985.
The Lottery’s first draw game was Megabucks, launched in November 1985. Daily 4 followed in March 1987, and Lotto*America sales began in February 1988. Pulltabs were introduced in January 1988. In 1991, Oregon became the first American lottery to offer a monitor game when fast-draw keno debuted in September.
Current draw games offered by the Oregon Lottery include Powerball, Mega Millions, Oregon’s Game Megabucks, Lucky Lines, Win for Life and Pick 4. Keno is offered at select locations, and is also available as Keno to Go.
A unique part of the Oregon Lottery’s history was its long-running Sports Action game, based on the outcome of professional football games. Launched in September 1989, it was the first successful sports wagering game offered by any American lottery. A second football game, Scoreboard, was introduced in 2003. Combined, the two games generated more than $36 million in revenues for intercollegiate athletics and academic scholarships in Oregon over 18 seasons. They ended in January 2007 after the legislature removed a directive that the Lottery operate games based on the results of sporting events.
Most revenue generated by the Oregon Lottery today comes from video lottery terminals, which began in 1992 as a way to eliminate a vast network of illegal gray market machines. Following in South Dakota’s footsteps, the VLTs are operated in a wide-area network.
Oregon voters choose the broad categories that receive Oregon Lottery proceeds. From inception to 1995, Lottery revenues benefitted economic development and job creation. In 1995, voters approved a change that sent a share of revenues to support public education. And in 1998, another vote authorized some Lottery proceeds to be used for natural resources.
The current distribution of Oregon Lottery revenues is as follows:

  • Public Education, 59 percent. Lottery dollars are distributed into four areas within education: the Education Stability Fund, the State School Fund, colleges and universities and bonds.
  • Economic Development, 25 percent. These funds are allocated for job creation and economic development.
  • State Parks and Natural Resources, 15 percent. These funds are divided equally between state parks and watershed enhancement/salmon restoration.
  • Problem Gambling Treatment, one percent. These funds are administered by the Oregon Department of Human Services and are distributed to programs throughout the state.


Regional Lottery / Gaming News

News Archive for CY2019
February 11, 2021 Oregon Lottery Adds Drop Box at Salem Offices for Winners to Claim Prizes
December 2, 2019 Oregon Lottery Launches New Responsible Gaming Training
October 15, 2019 Oregon Lottery Website Crashes Days Before Expected Launch Of Sports Betting App
August 1, 2019 Oregon Lottery Announces Details of Online Sports Betting System
May 9, 2019 Surprise Amendment Attempts to Block Oregon Lottery’s Entrance into Internet and Mobile Gambling
April 23, 2019 Oregon House Moves to Allow Lottery Winners to Remain Anonymous
April 21, 2019 The Oregon Lottery Plans to Begin Deploying New Sports Betting Machines to Its Many Retailers Early Next Year
February 27, 2019 Oregon Lottery Bill Would Help Players Claim Winnings in the Event Of Game Malfunction
January 30, 2019 Oregon Lottery Looks to Sports Betting for Next NFL Season
January 16, 2019 Oregon Lottery Ends Partnership to Sell Mega Millions Tickets Online
January 7, 2019 Oregon Lottery Revenue Grows Ten Percent, Looks to Add Sports Betting

News Archive for CY2018
December 8, 2018 Lottery Whistle-Blower Case is Set for Trial Monday
December 5, 2018 A Looming Federal Decision Could Transform Tribal Gaming in Oregon and Have a Negative Impact of the State Lottery
September 24, 2018 Oregon Lottery Rolls Out App, Sports Betting Coming Later This Fall
July 5, 2018 Oregon Lottery Awards Pollard Banknote Five-Year Instant Ticket Contract Extension
June 15, 2018 Lottery Develops Cell Phone App to Target Younger Crowd
June 13, 2018 The Oregon Lottery Looks to Add New Players and Make it Easier for Existing Players to Play by Moving Toward Mobile and Sports Betting
May 9, 2018 Oregon Lottery Finishes Up First Round of Responsible Gambling Training for Retailers

News Archive for CY2017
July 28, 2017 Oregon Lottery Considers Offering Smartphone Games
July 6, 2017 Oregon Lottery Terminates Contract with the State’s Largest Video-Lottery Hub
February 15, 2017 Traditional Lottery Player Base Shrinking; Growth Must Come from New Product Offerings

News Archive for CY2016
December 20, 2016 Former Employee Plans to Sue Lottery over Alleged Retaliation
November 18, 2016 Governor Appoints New Lottery Director
October 16, 2016 Measure 96 Would Earmark Lottery Funds for Veterans Services
July 25, 2016 Investigation Finds Complaints Against Oregon Lottery Were Baseless
July 14, 2016 Oregon Lottery Recognized Nationally For Responsible Gambling Program
June 28, 2016 Lottery Commission to Consider Rule Changes to Expand its Player Base for International Ticket Sales
June 27, 2016 IGT to Provide 1,500 New Video Lottery Terminals to Oregon Lottery
June 21, 2016 Lottery Launch Responsible Gambling Training for Retailers and Servers
May 5, 2016 State Lottery Doesn’t Need Changes
May 4, 2016 Even More Details Emerge About Turmoil at Oregon Lottery
May 3, 2016 New Details Emerge About Turmoil at Oregon Lottery
April 26, 2016 Oregon Lottery Pulls Ad Campaign Following Criticism
April 26, 2016 Governor Removes Director of the Oregon Lottery
April 21, 2016 Coquille Tribe Call 'Lewis and Clark' Lottery Ads Offensive
April 5, 2016 Player Wins Oregon Lottery's Largest Keno 8-Spot Prize Ever


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