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New Hampshire Lottery
Address: P.O. BOX 1208 CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 03302-1208
Phone: (603) 271-3391
Fax: 603) 271-1160
Population: 1,324,575
U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division.
Lottery Director: Charles McIntyre
Year Lottery Founded: March 1964
Gross Sales FY 2016: $303,341,947
Sales Per Capita: $212
Number of Employees: 54
Retailers: 1,250
Online Vendor Contract:: Intralot
July 1, 2010 June 30, 2016
Instant Ticket Vendor: Scientific Games
July 1, 2012 June 30, 2015
ITVMs Interlott
Advertising: Griffin, York & Krause
July 1, 2012 June 30, 2017
Games Offered: Pick 3, Pick 4, Weekly Grand, Powerball, Mega Millions, Tri State Mega Bucks, Hot Lotto, Instant Games, Tri State Paycheck.
Proceeds: Education K-12

Lottery Fiancials

It took six tries over 10 years, but New Hampshire Representative Larry Pickett finally gained enough support for his Sweepstakes bill in 1963 for the measure to pass, and it was signed into law on April 30, 1963. The historic event created the first modern lottery in the United States. Pickett was convinced that the Sweepstakes was a viable and voluntary method of raising revenue for education, and given what we know now, he was right.
With a strong desire to instill public confidence in the new venture, the fledgling Sweepstakes Commission hired FBI agent Edward J. Powers as the first director. The very first lottery ticket was sold to Governor John King at Rockingham Park racetrack on March 12, 1964. The $3 ticket was tied to horse racing results, as all the lottery’s games would be until the early 1970s, because it was modeled after the long-running Irish Sweepstakes.
The Lottery’s second product was introduced in 1971, a 50 cent passive game, and three years later a $1 game was added. The first instant game, Lucky X, went on sale on January 29, 1975. It wasn’t until 1977 that the Lottery added a numbers game, with the debut of the Daily Numbers 3-digit game in March of that year.
New Hampshire was part of the very first multistate lottery group in the United States, forming the Tri-State Lotto Compact with Maine and Vermont in April 1985. The group’s first draw game was Tri-State Megabucks, a 6/30 lotto game which launched in September 1985.
Today, the New Hampshire Lottery offers the draw games Powerball, Mega Millions, Tri-State Megabucks Plus, Hot Lotto Sizzler, Pick 3, Pick 4 and the New England regional game Lucky for Life.
Despite the naysayers back in 1963, the New Hampshire Lottery has accomplished the educational funding goals of Rep. Pickett. Every day, the Lottery satisfies its mission of providing maximize revenues for aid to public education by providing secure and entertaining gaming products to its players.

September 7, 2021 New Hampshire Lottery Reports Record Profits in Fiscal Year Ending June 30
January 4, 2021 New Hampshire Lottery Goes Live with IWG’s Progressive Jackpot-enabled e-Instant Games
July 23, 2020 New Hampshire Lottery Launches IWG Digital e-Instant Games
December 11, 2019 New Hampshire Lottery Partners With Neopollard to Spread Holiday Cheer
August 5, 2019 New Hampshire Lottery Developing RFP, Will Begin Search for Sports Betting Vendors Next Week
July 12, 2019 New Hampshire Legalizes Sports Betting with the state Lottery Commission to Regulate the New Industry
July 9, 2019 N.H. Lottery Asks Concord Councillors to Give Keno Another Shot on November’s Ballot
April 11, 2019 Judge Gives U.S. Justice Department Two Weeks to Clarify Its Stance in NH Lottery Case
March 26, 2019 Lottery Director Warns State Could Lose Millions Pending Outcome of Federal Lawsuit
March 19, 2019 N.H. House Votes for Lottery Commission to Oversee Locations with Legal Sports Betting
March 15, 2019 Senate Votes Unanimously to Extract KENO from ‘Kenogarten’
March 13, 2018 Voters Approve KENO in Several More New Hampshire Towns
March 9, 2019 Keno 603 Growing Steadily Since Its 2017 Launch
February 23, 2019 Lottery Says 29 Towns to Vote on Keno Starting in March
February 11, 2019 Keno Revenue Falling Short of Projections
February 8, 2019 New DOJ Opinion Could Significantly Impact Sate’s Lottery Profits
January 24, 2019 A Year On -- Keno 603 is Producing Additional Revenue for the State
January 21, 2019 House Bill Would Cut the Commission on Keno Sales

News Archives for CY2018
October 5, 2018 "Keno-Garten Law"( SB 191) Revenue Falls Short
September 19. 2018 New Hampshire Lottery Launches New Era of Online Gambling, Making NH Sixth State To Do So
September 18, 2018 Neopollard Interactive Congratulates the New Hampshire Lottery on iLottery Launch
August 2, 2018 NH Lottery Sets All-time Sales Record in FY 2018 With Sales Reaching $331.8 Million; Tops All of New England in Sales Growth
March 25, 2018 Keno Moving Ahead in New Hampshire; Applications Flowing Into State Lottery Commission
March 21, 2018 NH Lottery Says 55 Towns Supported Keno at Town Meeting Day
March 19, 2018 New Hampshire Lottery Will Not Appeal Powerball Ruling
March 15, 2018 Keno Passes in 37 New Hampshire Towns
March 13, 2018 NH Judge Rules $560M Powerball Winner Can Remain Anonymous
March 7, 2018 Mystery New Hampshire Lottery Winner Gets Her Prize, Keeps Her Privacy
March 6, 2018 KENO Sales Coming in Higher Than Expected, Expansion to More Communities Likely
February 22, 2018 KENO Sales Come in Stronger than Expected
February 12. 2018 NH Lottery Commission Wants Powerball Winner's Lawsuit Dismissed, Citing Right-to-Know Law
January 31, 2018 New Hampshire Lotto Winner Sues for Anonymity
January 11. 2018 New Hampshire Keno Wagering Running 15 Percent More Per Location Than Predicted in First Weeks

News 2017
November 16, 2017 Keno Expected to Be Available Before Christmas
November 8, 2017 Seven New Hampshire Communities Approve Keno 603
October 5, 2017 Keno Lottery Game to Be Used to Raise Money for Education
September 20, 2017 New Hampshire Lottery Director Has the Job of Selling Keno to the Doubters
August 28, 2017 Robert Kraft and New Hampshire Lottery Launch 2017 New England Patriots Scratch Ticket Game
August 27, 2017 New Hampshire Lottery to Unveil Patriots Inspired Game
August 23, 2017 New Hampshire Lottery Commissioner Makes His Pitch to Local City Officials for Keno
August 12, 2017 New Hampshire Lottery Director Has Big Plans for KENO
June 27, 2017 New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation Lottery Continues to Grow Revenue
June 26, 2017 Keno Will Soon Be Legal In New Hampshire

News 2016
October 28, 2016 New Hampshire Lottery Teams Up with New Hampshire Home Builders Association to Kick-Off Tiny House New Hampshire
September 12, 2016 New Hampshire Powerball Winner Claims Prize; Announces $100,000 Donation to Charity
July 31, 2016 New Hampshire Powerball Ticket Matches Winning Numbers for $487 Million Jackpot
July 17, 2016 New Hampshire Fears for Lottery Revenue if Massachusetts Adopts Online Sales
July 15, 2016 New Hampshire Gets Smartphone App for Powerball Ticket Sales
March 22, 2016 Lawmakers Weight Increase in NH Storeowners’ Lottery Bonus


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