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Massachusetts Lottery
Phone: (781) 849-5555
Fax: (781) 849-5509
Population: 6,593,587
U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division .
Executive Director: Mike Sweeney
Year Lottery Founded: March 1972
Gross Sales FY 2015:
Gross Sales FY 2016:
Prizes Paid to Players: $3,641,351,000
Transfers to Beneficiaries: $985,879,000
Sales Per Capita: $699
Number of Employees: 406
Number of Retailers: 8,364
On-line Vendor: In House
Instant Ticket Vendor: Scientific Games
October 3, 2012 October 3, 2015
Secoundary Instant Ticket Contract: Pollard Banknote
October 3, 2012 October 3, 2015
October 3, 2012 October 3, 2015
Advertising Contract: Connelly Partners
October 3, 2012 10/3/2015
ITVMs Int'l Products of America
Games Offered: Mega Millions, Powerball, Mega Bucks Doubler, Cash Winfall, Scratch Tickets, Numbers Game, Mass Cash, Daily Race Game, Keno.
Beneficiaries: Approximately 22% goes to cities & towns, compulsive gambling, arts council and the states general fund.
Jurisdiction: State of Massachusetts USA

Background Information

The Massachusetts State Lottery was established by the legislature in 1971 in response to the need for revenues for the 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth. Sales began on March 22, 1972, with a weekly passive game simply called The Game. The first drawing was held on April 6.
Two years later, the Lottery introduced the industry’s first instant scratch ticket with a game called, not surprisingly, The Instant Game. The revolutionary new product transformed the entire lottery industry.
The weekly and instant games were sold side by side until 1976, when they were joined by the Daily Numbers Game, the Lottery’s first regular draw game. A short-lived lotto game, the first of its kind in the country, debuted in 1978, but was pulled after 13 weeks due to sluggish sales and low jackpots. The advent of a computerized system in 1981 changed everything, and a new lotto, Megabucks, was launched in 1982; a version of the game is still in the product mix today.
Currently, the Massachusetts Lottery draw game lineup includes Powerball, Mega Millions, Megabucks Doubler, Daily Numbers, Mass Cash and the New England regional game Lucky for Life. Also part of the mix are pulltabs and the monitor games Keno and Daily Race Game. But the Lottery is known for its highly successful instant games, which have set the bar for the entire industry.
Proceeds from the Lottery are allocated to the cities and towns of the Commonwealth – the Lottery is the single largest source of unrestricted local aid.

News Archive
July 27, 2021 Massachusetts State Lottery Produces Estimated $1.105 Billion in Net Profit for the Commonwealth in Fiscal Year 2021, Establishing All-Time High
July 12, 2021 Lucky for Life Expanding to Seven Days a Week Starting July 19
June 29, 2021 Massachusetts Lottery Witnesses Keno Resurgence in Fiscal Year 2021
June 15, 2021 Lottery Prepares Address-Check Policy in Wake of Audit
June 14, 2021 Lottery on Course for Record Revenues, Near-Record Profit
May 17, 2021 Massachusetts Senators Seek to Legalize Sports Betting in Budget Amendments
May 5, 2021 Mass Lottery Processes First Remote Ticket Cashing Transaction in Mobile App
March 25, 2021 Massachusetts Lottery is Modernizing Its Season Ticket Program
March 1, 2021 Massachusetts Lottery Increases Fiscal Year 2021 Net Profit Projection
December 7, 2020 A Massachusetts Man is Suing the New Hampshire Lottery Over a Losing Scratch Ticket
August 25, 2020 Prize Payouts Cut Into Massachusetts Lottery Profits
July 25, 2020 MA House Bill Excludes Online Lottery
July 21, 2020 MA Lottery Produces Estimated $979 Million in Net Profit for the Commonwealth in Fiscal Year 2020
December 3, 2019 New Optics In Store For Massachusetts Lottery Drawings
October 25, 2019 Lottery Sales Up But Return to Players Drive Profits Down
October 10, 2019 Massachusetts Lottery Announces Record Year with Profits Exceeding $1 Billion
September 26, 2019 Massachusetts Lottery Sales Up in August, But Profits Down
August 21, 2019 Massachusetts State Lottery Has Dismissed a Long-Time Employee for Allegedly Cashing Unsold Successful Scratch Tickets
July 23, 2019 Massachusetts Lottery Produces Estimated $1.092 Billion in Net Profit for the Commonwealth in Fiscal Year 2019, Establishing All-Time High
April 23, 2019 Massachusetts Lottery Profit Running About $100 Million Ahead of Last Year
March 29, 2018 Massachusetts Lottery to Go Live with New IGT System on Sunday April 14
March 22, 2019 Lottery's Place Uncertain in Expanded Gambling Debate
March 6, 2019 Lottery is Fully Capable of Handle Sports Betting, Treasurer Tells Legislators
February 28, 2019 State Treasurer Reignites Push for Online Lottery
February 18, 2019 State Lottery Headquarters Moves from Braintree to Dorchester
January 23, 2019 Massachusetts Lottery to Close Downtown Springfield Office, Relocation Planned
January 23, 2019 Treasurer Pushes Online Lottery Sales as Legalized Sports Betting Advances

News Archive for CY2018
December 5, 2018 Treasurer Warns Lottery's Profits Will Remain Stagnant Next Fiscal Year if it is Not Allowed to Compete on a Level Playing Field
September 17, 2018 Lottery Chief Answers Criticism of Move of Headquarters from Braintree
September 12, 2018 Massachusetts State Lottery Returns $997 Million in Net Profit for the Commonwealth
August 29, 2018 Massachusetts Lottery on Hunt for New Offices but Treasurer Candidate Slams Decision to Leave Braintree
August 29, 2018 Massachusetts Lottery Sales Up But Profits Down
July 24, 2018 Massachusetts State Lottery Produces Estimated $986 Million-Plus in Net Profit for the Commonwealth
June 13, 2018 Treasurer Warns Competition Could Make State Lottery ‘IRRELEVANT’
May 11, 2018 Lottery Winners in Massachusetts are Increasingly Using Trusts to Remain Anonymous
April 24, 2018 Massachusetts Lottery Profits Down 8 Percent
March 24, 2018 Massachusetts Lottery Panel to Vote on Moving Headquarters to Dorchester
January 10, 2018 Research Update: UMass Amherst Team Reports Gambling Research Results to Massachusetts Gaming Commission

News Archive for CY2017
December 7, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Profits Will Likely Dip Below the Magic $1 Billion Mark in the Near Future: State Treasurer
November 24, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Hosting Holiday Toy Drive at Regional Offices across State
October 25, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Sales Up in September
September 27, 2017 Powerball Jackpot Lifts Mass Lottery Sales
September 19, 2017 Lottery Retailers Concerned Online Sales Will Decimate Foot Traffic
August 26, 2017 Historic Powerball Prize Renews Focus on State Lottery’s Future
August 9, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Suspends Licenses Following Investigation Into Winning Ticket Cashing
August 1, 2017 Lower Sales and Prize Payouts, But Lottery Reports Record Profit
July 31, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Produces Over $1B in Net Profit for First Time in 45 Years
June 27, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Chief Granted 8 Percent, Retroactive Pay Increase
April 25, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Report Sales Down, Profit Up in March
March 28, 2017 How Legal Online Gambling Could Impact the Massachusetts Lottery
February 28, 2017 Braintree Officials Want to Keep Lottery HQ in Town
February 28, 2017 Massachusetts Lottery Net Profits Up Despite Lower Sales
February 9, 2017 Legislation Threatens Millions in Future Local Aid from the State Lottery and Gaming Fund
January 12, 2017 Online Lottery Proponents Renew Their Push

News Archive for CY2016
December 20, 2016 Massachusetts Lottery Concerned with Drop in Scratch Ticket Sales
December 18, 2016 Swiping Fees Would Reduce Agent’s Revenue from Cashless Lottery Sales
November 8, 2016 State Treasurer Files Bill That Would Authorize the Massachusetts State Lottery to Offer Games over the Internet Through Smartphones
November 2, 2016 Massachusetts Treasurer Files ‘iLottery’ Bill with State Legislature
October 24, 2016 Pollard Banknote Receives Extension on Instant Game Contract From Massachusetts State Lottery
October 5, 2016 Massachusetts Treasurer Renews Push for Online Lottery Games
August 31, 2016 Monitor Games Hot as Instant-Ticket Sales Dip
August 5, 2016 Online Lottery Backers to Try Again
August 1, 2016 Fantasy Sports Legalization Passes Massachusetts State House
August 1, 2016 Online Lottery Sales Not Approved by State Lawmakers
July 22, 2016 State Lottery Accused of Significantly Inflating Its Claims About the Chances of Winning
July 20, 2016 Online Ticket Sales; A Step Into the Unknown for the State Lottery
July 18, 2016 Massachusetts Lottery Nets Record-Setting Profits For Second Consecutive Year
July 17, 2016 New Hampshire Fears for Lottery Revenue if Massachusetts Adopts Online Sales
July 15, 2016 Senate Approves Online Lottery Sales
July 15, 2016 Massachusetts Lottery to Launch New Monitor Game
July 12, 2016 Call for Lawmakers to Legislate Online Games as a Way to Attract Younger Players
June 27, 2016 Gaming Commission Issues A Request for Public Comment: Draft Regulation Amendments Pertaining to Credit Card Cash Advances in Gaming Establishments
June 18, 2016 Massachusetts Lawmakers Promote Bill to Sell Lottery Tickets Online
June 4, 2016 Convenience Store Owners Say No to Online Lottery
May 31, 2016 Budget Amendment to Begin the Process of Making Lottery Products Available Online Withdrawn
May 31, 2016 Massachusetts Lottery Sales Up 4.8 Percent Year-to-Date
May 24, 2016 Massachusetts Senate Weighing Plan to Give Lottery 'broad Mandate' for Online Games
March 31, 2016 Lottery Receives Overwhelming Response to RFI for Bringing Games Online
March 30, 2016 Massachusetts Lottery Revenue Beating Projections
February 23, 2016 Massachusetts Lottery Sales Up 6 Percent


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