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The Charities Lottery (monday)
Address: NetPlay TV plc
Third Floor 25 James Street London W1U 1DU
E-mail Address:
+44 (0) 20 7299 2880
+44 (0) 20 7299 2881
Chief Executive :
Martin Higginson
Peter Jones
Year Lottery Founded: 2003
Games Offered: Monday Lotto
Beneficiaries: UK Charity organisations
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Background Information

The idea of a new national lottery which would address the shortcomings of the existing one was first conceived in 2003 – we called it Chariot, a blend of ‘charity’ and ‘lottery’.
Two years later the company formally launched. Amongst our team are a number of the key people who launched Camelot. They saw in Chariot an opportunity to redress the balance by launching a lottery that benefits players and charities alike.
The final concept is a fairer lottery that both effectively raises money for charities and offers players better odds and better prizes for matching fewer numbers. Jackpot winners are guaranteed every week.
Each week we will feature five charity lotteries giving the player the choice of how many to play and which ones to choose. Each charity then receives 30p in every £1 spent on tickets.
That money will go to them directly within a matter of days: no ifs, no buts.
It will be theirs to do with as they see fit.
This means up to £150 million each year could be raised for over 60 different charities, making Chariot one of the largest charitable fund raisers in the UK.
We’ll make sure everyone knows how the charities benefit and what they do with their money.
In the spirit of doing things differently we will also be regularly introducing new features, games and ideas to keep our players and charity partners stimulated and smiling.
Based primarily on-line, Chariot’s lottery will launch in the first half of this year.
To reassure you, the lotteries we promote are regulated by an independent body licensed by the Gambling Commission. Furthermore, we have been a member of the Lotteries Council since October 2003.

Welcome Chariot was founded in 2003 to launch, market and manage monday – the Charities Lottery (, an online lottery designed to raise critical funds for 70 leading British charities. In its first nine months, the monday game raised over £1.65m for the charities. On 18th January 2007, Chariot sold the monday game to NetPlay TV. NetPlay TV now runs the monday game. We are delighted that we found a partner to ensure the long term future of this valuable fundraising initiative. Chariot is now an investment company and remains floated on AIM. Peter Jones, Chairman


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