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Asociación de Loterías, Quinielas y Casinos Estatales (ALEA)
Address: C/ 27 de abril, 252 Edif. Mercedes III Córdoba 5000 Argentina
E-mail Address:
Phone: 54-351-4216310 / 4239707/4216076
Fax: 54-351-4216076
Population: 37,812, 817
Executive Director:
Mr. Jorge Rodriguez
Mr. Mario Alejandro Trucco
Year Founded: 1969
Jurisdiction: Argentina

Background Information

ALEA is a Non-Profit Civil Entity constituted by twenty-three Regular Member Organizations and eight Adherent Members, directed and administrated by a Board of Directors whose functions are the execution of the general orientation and the action to be developed, established as the policies the Association. It is supervised by a Collegial Trustee and it has also five Advice and Work Committees that are: Legal Matters, Administrative and Internal Matters, Commercialization, Training and Computing and Telematics and Telecommunications, which are integrated by six members each one. The intention is to give a wide and active participation to these Committees in the treatment and resolution of the different topics and matters of singular importance for the Adherent Institutions.
This Association counts with more than thirty years of experience supporting permanently its members in all the aspects related to the exploitation of the games of chance in the territory of Argentina, with the important participation of its Work Committees. In our Institution, the resolutions settled democratically by the Maximum Organ, the Assembly of the Board of Legal Representatives, are always respected and applied. Our institution is austerely administrated, and as a result of that it is institutional and financially consolidated.

Regional Lottery / Gaming News

News Archive for CY2019
March 20, 2019 ALEA Board Meeting: Training and Permanent Specialization of Lotteries as Objective
March 20, 2019 REPORT: ALEA Responsible Gaming Unit, Meeting in Córdoba: a Participatory Instance of Exchange and Growth

News Archive for CY2018
February 21, 2019 ALEA Defines Its Agenda in the Prevention of Money Laundering
August 31, 2018 Matías Lanusse, President of the Lottery of the Province of Buenos Aires, Assumes the Presidency of ALEA
August 3, 2018 Lottery of the Province of Buenos Aires Will Assume the Presidency of ALEA
June 1, 2018 Presidents of ALEA and LOTBA SE Meet with the General Secretary of WLA to Discuss Organizational Aspects for the 2018 World Lottery Congress
May 30, 2018 Report: The ALEA Seminar in Formosa
May 12, 2018 Tax Receipts for Lottery Winnings Down 11.2% Compared to the Same Period Last Year
March 26, 2018 The Legalization of Gambling in Brazil is back to the National Congress Agenda
March 15, 2018 Lotteries and Apuestas del Estado to Incorporate QR Code in Betting Vouchers
March 10, 2018 Lottery Taxes Provide Streams of Gold for Governments
February 27, 2018 ALEA: Just One Step Away From Concluding the Quality Standard for the Sector
February 27, 2018 Technical Problems Shut Down Lottery Terminals throughout Spain
February 23, 2018 Bingo Sales in Spain Grew Almost 2% in 2017
January 9, 2018 Lottery President is One of the Highest Paid Public Servants in the Country
January 9, 2018 Mexico’s National Lottery Report Increased Sales
January 3, 2018 Argentina Prevents Online Gambling Operator from Leaving the Country
January 3, 2018 Pull Tab Ticket Handler and Revealer with Computer Generated Display
News Archive for CY2017
October 21, 2017 ALEA Sign Agreement with IRAM
July 25, 2017 ALEA President Warns About the Creation of a Federal Online Gaming Agency


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