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Business Program

Knowledge and Vision
From the world's best Speakers

The knowledge to lead. The vision to prosper.

Leading business speakers from across the globe will push the boundaries on business thinking with four key themes:

  • business ethics (social, corporate and personal responsibilities);
  • a strategic approach to intellectual property;
  • future enabling technologies; and
  • innovation for sustainable growth.

Supported by best-practice examples and case studies from the lotteries industry, the business program will provide insight and know-how ensuring we have the Knowledge and Vision to lead our lotteries and our industry prosperously and responsibly forward.

Our Keynote speakers will include:

Phil RuthvenPhil Ruthven is the founder of Australia's premier business information, forecasting and strategic consultancy and is renowned for his strategic approach to industry analysis, economic statistics and their implications for our lives. With a perspective of how industries are placed throughout the world, and an optimistic vision for the future of both industry and society, Phil's projection will challenge.

James StrongJames Strong, who has been described as the first of a new breed of 21st Century Chairmen. Perhaps best known as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Qantas Airways Limited, James was responsible for taking Australia's largest airline to number one in the world. Drawing upon his experience in strategic alliances, change management, ethics and marketing, James will consider the leadership challenges for the 21st Century.

Dr Simon LongstaffDr Simon Longstaff is the Executive Director of St James Ethics Centre and one of Australia's pre-eminent ethical authorities. Responsible for encouraging the process of integrating ethical considerations into the strategic thinking of the global management community, and those who advise and regulate, Simon will lead a provocative journey through the ethical mine-field.

Prof. Jon BingProf Jon Bing, is Professor at the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, University of Oslo, and visiting Professor at the University of London and honorary doctor at the universities of Stockholm and Copenhagen. He is an acclaimed non-fiction author. Jon will take a strategic approach to intellectual property, sharing an insight on the interlegal issues and the ramifications of the proliferation of gambling through new-world technologies.

Richard NevilleRichard Neville is a futurist and social commentator with an uncanny eye for key trends that will influence buying patterns in the new millennium. A professional member of the World Future Society, Richard has a unique talent for applying foresight to the corporate world to provide an unconventional insight into emerging consumer trends and the changing place of the 21st Century

Hamish McRaeHamish McRae is an award winning journalist and an expert in economics and trends in individual and corporate behaviour. He is the acclaimed author of The World in 2020, Power, Culture and Prosperity, a renowned economic commentator and acknowledged as one of the world's leading futurists. Addressing key issues such as an ageing population, environmental concerns, managing globalisation, social change and taking a global view of tensions and governments under pressure, Hamish will propose a Vision to Prosper.

Don E SchultzDon E Schultz is a foremost international authority in the field of Integrated Marketing and Communication. He is Professor of this field at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, Illinois USA, and is President of the consulting firm, Agora INC, a pioneer in the development and implementation of integrated marketing and communications programs for major international organisations. Author/co-author of ten books, Don will explore innovations in marketing, communications and branding.

Chris RowlesChris Rowles is the General Manager of Telstra New Wave Pty which was established to commercialise Intellectual Property generated by the Telstra Research Laboratories. An expert in R&D, research lead by Chris into Artificial Intelligence systems has resulted in advanced systems being deployed for network management and customer service by Australia's major communications provider.

Richard HeibergGerhard Heiberg, was President and CEO of the Lillehammer Olympic Organising Committee and has been a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1994. Drawing on his experience as a member of arguably the world's most powerful international association, Gerhard, currently chairman of the IOC Marketing Commission, will share an insight into the challenges faced by the IOC and the innovation required to ensure sustainable growth.

Robert SavageRobert Savage, former Chairman and Managing Director of IBM Australia, is one of Australia's most authoritative speakers on global IT strategies and leadership. Robert will create a global picture, drawing on his 35 years' international experience in marketing, finance and software development and uniquely blending enabling technologies, perspectives on knowledge management and business management and modelling.


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