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Vision To Prosper Takes a Global View

ADELAIDE, South Australia (October 21, 2002) -- Award-winning journalist, acclaimed author and leading futurist Hamish McRae will propose a "Vision to Prosper" at the World Lottery Association Congress 2002 in Adelaide, Australia in November.

Hamish, the author of The World in 2020, Power, Culture and Prosperity, is an expert in economics and trends in individual and corporate behaviour.

He will address key issues such as an ageing population, environmental concerns, managing globalisation and social change and will take a global view of tensions and governments under pressure.

"The Knowledge to Lead. A Vision To Prosper." is the theme of the Congress, being held from November 17-22. Ten keynote speakers from around the world will push the boundaries of business thinking.

Other speakers will include Richard Neville, a futurist and social commentator with an uncanny eye for key trends that will influence buying patterns in the new millennium. A professional member of the World Future Society, Richard has a unique talent for applying foresight to the corporate world to provide an unconventional insight into emerging consumer trends and the changing place of the 21st Century.

Details of the Adelaide Congress are available now on the Congress website at www.wla2002.com – you can find out more information, or register now on-line.

The World Lottery Congress 2002 is just a short hop down under.

Media Enquiries: Tamsyn Alley, Manager Corporate Relations and Events Tamsyn.alley@salotteries.sa.gov.au Telephone: 61 8 205 5557.

Pushing The Boundaries of Business Thinking
ADELAIDE, South Australia (October 4, 2002) -- A provocative journey through the ethical minefield of operating a business in the 21st Century will be a highlight for delegates attending the World Lottery Association Congress in Adelaide, Australia in November.
Business ethics will be one of the four key themes on which leading business speakers from across the globe will push the boundaries on business thinking as part of the Congress, being held from November 17-22.
Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of the St James Ethics Centre, is one of Australia’s pre-eminent ethical authorities. Simon will encourage the process of integrating ethical considerations into the strategic thinking of the global management community, and those who advise and regulate.
St James Ethics Centre is a not-for-profit organisation which provides a forum for the promotion and exploration of ethics. The Centre, located in Sydney, seeks to encourage individuals and organisations to include the ethical dimension in their daily lives. It is independent of any religious or political affiliations.
The Centre provides guidance to people and organisations seeking resolution of ethical challenges.
"We help individuals and organisations develop the ethical dimension within themselves as well as help them discover the freedom they have to integrate ethics into their decision-making," Simon said.
"We attempt to do this by stimulating debate about issues of significance to our community, providing a secure and non-judgmental forum for the discussion and exploration of such matters. We also encourage greater use of the language of ethics so that core values and principles can find expression in daily life."
Dr Longstaff is one of ten keynote speakers from around the world who will push the boundaries and stimulate thinking as part of the Congress, titled "The Knowledge To Lead. The Vision To Prosper."
Among international guests speaking at the Congress will be Professor Jon Bing from the Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law, University of Oslo, Norway, visiting Professor at the University of London, and honorary doctor at the universities of Stockholm and Copenhagen. He is an acclaimed non-fiction author.
Jon will be focussing on intellectual property, another of the four key themes of the Congress. He will take a strategic approach, sharing an insight on the interlegal issues and the ramifications of the proliferation of gambling through new-world technologies.
Details of the Adelaide Congress are available now on the Congress website at: www.wla2002.com – you can find out more information, or register now on-line.
A short hop Down Under is really something you must do in 2002.
CONTACT: Tamsyn Alley, Manager Corporate Relations and Events, Email: Tamsyn.alley@salotteries.sa.gov.au, Telephone: 61 8 205 5557.

The Vision To Prosper
ADELAIDE, South Australia (September 18, 2002) -- Ever wondered what drives the world’s most elite athletes to greatness, what and who motivates them to succeed and how do they keep their dream alive even in the face of defeat or injury? Then you won’t want to miss the 2002 World Lottery Association Congress in Adelaide.
Congress hosts, South Australian Lotteries today announced an exciting highlight within the Adelaide program – a panel of gold medal winning champions that will share their Vision to Prosper!
Hear the "Vision to be World Class" from arguably one of the world’s most successful coaches, Lawrie Lawrence, who took Australia’s swimming teams from obscurity to the winners' podium.
Share the agony and elation of Gillian Rolton’s gold medal winning Equestrian success, undoubtedly one of the greatest shows of Olympic courage ever seen, as she tells of her "Vision to Win".
Experience the struggle and achievement of Paralympic athlete Neil Fuller, who despite losing his leg in a freak sporting accident as a teenager, has a "Vision to Persevere" that has seen him rewrite the track and field record books.
Enjoy the elation of Australia’s latest golden boy, Steven Bradbury, who claimed medal success in Salt Lake when he was the last man standing. What a "Vision to Survive"!
The Olympian Panel is amongst an impressive line-up of international speakers who will impart "The Knowledge to Lead. The Vision to Prosper."
Supported by lottery speakers from around the world who will provide insightful case studies and first hand know-how, the comprehensive program will stretch the boundaries on business thinking for all participants.

ADELAIDE, South Australia (July 26, 2002) -- Featuring leading speakers from around the globe, the World Lottery Association (WLA) Congress, to be held in Adelaide from 17-22 November 2002, will impart "The Knowledge to Lead. The Vision to Prosper".
Pushing the boundaries on business thinking, speakers will focus on four key areas critical to the lotteries industry:

  • Business ethics (social, corporate and personal responsibilities);
  • A strategic approach to intellectual property;
  • Future enabling technologies; and
  • Innovation for sustainable growth.

In launching the business program, South Australian Lotteries Chief Executive, June Roache, said the program has been aimed at the highest level, ensuring that all who attend will be stimulated, enlightened and motivated by the discussion.
"The program is designed to stretch - it is intended to challenge us all to think beyond the bounds of our individual experience and look to world’s best practice globally across a range of industries," she said.
"Supported by best-practice examples, and case studies from the lotteries industry, the business program will provide insight and know-how ensuring we have the Knowledge and Vision to lead our lotteries and our industry successfully and responsibly forward."
With countless highlights, a full list of keynote speakers can be found on-line.
"Capitalising on the key strength of cohesion within the lotteries industry, the Congress most importantly also affords us the opportunity to come together as international leaders, developing and sharing a vision for a prosperous future for our organisations and our beneficiaries," Ms Roache said.
Whilst business will be the clear focus of the Adelaide Congress, there are also excellent social activities planned to complement the program and provide the ideal opportunity for informal interaction and networking.
The official Registration Brochure for the Adelaide Congress is in production and will be distributed shortly. In the meantime, potential delegates are urged to hop on line at www.wla2002.com for the latest information.
To take advantage of the most direct travel services and early-booking discounts, delegates are encouraged to register now for the Adelaide Congress. Those registering before 30 August 2002 will go into the draw to win a short holiday within South Australia so they have the opportunity to see more during their stay Down Under.

ADELAIDE, South Australia (June 18, 2002) -- Does your lottery advertising prove you have the knowledge to lead and the vision to prosper? Will the fresh ideas and technical expertise your advertisements demonstrate make you stand out from the crowd? Well South Australian Lotteries now invites you to show the world your creative brilliance and take home the best souvenir from Down Under.
South Australian Lotteries, hosts of the 2002 Congress, today launched the Advertising Awards Program that will recognise brilliance in television and cinema advertising within the lotteries industry.
Advertisements screened for the first time between 1 June 2001 and 30 August 2002 will be judged by an esteemed international judging panel and by delegates attending the Adelaide Congress from 17-22 November.
Four Advertising Categories will be considered:

  1. Lotto
  2. Instants/Scratch Games
  3. Sports Games
  4. Others (Keno, 3 Digit and others)

For those lotteries proud of their corporate promotion, there will also be a Lottery Profile Award to recognise excellence in corporate positioning.
In WLA tradition, the best of the best will take home the Grand Global Gaming Award and enjoy the accolades that come with being recognised for creative brilliance in an industry that prides itself on the highest international standards.
South Australian Lotteries Chief Executive, June Roache, today urged lotteries around the world to submit their best work.
"As a very proud recipient of an advertising award at a past event I encourage lotteries to be involved in this exciting aspect of our 2002 Congress program. Winning such a global Award is a great coup for a lottery and an exceptional opportunity for creativity and daring to be recognised at the highest international level," Ms Roache said.
The Awards will be presented at a dedicated Awards lunch on Friday 22 November - one highlight in what promises to be a sensational Congress week.
An Advertising Awards entry kit has been forwarded to all WLA members with entries closing on Friday 30 August 2002.
All details of the Adelaide Congress, and the 2002 Advertising Awards, are available now on the Congress website at www.wla2002.com - so register now to be part of this unforgettable world event and remember, a short hop Down Under really is something you must do in 2002.

ADELAIDE, South Australia (February 18, 2002) -- Hop on line at www.wla2002.com and register NOW for the World Lottery Association Congress to be held in Adelaide Australia from 17-22 November 2002.
Under the title, "The knowledge to lead. The vision to prosper.", leading international speakers will stretch the boundaries on business thinking ensuring the most stimulating business program under four distinct themes:

  • Business ethics (social, corporate and personal responsibilities);
  • A strategic approach to intellectual property;
  • Future enabling technologies; and
  • Innovation for sustainable growth.

Delivered at the highly acclaimed Adelaide Convention Centre the dynamic program will also feature a world-class exhibition and be complemented by unforgettable social activities.
Just one of the program highlights is a business networking day (Wednesday 20 November) which will provide an opportunity for participants to relax with their colleagues from around the globe while discovering world’s best practice at work in regional South Australia.
An exceptional Congress program and a truly sensational destination make attendance at the World Lottery Association Congress in Adelaide Australia from 17-22 November simply something you must do in 2002!
Registration fees are:

  • WLA Members and Associate Members AUD $2,600 (approx US $1,300)
  • Non Member Lotteries AUD $2,900 (approx US $1,450)
  • Non Member Exhibitors AUD $2,900 (approx US $1,450)
  • Partners AUD $1,300 (approx US $650)
  • Non Member Commercial Delegates / Vendors AUD $6,000 (approx US $3,000)

Participants registering early will go into a draw to win a holiday package that will enable them to see more of South Australia during their stay.

ADELAIDE, South Australia (January 17, 2002) --Ten months out from what is sure to be a sensational World Lottery Association Congress in Adelaide Australia, and hosts, South Australian Lotteries, are delighted with the strong interest already from exhibitors.
Since the Adelaide Exhibition Prospectus was launched on 1 January 2002, exhibition managers have been busy taking bookings.
According to Congress Director, Tamsyn Alley, exhibitors around the world have been quick to realise the great opportunity that this event provides to showcase the latest technology to a captivated audience of decision makers.
"With up to 200 lottery jurisdictions around the world expected to be represented at this Congress, it is a business opportunity that vendors should not miss," Ms Alley said.
"Of course the Adelaide Convention Centre, one of the finest in the world, will provide the ultimate backdrop for exhibitors and the very best in professionalism and service to guarantee the highest standard of delivery."
Exhibition booths are selling quickly. For a prospectus, get on-line at www.wla2002.com

ADELAIDE, South Australia (November 16, 2001) -With the 2002 Adelaide Congress now only a year away, South Australian Lotteries is pleased to announce the registration of the first delegate.
With the lure of fine South Australian food and wine on offer, the Adelaide booth was well visited during World Meet ’01. With most delegates taking advantage of the opportunity to enter a draw for a free registration to the Adelaide Congress, competition in the business card draw was strong.
In front of an audience gathered for a South Australian presentation, June Roache, Chief Executive of hosts South Australian Lotteries drew the winning entry .
Mike Storey, Vice President Participation Gaming, Spielo Gaming International, was the lucky winner.
Mike will receive a free registration to the Adelaide Congress which will include full participation in the business and exhibition programs as well as all social activities and special events held during the Congress week.
Congratulations Mike!
For those not as lucky as Mike on this occasion, registration in the Adelaide Congress, which will be held from 17 – 22 November 2002, will be available soon. So please visit our site again for details on how to enjoy a Short Hop Down Under!

ADELAIDE, South Australia (September 2, 1999) - Adelaide has won the right to host the 2002 World Lottery Association (WLA) Congress, an event which will boost the State's economy by an estimated $4.3 million.
Government Enterprises Minister Michael Armitage says the annual Congress is expected to draw around 2,000 Lottery delegates and World Lottery support staff to the Adelaide Convention Centre from 17-22 November 2002.
The WLA voted unanimously for Adelaide to host the 2002 Congress at the start of the 1999 Congress in Oslo, Norway in response to a bid for the event by SA Lotteries.
South Australia could not have won the right to host this event without months of work by SA Lotteries staff and the Government, including special videotaped promotional messages from Premier John Olsen and Dr Armitage which were played to Congress delegates before the crucial vote.
"With more than 100 nations likely to be represented, the WLA Congress is an extremely prestigious event for Adelaide to have secured," Dr Armitage says.
"The annual Congress of the WLA draws a large number of affluent delegates and partners and as such offers great benefits for South Australia."
President of the WLA Mr Guy Simonis says they look forward to visiting South Australia in 2002 and have no doubt that the organising team at SA Lotteries will convene an event of the highest standard.
Dr Armitage says this is a great coup for South Australia, and Adelaide's world-class facilities and convention expertise, as well as our enviable lifestyle, will ensure that the 2002 Congress is an overwhelming success.
There have now been more than $95 million dollars in forward bookings at the Convention Centre since the Government announced in June that the Centre would undergo a major redevelopment.
The next WLA Congress will be held in Scotland, with the 2001 Congress travelling to Mexico.


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