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A Message From The President

Dear Lottery Colleagues

Traditionally we represent an industry protected by monopolies and regulations. Comfortable working conditions in a stable environment. However, as we have all experienced, technology and changing consumer preferences have made substantial changes to our frame conditions.

A wise chinese saying goes like this: "When the winds of change are blowing, many seek shelter, but there are those who build windmills."

Our changing environment is offering a lot of new opportunities to our industry, if we have the capability to exploit these changes. Several studies have been made recently on the most important factors contributing to the growth in the wealth and prosperity of nations. These studies point in one direction: the single most important factor is not education nor production capacity, but the ability to change!

Sometimes we need to get away from everyday trivialities, getting the challenges and opportunities into perspective and concentrate our minds on the long lines into the future.

Under the theme "The knowledge to lead. The vision to prosper", South Australian Lotteries are giving us the perfect opportunity to trigger inspiring processes directed towards the future.

The scene will be set in a beautiful city on the south shores of the Australian continent, welcoming the lottery industry for the 2002 WLA congress in Adelaide.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure in visiting this charming city, you will indeed find it a tranquil, yet stimulating environment, tailor made to sharpen your perspective, providing the ideal backdrop for an excellent professional program, social events, and the slate of informal meetings to be staged here.

Welcome to the process of building windmills of change, for a sustainable future of our industry. See you in beautiful Adelaide in November.

Kind regards

June Roache

Reidar Nordby JR.
President, World Lottery Association

SA Lotteries

A Message From Your Host

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to join us down under in Adelaide Australia for the 2002 World Lottery Association Congress.

With a relaxed multi-cultural lifestyle, Adelaide is a welcoming destination to people of all nations. It is the ideal city for lotteries professionals from around the world to meet, to listen and learn, to share their knowledge and experience and to establish and benefit from positive networking relationships.

Under the theme "The knowledge to Lead. The vision to Prosper" you will be challenged by a stimulating business program, and impressed by a world-leading exhibition to be held at the acclaimed Adelaide Convention Centre.

To ensure sustainable growth we must have the knowledge to lead and the vision to prosper to enable us to meet and overcome the challenges within and to our industry. The business program will stretch the boundaries on business thinking featuring some of the world's finest speakers.

These presentations will be complemented by forums designed to share the best of lotteries industry's expertise in disciplines central to our continued business success.

Capitalising on our key strength of cohesion within our industry, the Congress affords us the opportunity to come together as global leaders, developing and sharing a vision for a prosperous future for our organisations and our beneficiaries.

We encourage you to book early. Simply hop on-line at www.wla2002.com.

I look forward to welcoming you and sharing our true Australian spirit. A short hop Down Under from 17-22 November is really something you must do in 2002.

Kind regards

June Roache

June Roache
Chief Executive


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