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Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE)
Address: c/ Capitán Haya, 53 28020 Madrid
E-mail Address:
Phone: +34 91 596 2372
Fax: +34 91 554 3735
President ¦José Miguel Martínez Martínez
Year Lottery Founded: Mediante R.D. 904/1985 de 11 de junio se contituye el Organismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (ONLAE) convirtiéndose en entidad pública empresarial Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (LAE) por R.D. 2069/1999 de 30 de diciembre.
Sales FY 2004: 9.026.319.718,50 EURO
Internet Gaming System: Betware
Games Offered: Lotería Nacional, La Quiniela, Lotería Primitiva, Bono Loto, El Gordo y Euro Millones
Beneficiaries: Tesoro Público Liga profesional de Fútbol Consejo Superior de Deportes Comunidades Autónomas Mediante la celebración de Sorteos Finalistas a: Cruz Roja, Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer, etc.
Jurisdiction: Spain


Spain's largest lottery organisation ONLAE offers Navidad, known as El Gordo, or the Fat One, it is the only single lottery draw in the world to award more than $1 billion in prizes.
Navidad captivates the entire nation. This can be seen not only in the popular hobby of collecting old lottery tickets, tickets from the first draw have been known to bring in excess of US$10,000, but also in ticket numbers that are held, indeed cherised, by familes. Some familes have reserved the same number for 50 years, passing it from generation to generation.
Sales during December for the annual Christmas draw of Navidad account for approximately 23% of total sales for ONLAE

News 2015
September 18, 2015 People Claim Ownership of Lost Lottery Ticket Worth €4.7 Million
September 6, 2015 Lottery Tax Raises 5.4% More Revenue in 1H 2015
August 13, 2015 New Advertising Regulation Could Threaten Christmas Lottery Announcements
February 5, 2015 State Lottery Begins the Process of Selecting Over 600 New POS Outlets

News 2014
December 12, 2014 State Lottery Looks to Christmas Draw to Clawback Lost Revenue
July 15, 2014 el Gordo de Navidad Goes on Sale This Week in Spain
May 14, 2014 State Lottery Abandons Call for New Non-Exclusive Point of Sale Outlets

News 2013
October 2, 2013 State Lotteries held this Saturday, its 250th Anniversary with a Special Drawing from La Granja
August 28, 2013 Sales of State Lotteries Fell by 9.27% So Far This Year
July 24, 2013 Authorities Approve the First Strategic Plan On Responsible Gaming
July 24, 2013 Retailers Share Concern that Recent Changes to the Sale of Traditional Lottery Ticket Shares, May Impact on Sales
July 17, 2013 Gaming Sector in Spain in Freefall
July 17, 2013 Lotteries Forced To Seek Authorization for the Sale Of Shares With Surcharge
July 10, 2013 El Gordo Christmas Lottery Goes on Sale in July
July 10, 2013 High Temperatures Keeping Players Away from Traditional Lottery
July 4, 2013 Newly Enacted Tax on Lottery Winnings Raise More Than €100 Million in Its First Five Months of Operation
July 4, 2013 The National Lottery Draw to be Held in the Autonomous City of Ceuta
June 27, 2013 National Lottery Will Celebrate 250 Years with the Launch of Advertising Campaign
April 26, 2013 Lottery Postpones Syndicated Debt Issuance
April 23, 2013 Lottery to Move Forward with Bond or Bridge Loan
April 8, 2013 Government Seeking Syndicated Loan through the Country’s State-Run Lottery Operator
February 21, 2013 The Spanish Gambling Regulator Announce Its Priorities for 2013
February 17, 2013 Spain Resumes Lottery Loan Plan for Liquidity Fund
February 13, 2013 Consultation on New Types Of Games & Betting, in Particular, Slots & Cross-Betting

News 2012
February 5, 2013 Spanish Authorities Announce Their Intention to Slow Down the Approval of New Games
December 17, 2012 Spanish Lotteries Are Seeking Ways for Growth
December 11, 2012 Society of State Lotteries (SELAE) Heads the List for Business Entities and Public Corporations in 2012
December 11, 2012 Spain Cancels Lottery Loan Plan for Regional Liquidity Fund
December 2, 2012 Principality of Asturias Second In Lottery Spend
November 26, 2012 Lottery Maintains Sales, Bingos and Casinos Decline
November 26, 2012 Spanish Christmas Lottery Sees A Slow Start to Sales
November 16, 2012 Dream Lottery Media Campaign Launched
November 14, 2012 Winners in This Year’s El Gordo Christmas Lottery Will Escape Spains New 20% Tax on Lottery Prizes
November 8, 2012 Spain Conducts Special Lottery Draw to Benefit City Devastated by Earthquake
November 6, 2012 Government Introduces 20% Withholding Tax for Lottery Prizes
October 31, 2012 Lottery Receives 21 Proposals for Autonomous Liquidity Fund
October 29, 2012 Ministry of Finance Will Limit the Lotteries "Discretionary Powers" to Reach Agreements with Charitable Bodies
October 25, 2012 Banks Seek Changes to Six Billion Euro Loan for Spain's Lottery
October 19, 2012 Loterías y Apuestas del Estado to Hold Special Raffle to Help Victims of the Earthquake in Lorca
October 15, 2012 The National Lottery Will Pay a Million Euros a Day in 2013 on the Loan for the Autonomous Regions
October 2, 2012 State Lottery Forecast Growth of 23% with a Profit of €1,989 Million for 2013
August 20, 2012 Poker Professionals Maybe Subject to Taxation
August 20, 2012 State Lottery Comes to the Aid of Cash-Strapped Autonomous Regions
July 25, 2012 Spanish National Lottery Borrows to Boost Government Fund for Regions
July 16, 2012 Gambling Revenue in Spain Comes in 1.4% Below the Previous Year
July 13, 2012 Spain Uses National Lottery to Fund Regions as Its Bonds Slump
May 28, 2012 Spanish Government Will Reactivate the Privatization of LAE
April 3, 2012 Postponement of New Gaming Tax Approved
April 6, 2012 State-Owned Lottery Company Expects to See a Reduction in Turnover for 2012
January 27, 2012) The Court of Auditors Approves Lottery Activities Between 2008 and 2009
January 12, 2012 Spain’s Montoro Rules Out Selling Loterias
January 6, 2012 El Niño Lottery Caps Holiday Season in Spain

News 2011
December 9, 2011 Four Out of Five Spaniards Expected to Take Part in “El Gordo” This Year
December 6, 2011 El Gordo Lottery Winner Set to Pick Up Prize from 2006 Draw
November 25, 2011 Economic Crisis and Major Prize Increases See Online Sales of Spain’s Christmas Lotteries Up by 28.4%
November 23, 2011 Spain’s El Gordo (Fat One) Christmas Lottery Sales Match Those of 2010 Despite Crisis
November 20, 2011 Loterías del Estado Expects Per-Capita Spend on El Gordo to be Higher than 2010, Despite the Current Economic Climate
November 11, 2011 Erroneous Interpretation Of The Gambling Act By Loterías Y Apuestas Del Estado, The New Regulations Should Be Postponed
November 11, 2011 Spanish Charity Cleans Up With Lucky '11.11.11' Lottery
October 3, 2011 Spanish Government Announce Gaming License Application Date
October 3, 2011 Results of a Study on Player Profiles in Spain
October 3, 2011 Banks Blamed for Undervaluing Book Value of State-Owned Lottery Company
September 30, 2011 Spain’s Lottery Move Raises Doubts Over Other European Asset Sales
September 29, 2011 UPDATE: Spanish Government Postpones Privatization of National
September 28, 2011 IPO of State Lotteries (LAE) Enters a Decisive Week
September 28, 2011 Spanish Conservative Opposition Party Threatens to Halt Privatization
September 28, 2011 Spain Delays Lottery Sale Until Markets Improve
September 27, 2011 Spanish Bank Wants to Reduce the State Lottery IPO Stake to 20%
September 23, 2011 Spain Clears Lottery Firm's Partial Sell-Off
September 19, 2011 Spain Launches Road Show for its IPO Lottery
September 13, 2011 Contrary to Earlier Local Media Reports, Spanish Lottery Says IPO Remains on Track
September 13, 2011 Spain May Postpone Privatization of Loterias
September 5, 2011 Publication of the Draft Royal Decree on Technical Requirements for Gaming Activities
September 5, 2011 Spain’s National Lottery to Begin Marketing Its €8bn IPO to International Investors This Week
September 5, 2011 National Lottery’s IPO Predicted to be Fee Windfall for London's Investment Banking Sector
August 2, 2011 Spain Brings Forward State Lottery Listing - Reports
July 31, 2011) Electoral Uncertainty Leaves the Privatization of State Lotteries Up in the Air
July 24, 2011 Lotteries President 'Promises' a Dividend Yield of 8%
July 7, 2011 Loterias Confirms Pick of Six Banks To Coordinate IPO
July 6, 2011 A Trio of Firms Win Spanish Lottery Roles
July 3, 2011 Spain Selects Banks to Coordinate Loterías IPO, Listing is Expected by the First Week of November
June 26, 2011 Lottery Privatization Puts Rivals on a War Footing
June 13, 2011 Release of the First Online Gaming Licenses Scheduled for November
June 4, 2011 National Lottery Chairman Outlines Timetable for IPO
May 25, 2011 Rothschild Will Lead the Largest Lottery IPO in History
May 23, 2011 Spain Moves Forward With Lottery Privatization
May 15, 2011 Spanish Player Scoops €121 Million in Euromillions Lottery
April 12, 2011 House of Representatives Poised to Approve New Gambling Act
April 12, 2011 Spain’s Law Regulating Online Gaming Will be Approved in June
March 17, 2011 Sale of State Lottery (LAE) will be Transparent and Subject to the Requirements of the National Securities Market Commission
March 13, 2011 Privatization of National Lottery Commences, LAE Restructured and Regulatory Powers Transferred to New Entity
March 2, 2011 Government Urged to Modify Proposed Gambling Licensing System
February 18, 2011 Dona Maria Inmaculada Vela Sastre Appointed Director General of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado
January 11, 2011 Loterias y Apuestas del Estado Privatization
January 9, 2011 National Lottery in Aid of Spanish Cancer Association
January 6, 2011 Spain's "El Nino" Lottery Hands out $1.1 Billion
January 4, 2011 Draft Gambling Bill Stifles the Industry, Harmful to Operators and Consumers
January 4, 2011 The Government Provides Only Ten Days of Public Consultation for Gambling Bill
January 4, 2011 Spain's El Niño Lottery to be Drawn Thursday


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