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Norsk Tipping AS
(Norwegian State Lottery)
Postal address: Norsk Tipping, 2325 Hamar, Norway
E-mail Address:
Phone: +47 62 51 40 00
Fax: +47 62 52 71 52
World Bank, World Development Indicators
CEO: Torbjørn Almlid
Year Lottery Founded: 1948
Sales FY 2002:
Sales FY 2003:
Sales FY 2004:
Sales FY 2005:
Sales FY 2006:
Sales FY 2007:
Sales FY 2008:
Sales FY 2009:
NOK 9.7 billion
NOK 9.7
NOK 9.4
NOK 9.2
NOK 9.6
NOK 10.5
NOK 10.7
NOK 12.7
Number of Employees: 273
On-line Vendor: AWI
Instant Ticket Vendor: Scientific Games
Games Offered: Passive, Instants, Lotto, Spiel, Sports Toto
Beneficiaries: sports, culture and research.
Jurisdiction: The company offers its' products on the internet.


Norsk Tipping, The Norwegian National Lottery, offers a wide range of lotto, sports and instant games in the Norwegian market. The products are sold through a nationwide network of 4000 on-line retailers, with a total turnover in 2000 of NOK 8,3 billion ($950 million).
Norsk Tipping is owned by the Norwegian government and was founded in 1948 to fund Norwegian sports facilities and scientific research. Today the company also raises money for culture causes.
In 2001 Norsk Tipping will start to offer its products on the Internet.

News 2016
October 10, 2016 Åsne Havnelid New CEO at Norsk Tipping
July 14, 2016 Norsk Tipping Well Ahead of Budget for 1H 2016
July 8, 2016 Regulator Receives a Total of Eight Applications for New Lottery Licences
June 28, 2016 Former Secretary General of the Red Cross to Head Norsk Tipping

News 2015
October 1, 2015 NorskTipping Face Backlash Over 'Blog Post' Advert
September 7, 2015 Eight Operators Apply for Five Norwegian Lottery Licences
September 1, 2015 Norwegians Are Waiting by the Phone, Everywhere
August 17, 2015 A Million Reasons to answer the Phone at a Random Telephone Booth
June 29, 2015 Genera Wins New Norsk Tipping IVT Contract
June 1, 2015 Norsk Tipping The First Lottery To Launch Pollard Banknote's Eco Scratch™ Innovation
May 29, 2015 Licensing will be positive for the Norwegian Gaming Market
April 23, 2015 Culture Minister to replace the board of Norwegian Tipping
February 18, 2015 Norway Celebrates Its Latest Lottery Hit, Nabolaget

News 2014
December 9, 2014 Government-Sponsored Report Aims to Embolden Norwegian Gaming Monopoly
November 18, 2014 New Neighbour Lottery Game Unveiled for NorskTipping
October 27, 2014 Ministry Proposes New Regulations for Marketing of Private Lotteries
October 23, 2014 One Lucky Norwegian Scoops Norway's Second-Largest Lotto Win
May 8, 2014 Norwegian Gaming Authority conducts Survey on Problem Gamblers
April 24, 2014 Regulator Confirms Consumer Loyalty to State Lottery Remains High
April 9, 2014 Norsk Tipping Posts Second Best Result Ever
March 4, 2014 Norway’s Gaming Liberalization on Pause
March 3, 2014 Plans to Liberalise Country’s Gaming Market Delayed
February 13, 2014 Norsk Tipping Braces For Norway Reforms
January 29, 2014 Largest Roll Out of Games in History Requires a Marketing Campaign to Match
January 29, 2014 Should State Lottery Monopolies be Protected
January 13, 2014 Playscan now live at Norsk Tipping
January 13, 2014 Norsk Tipping Advises Residents on Potential Scam Campaign
January 8, 2014 Norsk Tipping Launches 68 New Online Games
January 7, 2014 Socio-Political Arguments Seen As Weak
January 2, 2014 Norwegian Gaming Board's Gambling Statistics for 2012
January 2, 2014 Norsk Tipping looks to Retain its Socially Responsible Status in 2014

News 2013
December 9, 2013 New Names at Norsk Tipping
December 9, 2013 Norway Progress Politician Accepts Poker Challenge to Liberalize Gaming Laws
November 8, 2013 Norsk Tipping Shares their Expertise with the World
October 19, 2013 Government Should Examine all Consequences of New Gaming Policy
October 9, 2013 Opening up of Gaming Market in Denmark has been a Positive Experience
August 7, 2013 Scientific Games Signs Terminal and Instant Game System Contracts with Norsk Tipping
July 14, 2013 Norsk Tipping Reveals Survey of Lottery Winners Spending Choice
July 4, 2013 Norway Convenes Expert Group to Probe Gambling Market
July 4, 2013 Norwegian Tipping Makes Historic Decision to Engage Students in Game Design
May 16, 2013 Players Scoops Norway’s Largest Lottery Win in History
April 16, 2013 Norsk Tipping to Extend Play Availability
April 10, 2013 Norwegian Tipping Marks 2012 with Over Four Billion Transferred to Charitable Causes
February 12, 2013 Former US President May Intervene in Norwegian Postcode Lottery Dispute
January 18, 2013 Norsk Tipping Not Guilty of Plagiarism
January 18, 2013 Genera Networks Wins Lawsuit against Postcode Lottery


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