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Georgia Lottery Corp.
Address: Inforum, Suite 3000, 250 Williams St.Atlanta,
GA 30303- 1032 U.S.
Phone: (404) 215-5000
Fax: (404) 215-8987
Population: 9,829,211
U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division
Lottery Director: Debbie Alford
Year Lottery Founded: First Instant Sold: June 29, 1993
First Online Sold: Aug. 10, 1993
Number of Employees: 314
Number of Retailers: 8,665
Sales FY 2013:
Sales FY 2014:
Sales FY 2015:
$3,912.1 Million
$4,022.2 Million
$4,195.1 Million
Sales Per Capita (05): $383.9
Prize Return: Approx: 50%
On-line Vendor: GTech Corp.
On Line Vendor Contract: GTECH - 3 year extension until September 2013.
Five-Year Contract Extension from Sept 2013 awarded.
Instant Ticket Vendor: Scientific Games
Instant Ticket Contract: Scientific Games - three-year contract extension - commences in September 2010 and lengthens the current contract to 2013
Scientific Games Signs Five-Year Instant Ticket Contract Extension - lengthens the current contract to 2018..
Drawing Machines Smartplay
ITVMs Interlott
Advertising: BBDO Atlanta - commenced in 2006.
Website Contract - Whats Up Interactive
Games Offered: Mega Millions, Powerball, Win For Life, Fantasy 5, cash 4, Cash 3, Instant Games, Sit and Win Games, Keno.

Background Information

Georgia voters approved a lottery in November 1992 and the Georgia Lottery Corp. quickly came into being early the following year with the Lottery for Education Act. Sales began on June 29, 1993, with two instant games, Instant Cash and Georgia Millionaire. Two draw games followed in short order, Cash 3 in August and Lotto Georgia in September.
The Georgia Lottery was an instant success. First-week sales of more than 52 million tickets set a new opening week lottery sales record of $7.80 per capita. It was able to repay its startup line of credit within two weeks of launch. After just five months, the Lottery surpassed its first-year sales goal of $463 million, and ended the first full year with $1.1 billion in sales. The first-year per capita sales $164.81 set another new national record, effectively making the Georgia Lottery the most successful U.S. lottery startup in history.
The Lottery’s extensive lineup of current draw games includes Mega Millions, Powerball, Fantasy 5, Georgia FIVE, Win for Life, Decades of Dollars, KENO!, Cash 3 and Cash 4. On average some 40 to 45 instant games are on the market at any given time.
The Georgia Lottery was groundbreaking in its beneficiary formula, being the first lottery created primarily to fund scholarships for college students. While the HOPE scholarship program has been a resounding success, Lottery proceeds fund three specific programs for education in the state:

  • Tuition grants, scholarships or loans to undergraduate college students for attendance at eligible Georgia colleges, universities or technical colleges.
  • The Georgia Pre-kindergarten Program for all four-year-olds.
  • Capital outlay projects including computer and other technological upgrades for schools, technical institutes, colleges and universities in the state.

News Archive for CY2016
November 21, 2016 Georgia Lottery Taps Artifact for Fantastical Keno! Spot
November 21, 2016 Georgia Lottery Launches New Printable Games, Instant Wins
October 31, 2016 IGT Signs Seven-Year Contract Extension With The Georgia Lottery Corporation To Provide New Lottery Products And Services Through September 11, 2025
October 18, 2016 Georgia Lottery Raises Record First Quarter Dollars for HOPE Scholarship, Pre-K Programs
August 24, 2016 Georgia Lottery and Atlanta Falcons Announce New Scratch-Off Game
July 22, 2016 Governor Appoints Former Top Aide to Georgia Lottery Board
July 20, 2016 Georgia Lottery Transfers $1.097Billion to Education; Record-Breaking Fiscal Year
June 16, 2016 Scientific Games' Successful Partnership with Georgia Lottery Corporation Extended for Seven Years
April 19, 2016 Georgia Lottery Sets New Record with $317Million to Education
March 28, 2016 Georgia Lottery Now Available at the Augusta Regional Airport
January 6, 2016 Georgia Lottery Corp. Announce Record Second-Quarter and First-Half Profits

News Archive for CY2015
October 16, 2015 Georgia Lottery Marks Record First Quarter Profits
September 14, 2015 Lawmakers Debate over Cost Cutting and Reducing Lottery Prizes
September 5, 2015 Lawmakers Look to Refine Lottery, and Squeeze Out More Funding
September 2, 2015 Georgia Lottery COAM Division Partners with Georgia Sheriffs' Association to Enforce Compliance
September 2, 2015 Georgia Lottery to Increase Inspections of State’s Gambling Industry.
July 23, 2015 Council Approves Lottery Sales in Airport
July 23, 2015 Georgia Lottery & Kia Motors Partner for New Games
April 16, 2015 Georgia Lottery Corp. transfers $261M to Education
February 28, 2015 Georgia Lottery schedules Jumbo Bucks Lotto BOGO promo

News Archive for CY2014
October 15, 2014 Georgia Lottery Marks Record First Quarter Profits
Sept 13, 2014 Georgia Lottery Implements Rules to Combat Shadow Winners
July 17, 2014 Georgia Lottery transfers record $945M for education
February 28, 2014 Georgia Lottery Introduces New Game All or Nothing
February 6, 2014 Georgia Gets Lottery Fever as $30 Scratchers Are Selling 'like Crazy'
February 5, 2014 Higher Priced Scratch Tickets Appeal to Players
January 15, 2014 Georgia Lottery Posts Educational Transfers totalling $15B

News Archive for CY2013
October 17, 2013 Georgia Lottery Schedules Cash 4 Bonus Drawing
September 10, 2013 Georgia Lottery Increases Fantasy 5 Jackpots
August 27, 2013 Georgia Lottery Announce New Atlanta Falcons-Themed Game
July 17, 2013 Georgia Lottery Kicks Off 20th Year with Record Profits For Education
June 26, 2013 Georgia Lottery wins Emmy Award
June 26, 2013 Coin-Operated Game Machine Provider Sues State Over Gaming Bill
June 26, 2013 Georgia Lottery Corp. Celebrates 20th Anniversary
May 22, 2013 Georgia Lottery introduces New Impact Wrestling Game
May 7, 2013 Georgia Lottery Introduces OnePlace For Its Salesforce
April 23, 2013 Georgia Lottery Introduces New 20th Anniversary Commemorative Game
April 12, 2013 Georgia Lottery Corp HOPE Scholarship Program to Benefit from Bill
March 26, 2013 Group Pushes for Compromise on Gaming Machine Bill
March 22, 2013 Governor Performs Juggling Act Between Need for Lottery Revenue and Traditional Opposition to Expanded Gambling
March 1, 2013 House Bill Would Put the Control and Enforcement of Video Poker Machines Under Lottery Corporation
January 27, 2013 Lottery Bonuses Again in the News
January 17, 2013 Georgia Lottery Reaches $14 Billion Mark for Education with Record First Half
January 11, 2013 More Georgians Playing the Lottery Results in More Revenue for State Programs


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