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Arkansas Lottery Commission
Address: 124 W. CAPITOL - SUITE
Telephone: (501) 683-2000
Fax: (501) 683-1878
Population: 2.90
U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division
Director: William Bishop Woosley
Start - Up: May 2009
Number of Employees approx 83.
Retailers- Online 1500 estimate.
On-line Vendor: Intralot
On Line Vendor Contract: August 2009 - August 2016
Instant Ticket Vendor: Scientific Games
Instant Ticket Vendor contract: August 2009 - August 2016.
Advertising Agency: The Communications Group of Little Rock
August 2009 - August 2014
Games Offered: Instant games, Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash 3 and Cash 4.
Beneficiaries: To provide scholarships and grants to Arkansas residents enrolled in public and private nonprofit two-year and four-year colleges and universities within the state.
Jurisdiction: The State of Arkansas

Financial Data
Year Total Revenues Prize Liabilities Prize % Net Revenue Net %
2010 384,058,455 247,723,040 64.50% 81,991,994 21.35%
2011 464,019,351 307,454,705 66.26% 93,364,508 20.12%
2012 $473.10 $375.60 79.39% $97.50 20.61%
2013 $432.56        

Background Information

The newest lottery in North America, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, was created by legislation in March 2009 after voters approved a lottery the previous November. The nine-member Lottery Commission was finalized that May and Lottery staffing began in June.
Ticket sales began September 28, 2009, some three months earlier than anticipated when the legislation was passed. Four instant games made up the initial launch, including price points of $1, $2 and $5. Barely 20 days later, the Lottery was able to repay in full to the State of Arkansas its $2.8 million startup loan. On December 7, the Lottery passed the $100 million sales mark, just 71 days after its launch.
The Lottery’s draw game portfolio began with the introduction of Powerball in October 2009, followed by Cash 3 in December. Current games also include Mega Millions, Cash 4, Decades of Dollars, Fast Play and the monthly raffle Arkansas 50/50.
The early success of its instant program – the Lottery quickly rose to fifth among all U.S. lotteries in terms of per capita sales for instant games in the fourth quarter 2009 – was credited to a welldesigned program that includes a strong second-chance program and a Points for Prizes players club.
Net proceeds from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery are used to provide scholarships and grants to Arkansas residents enrolled in public and private nonprofit two-year and four-year colleges and universities within the state. Because Arkansas has ranked next to last of all states in terms of the percentage of citizens holding college degrees, the Lottery is playing a critical role in helping more residents obtain solid education.


Lottery News Archive for CY2015
November 15, 2015 Nearly $5 Million Unclaimed in Arkansas Lottery Prizes Every Year
November 12, 2015 The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Register Strong Figures for October
October 18, 2015 Panel Approve Contract for Services Related to Lottery
October 12, 2015 Scientific Games Announce Launch of Official Mobile Apps for Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and Maryland Lottery and Gaming
September 26, 2015 Arkansas Lottery: Six Years of Big Wins, Big Money, and Bigger Opportunity for Arkansas
September 11, 2015 Lottery See Figures Increase for College Scholarships
September 1, 2015 New Program to Cut Bond Fees for Lottery Retailers.
August 31, 2015 Lottery Looks to Consultant Hire in Incentive-Based Deal.
August 12, 2015 Lottery Reports Surge in Sales for July
June 30, 2015 State Lottery Official Confirms Departure of Sales Director
April 23, 2015 Cost Saving Measure for Lottery, Elimination of Six Positions
April 14, 2015 Lottery revenue in March down $3.9M from '14
April 9, 2015 Governor Squeezes Lottery Outlays to Save $600,000 for Scholarships
March 12, 2015 Lottery Sales Continue Upward Despite an Icy February
February 18, 2015 Bill to Disband Lottery Commission Pending
February 12, 2015 Powerball Run Ends, But Gives Arkansas Students Nearly $2 Million in Scholarship Dollars
February 9, 2015 Senate Votes To Abolish Lottery Commission
February 9, 2015 Murphy USA Primes Pump for Lottery Sales
February 5, 2015 Academic Challenge Scholarship’s Future Dependent on Lottery Sales
February 2, 2015 Lottery Sales Spike As Jackpots, Instant Tickets Rise
January 6, 2015 Lottery Marks 12% Increase In Instant Sales, New Game Lineup
December 31, 2014 Lottery Commission Extends Contract with INTRALOT for $5 Million Savings

Lottery News Archive for CY2014
December 2, 2014 Discussions Continue on Contract Extension Agreement
November 25, 2014 Dispute on Date for Commencement of Vendor Contract Extension
November 13, 2014 Arkansas Lottery Marks Upswing in Instant Ticket Sales
November 3, 2014) Students Recognized in Honor of Five Year Lottery Anniversary
October 29, 2014 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Campaign to Display the Benefits of Scholarships
October 23, 2014 Legislature Accused of Violating Principles of Transparency and Fairness in Hiring Firm to Provide Consulting Services to the Arkansas Lottery without Taking Bids
October 23, 2014 Revenue for State Lottery Down by Over Six Million Compared to Same Period Last Year
Oct 6, 2014 Monopoly Millionaires’ Club™ Lottery Game To Make More And More Millionaires
Oct 6, 2014 Arkansas Lottery: Five Years of Big Wins, Big Money, Bigger Opportunity For Arkansas
September 29, 2014 Arkansas Lottery: Five Years of Big Wins, Big Money, Bigger Opportunity for Arkansas
September 18, 2014 Legislative Council Approves Sole-Source Contract for Study of Arkansas Lottery Practices
Sept 18, 2014 Proposal to Hire Consulting Firm to Evaluate the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
Sept 10, 2014 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Transfers $40 Million For 36,000 Arkansas Scholarship Students
Sept 10, 2014 Arkansas Progressive Jackpot Has Biggest Sales Week Ever, With Second Largest Prize!!
September 2, 2014 Lottery Benefits State Operations by recouping nearly $1 million in Unpaid Taxes and child Support Payments
August 31, 2014 Security and Compliance Director for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
August 21, 2014 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Retailer’s to Rally Staewide This Week!
August 21, 2014 Arkansas Lottery Scales Back Budget Projections
August 21, 2014 Arkansas Lottery Commission Lower Projections
August 8, 2014 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Welcomes New Security Chief
August 8, 2014 Arkansas Lottery Looks to Attract Younger Generation of Players
August 7, 2014 “Something old changes, something new begins”
August 5, 2014 140 Arkansas Winners in CASH 3 with Three Very Lucky Numbers - 9-9-9
July 17, 2014 Purchasing Tickets with Debit Cards Could Spur Increase in Sales
July 16, 2014 Lawmakers look to Overhaul Entire Lottery State Lottery System
July 10, 2014 Lottery Nears Half-Billion-Dollar Mark in Scholarships
June 25, 2014 Arkansas Lottery Hires Daryl Backes as Security Director
June 25, 2014 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Continues to Pursue Monitor Games
June 11, 2014 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Issues Warning of Scam
May 22, 2014 Monitor Games will Launch in September
May 13, 2014 Calls for Lottery to Reconsider Electronic Monitor Games
April 20, 2014 Arkansas Lottery Forced to Tap Reserves
April 15, 2014 Lottery Looks to Advertise Through Universities
April 15, 2014 Commission Votes to Implement Monitor Style Games
April 15, 2014 Oversight Committee Non Support for Monitor Style Lottery Games
April 2, 2014 NSJ - the Arkansas Only Game with a Record Breaking Jackpot!
March 20, 2014 Governor Names New Lottery Commissioner
March 19, 2014 Lottery Proceeds Down for Month in Comparison to Previous Year
March 19, 2014 Commission Votes to Allow Debit Cards for Lottery Ticket Purchases
February 20, 2014 Arkansas’ Declining Lottery Revenue Brings Warning from Director
February 19, 2014 Commission Revises Budget Forecast on Lottery Proceeds
February 11, 2014 Spotlight on the Arkansas Lottery $20 Instant Ticket – Platinum Payout
January 30, 2014 Arkansas Lottery Panel's Pickard Resigns for New Post
January 24, 2014 Spotlight on Arkansas Progressive Jackpot from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
January 15, 2014 Lottery Reports Sales of Raffle Tickets Were Disappointing

Lottery News Archive for CY2013
December 5, 2013 Lottery Financials Weak but Optimistic for March Quarter
December 3, 2013 Lottery to Look at Debit Cards for Ticket Purchases
November 7, 2013 Federal Judge Sentences Ex Lottery Employee to Prison Term for Fraudulent Act
October 15, 2013 Arkansas Million Dollar Raffle Drawing
October 4, 2013 Arkansas Lottery Applauds Contribution by Vendors to Student Assistance Program at Conference
October 1, 2013 Hearing Begins on Scratch Ticket Case
October 1, 2013 Mega Millions® Multi-State Lottery Game is Being Redesigned
September 27, 2013 Last Day to Purchase Your Arkansas Million Dollar Raffle Ticket for the October 1st Early Bird Drawing!
September 27, 2013 Arkansas Lottery’s Fourth Anniversary Celebrations
Sept. 16, 2013 Arkansas Lottery Commission Vendors Make $40,000 Gift For Upward Bound
August 26, 2013 New $1 Million Raffle Game
August 9, 2013 Lawsuit Filed Against Lottery in Scratch Ticket Dispute
August 6, 2013 Attorney General Asked for Opinion on Keno
July 15, 2013 Lottery to Fill Position of Security Official
July 12, 2013 Lottery Director of Security Pleads Guilty to Fraud
July 10, 2013 Sales Decline after Initial Novelty of Lottery Subsides
July 8. 2013 Former Lottery’s Communications Director Nominated to State Lottery Commission
July 8. 2013 Scratch Tickets Sales Surge in May
June 27, 2013 Lottery Panel Approves Pay Raises
June 26, 2013 Lottery Commission to Meet on Pay Vote
June 24, 2013 Lottery Revisits Keno Possibility
June 12, 2013 Appointment to Arkansas Lottery Commission
June 3, 2013 Figures for May Indicate Lottery Sales Slump is seeing a Turnaround
May 31, 2013 Lottery Commission Is Entitled To Sovereign Immunity
May 21, 2013 Commission Elects New Chairman
May 21, 2013 Despite Jackpot, Lottery still Experiences Dampening in Sales
May 8, 2013 Lottery Commission Requests Lawsuit be Dismissed
April 29, 2013 Lottery Looks to Boost Sales and Profit Margin
April 25, 2013 Lottery Remains Unchanged in legislative Session
April 13, 2013 Bill Fails to Clear Arkansas House Rules Committee
April 11, 2013 Arkansas Lottery Commission Strongly Opposes Bill that will be Detrimental to Ticket Sales
March 18, 2013 Statement: Arkansas Lottery Commission Director Bishop Woosley RE: House Bill 2263
March 18, 2013 Attorney Volunteer Helps Arkansas Lottery Recover IRS Penalties
March 1, 2013 Governor Signs into Law Changes to State's Lottery Scholarship Awards
February 19, 2013 $1 Billion in Prizes for Arkansas Lottery Players!
February 8, 2013 Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Moves Powerball/Mega Millions/Decades of Dollars Draw Partnership to 40/29 News
February 6, 2013 Senate Bill Would Create Prized-Linked Savings
February 3, 2013 Arkansas Lottery Sees Spike in Ticket Sales
January 29, 2013 Lottery Terminates Outside Legal Counsel Contract

Lottery News Archive for CY2012
December 11, 2012 Lottery Profits Reach $300 Million Mark
December 8, 2012 Possibility of Mississippi Lottery is Concern for Arkansas Lottery Officials
December 4, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Revenues Get Powerball Boost
October 31, 2012 State Police Investigate Lottery Ticket Theft
October 26, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Prepares to Launch New Promotion
October 16, 2012 State Lottery Has Raised $286 Million For Scholarships In First Three Years
October 13, 2012 Electronic Games of Skill Wagering Sets New Record, Highest Since Gambling Began In Late 2006
October 4, 2012 Arkansas Court Rejects Casino Measure for Nov. Ballot
October 2, 2012 Lottery Commission Authorises Chief Counsel Hire
September 13, 2012 Arkansas High Court Considers Second Casino Lawsuit
August 24, 2012 Natural State Jackpot Hits Market On Monday
August 20, 2012 July Receipts Down For Arkansas Lottery
August 9, 2012 Lottery Unveils Arkansas-Only Jackpot Game
July 30, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Organizes Retailer Rally & Learning Sessions
July 30, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Launching New Game in August
July 11, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Scholarships Set Record At $97+ Million For Year, $274.5 Million Since 2010
July 2, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Ends Year $10 Million Ahead
June 29, 2012 Arkansas Attorney General  Won't Review Lottery Contract
June 23, 2012 County Lottery Sales Down For the Second Straight Month
June 21, 2012 Lottery Panel Hires New Internal Auditor
June 19, 2012 Education Continues To Benefit From Lottery Scholarships
June 19, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Director Honoured In Magazine Top 40 List
June 19, 2012 New Jersey Panel Advances Internet Gambling Bill
June 19, 2012 Talks Concerning Law Enforcement Status for Lottery Personnel Have Broken Down
June 19, 2012 Legislators Review Lottery Budget For Coming Fiscal Year
June 19, 201 Report: State Lottery Commission Meeting
June 18, 2012) Arkansas Lottery Commission Approves Contract Revision
June 3, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Commission Denies Tampering Claim
May 29, 2012 No Problems With Scratch Ticket Printing
May 24, 2012 Arkansas Judge Orders New Trial In Lotto Ticket Suit
May 22, 2012 Governor Reluctant To Extend Police Powers To State Lottery
May 21, 2012 Request for Police Powers for State Lottery Program
May 21, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Panel OKs Job Description for Auditor
May 16, 2012 Judge Won't Dismiss Lawsuit Claiming Trademark to the State Lottery's Name
May 13, 2012 Lottery-Auditor Resigns
May 4, 2012 Lottery Statement on Arkansas Millionaires Club Ticket
May 2, 2012 Judge Rules That Discarded Lottery Ticket Belongs To Original Purchaser
May 1, 2012 Judge Denies Motion Over $1 Million Lottery Ticket
April 27, 2012 Lawsuit Alleges Tampering of Scratch-Off Tickets
April 19, 2012 Arkansas Governor Says Lotto Contract Is Valid
April 11, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Commission Reaffirms Vendor Contract
April 07 2012 Lottery Officials to Discuss Contract This Week
March 28, 2012 Arkansas Lottery Contract Negotiations Postponed
March 23, 2012 Lottery’s Internal Auditor Questions Vendor Contract
March 21, 2012 After 2 1/2 Years Local Residents Are Torn Between the Lottery’s Economic and Educational Upside and Its Social Impact
March 19, 2012 Software Error To Be Reimbursed
March 19, 2012 Credit Topic Discussed At Lottery Meeting
March 19, 2012 Lottery Revenue Showing An Upward Trend
March 14, 2012 New State-Based Lottery Draw Game to Debut in August
March 13, 2012 Legislative Committee Approves $165,000 Salary for New Lottery Director
March 12, 2012 Debit Cards Considered As Payment For Arkansas Lottery Tickets
February 20, 2012 New Arkansas Lottery Director to Launch Social Media Promotion
February 17, 2012 Woosley Brings Air of Stability to Lottery After Turmoil
February 14, 2012 New Director Outlines Goal
February 11, 2012 Arkansas County Native Named to Head Lottery Commission
February 8, 2012 Seven Finalists for Director of the Arkansas Lottery Scheduled to be Interviewed Saturday
February 6, 2012 Lottery Commission Set Director's Maximum Salary at $175,000
February 2, 2012 More Than 90 Apply For Lottery Director Position, Cull Starts Monday
January 26, 2012 Lottery Ticket Scanners Perform Like Clockwork
January 26, 2012 High Court Won't Stop Lawsuit Filed Over Arkansas Lottery Name
January 24, 2012 State Lottery Commission Authorizes Probationary Period For New Employees
January 20, 2012 Lottery Panel Recommends Probationary Period For Employees
January 18, 2012 Arkansas Commissioner Won't Vote on Lottery Director Selection


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