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All India Federation Of Lottery Trade & Allied Industries (AIFLTAI)
Address: No. I - 8, First Floor, Lajpat Nagar III, New Delhi-11 0024
Internet: Not Available
E-mail Address:
Phone: 29831559, 29840646
Fax: 011-29840647
Population: 1,095,351,995 (Est. 2006)
President: Mr. Usman Fayaz (CEO of M/s Best & Co., Chennai)
Year Org. Founded: December 1999
Jurisdiction: India

Background Information

AIFLTAI is a non-profit organization of lottery distributors, stockists, agents, and the allied categories, i.e. security printers, paper suppliers, transporters, courier agencies, media - both print and electronic, advertising agencies, technical services (such as the new computer based online operators); infact, open to all who support and participate in the business of State Lotteries. This apex umbrella organization came into being in December 1999 with the following objectives:

  • To reform the lottery trade through self-regulation
  • To seek the appointment of a Regulatory Body
  • To promote State Lotteries for growth into a transparent and healthy trade
  • To improve public image of lottery trade through transparency and fairness in all lottery operations and sustained credibility.

Today the Federation comprises over 197 Members (as on 13 June 06) besides 17 Associations from States and Regions promoting the State Lotteries.

News 2014
March 22, 2014 Lottery Turnover up Despite Drop in Sales

News 2013
November 21, 2013 Probe into Alleged Illegality and Irregularities in the Conduct of Lotteries
July 10, 2013 Sales Surge for Lottery Draw
June 29, 2013 India is Not Ready to Accept Regulation in Betting
June 29, 2013 Government Waives Compensation Payment Owed by Lottery Printing Company
June 29, 2013 Lottery Moves to Automated Draws
June 18, 2013 Outside Agency Sought for State Lottery Ticket Printing
June 15, 2013 Incorrect Lottery Numbers Published, Players Demand Compensation
June 15, 2013 Heavy Workload Cited as Cause for Errors in Lottery Ticket Printing
June 9, 2013 Lottery Delivers Essential Equipment to Hospitals
March 21, 2013 Audits Finds Numerous Administration Issues with State Lottery
February 20, 2013 High Court Issues Notice to State Government Over Plans to Conduct More Than One Weekly Lottery
February 10, 2013 Lottery Office Withdraws 30,000 Tickets After Box Lost in Transit
January 21, 2013 New Tax Structure for Lotteries Force Operators to Close
January 15, 2013 Philanthropy Lottery A Big Hit
January 14, 2013 Kerala Lotteries Heading for an All-time High: Minister

News 2012
December 15, 2012 Civic Body to Levy Tax on the Sale of Lottery Tickets
December 1, 2012 India to Seek Bhutan's Help in Connection with the Ongoing Probe Into Kerala Lottery Scam
November 19, 2012 Judge Grants Bail to Well Known Lottery Figure
November 11, 2012 CBI Probing Illegal Practices in Connection with the Sale of Interstate Lottery Tickets
November 6, 2012 New Kerala Lottery to Benefit Ex-Servicemen
October 9, 2012 CBI Needs More Time to Complete Investigation Into Bhutan and Sikkim Lotteries Scam
September 4, 2012 Bumper Lottery Sales Will See Kerala Lottery Hit the Jackpot
August 27, 2012 Sale Of 'Thiru Onam Bumper' Lottery Tickets Continues To Be Brisk
August 11, 2012 Anti-Gambling Group Labels Amendment to Gambling Act A Farce
August 8, 2012 Lotteries Department Cracks Down on Illegal Sale of Lottery Tickets
July 31, 2012 Supreme Court Issues Order to States on Conduct of Lotteries
July 29, 2012 Probe Into Sale of Kerala Lotteries in Other States
(July 13, 2012 Lottery Agent Loses Damages Case Against State Government
July 10, 2012 State Lottery Denies Winnings to Out of State Resident
June 6, 2012 Gambling Not Included In Tax On Services
June 5, 2012 Officials To Intensify Control Of Single-Digit Lotteries
March 18, 2012 Gambling and Lotteries Escape Tax Increase in Budget
February 20, 2012 Two Men Arrested for Smuggling Banned Lottery Tickets
(February 13, 2012 Benefits Extended for All Members of the Kerala State Lottery Agents
February 7, 2012 Police Size Fake Lottery Seals From Manju Lottery Agency
January 18, 2012 Show-Cause Notice to be Served on Controversial Lottery Agent
January 4, 2012 Three Held for Smuggling Lottery Tickets Into Tamil Nadu

News 2011
December 6, 2011 Lottery Agencies Refusal to Conduct Lottery Draws Costing State Rs 1.55 Crore Per Day
November 28, 2011 Bengal Lottery Distributors Halt Draws to Protest Tax Hike
November 23, 2011 State Lotteries Department Threatens Action Against Three More Agencies
September 16, 2011 High Court Issues Notice to Government Regarding PIL Against Lottery
September 13, 2011 Online Lottery Legalized by Mamata Government: CPI-M
August 31, 2011 Court Adjourns Lottery Identity Santiago Martin’s Bail Plea
August 25, 2011 Weekly Lotteries to be Revived
August 24, 2011 ‘Gold’ Prize Does the Trick for Lottery
August 13, 2011 Lottery Identity Santiago Martin Arrested in Connection with Land Case
August 12, 2011 Finance Minister Eyes Increasing Online Lotteries Levy
August 8, 2011 Government to Launch New Lotteries with 30 Draws A Month
August 8, 2011 Police Crackdown on Illegal Lottery Ticket Distribution Business
August 6, 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation Files Case Against Lottery Dealers in Kerala
July 18, 2011 State Government Amends Lottery Law
July 15, 2011 Private Agencies To Promote Kerala Lotteries
July 8, 2011 Kerala State Government To Unveil A New Lottery
June 19, 2011 CBI to Probe Alleged Irregularities in the Operations of Interstate Lotteries in Kerala
June 12, 2011 Police Step-Up Efforts to Stop the Sale of Banned Lottery Tickets
May 24, 2011 High Court Agrees to Central Bureau of Investigation Probe into Kerala Lottery Case  
May 9, 2011 Kerala’s Chief Minister Again Calls on the PM to Implement a CBI Probe Into the Interstate Lottery Trade
April 25, 2011 Central Government Requests States to Implement Transparent Regulatory Framework for Gambling and Other Gaming Activities
March 23, 2011 Lottery Operators' Plea for Tax Cut
February 3, 2011 Government Files Petition Against Bhutan Lotteries
February 3, 2011 State Quadruples the Number of Lottery Draws to Generate More Revenue, Decides to Webcast the Process
January 25, 2011 Lotteries Found Evading Tax to be Fined, Delisted

News 2010
Nov 24, 2010 Chief Minister Reconsiders Earlier Decision on Lotteries
Nov 23, 2010 Court Instructs Police to Register a Case Against Lottery Wholesaler
Nov 23, 2010 Chief Minister Reconsiders Resumption of Daily Lottery Draws
Nov 2, 2010 Kerala State Government Files Counter Affidavit in Lottery Case
Nov 1, 2010 Government to Adopt Fresh Legal Strategy in High Court Hearing
Oct 19, 2010 Opposition Urges Detailed Probe Into Lottery Issue
Oct 14, 2010 Petition Against Tamil Nadu Advocate-General Appearing for Lottery Promoter Dismissed
Oct 12, 2010 Finance Minister Clarifies Stand on Arunachal Lottery
Oct 12, 2010 Finance Ministry Rationalizes Service Tax on Lottery Tickets
Oct 8 2010 Government Looking to Reduce the Tax Burden on Lottery Sellers and Distributors
Oct 5 2010 Kerala Rejects Bhutan Lottery Tax Payment
Oct 5 2010 Government Sticks with Lottery Distributor Despite Negative Media Reports Surrounding Its Owner
Oct 5 2010 Congress Takes Up Lottery Row
Oct 4, 2010 High Court Directs State Government to Accept Tax Remittances For Lottery Schemes
Oct 4, 2010 Row Over Lottery Case Continues
Sept 29, 2010 AICC Spokesman to Withdraw From Lottery Case
Sept 29, 2010 Calls to Legalize Sports Betting to Curb Match Fixing and Raise Government Revenue
Sept 21, 2010 Finance Minister Questions the Security of Printing Interstate Lottery Tickets
Sept 12, 2010 Delegation to Meet Prime Minister on Lottery Issue
Sept 8, 2010 Cabinet Approves Amended Lottery Ordinance
Sept 4, 2010 State’s Lottery Industry in Turmoil
Sept 1, 2010 State Government's Decision to Cancel Daily Lottery Draw Could Leave Lottery Vendors in Limbo
Sept 2, 2010 High Court Decision Concerning Interstate Lotteries Leaves Door Open to Abuse
August 31, 2010 Kerala Government Restricts Interstate Lottery Drawings and Increase Tax Rates
August 30, 2010) High Court Issues Direction To Kerala Government Re the Sale of Interstate Lottery Tickets
August 28, 2010 Kerala Ready to Ban All Lotteries: Finance Minister
August 29, 2010 Union Ministry of Home Affairs Issues Notification on Lottery Trade
August 28, 2010 Kerala Ready to Ban All Lotteries: Finance Minister
August 26, 2010 Tax Authorities Probe Sikkim State Lottery Draws
August 24, 2010 Tax Department Officials Seize Interstate Lottery Tickets
August 21, 2010 Investigation Will Be Conducted On Lottery Draws Telecast on Kairali Channel

News 2009
June 10, 2009 Punjab Launch New Monthly Lottery With a Guaranteed Rs.10 lakh First Prize
February 19, 2009 Lottery Operator Faces Court Action Over Unpaid License Fees
February 16, 2009 Supreme Court Rules Lottery Tickets Not Liable For Sales Tax
January 21, 2009 Agents Go to Court to Challenge State’s Crack Down on Online Lottery Centres
January 16, 2009 Law Does Not Permit Online Lotteries
January 8, 2009 Government to Launch Cultural Lottery 



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