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Daily Derby Logo

Daily Derby® is based on one of the world's favorite entertainment themes, horse racing.

Players have the chance to win a Grand Prize that has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, every player has at least two chances to win on each ticket. Simply pick your favorite horses by name or number and then pick the Race Time. You win by matching the winning horses, or the race time, or both! And, you can play any day of the week.

How to Play

Daily Derby draws are held every day. Players can pick their horses and Race Time during regular Lottery hours from 6:00 a.m. to 1:15 a.m. Players must purchase their Daily Derby ticket before 6:30 p.m., otherwise they will be playing for the next day's draw.The Daily Derby draws will be held at approximately 6:35 p.m., at which time you will be able to get winning information from your retailer's terminal. The draw will actually be broadcast on local television at 6:56 p.m. daily.

  1. Choose your three favorite horses: one to finish first, one to finish second and one to finish third. Mark these choices on your playslip.
  2. Select your Race Time, which is the time taken by the First Place horse to complete the race. The Race Time will range from 1:40:00 (one minute, forty seconds) to 1:49:99 (one minute, 49.99 seconds). You select the final three numbers, the seconds and hundredths of seconds. For example, if you choose one-minute, forty-two point three-one seconds (1:42:31) as your Race Time, you would mark only the last three digits (2.31) on your playslip.
  3. To let the terminal randomly select your horses or your Race Time for you, mark the appropriate Quick Pick® box. If you want both your horses and Race Time randomly selected for you, be sure to mark both Quick Pick® boxes.
  4. To play more than one draw, mark the appropriate Advance Play box to play your horses and Race Time choices for up to 7 or 14 draws in a row.
  5. After marking all your choices, take your playslip, along with $2 for each play, to the Lottery retailer to receive your ticket. be sure to check your ticket for accuracy.


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