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The WLA 2010 Business Program

The Business Program for WLA 2010 encompasses a range of strategic presentations with a strong international flavour. You will be educated and entertained by some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders, including the keynote speakers profiled below.
Parallel sessions will focus on key streams including best practice models for lotteries; governance and corporate social responsibility; and future industry trends and innovations. Speakers will include lottery industry leaders from all regions of the world, WLA contributors, and industry experts across a range of business disciplines.

Dr. Adam Fraser

Dr Adam Fraser
Dr Adam Fraser is one of Australia's most renowned thought leaders in the area of high performance organisations. He has perfected the art of ‘flow’ – a real time solution to stress and burn out that doesn’t involve adding another task to your already full task list. Adam’s presentation at WLA 2010 will identify how you and your organisation can achieve sustained productivity, without burning out

Alexander Manu

Alexander Manu
Alexander Manu is one of the world’s leading authorities on change, innovation and strategic foresight. He is a Senior Partner at InnoSpa International Partners in Toronto and also lectures around the world.
He transforms organisations by identifying new competitive spaces, developing new strategic business competencies and creating imaginative innovation methods. He sees imagination as a prerequisite for strategic change and innovation.
During WLA 2010 Alexander will present on innovation, imagination, change agents and strategic foresight. He will expand on these concepts in a more intensive workshop session following his keynote address.

Estelle Metayer

Estelle Metayer
Estelle Metayer is one of the world’s foremost experts on competitive and strategic intelligence. Based in France, she coaches senior executives to build and improve on their strategic planning and competitive intelligence processes.
Estelle will present on this subject at WLA 2010 and will further develop her keynote address in a workshop as part of the parallel business sessions.

Phil Ruthven

Phil Ruthven
Phil Ruthven is Australia's leading strategist and futurist on business, social and economic matters and the founder and Chairman of IBISWorld, which provides online business information and forecasting.
IBISWorld is known for its astute forecasting and advisory services and its comprehensive databases. Its website at www.ibisworld.com.au is considered one of the most sophisticated and powerful websites in the world.

Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt
Bernard Salt is an internationally recognised commentator and forecaster on consumer, cultural and demographic trends. In his role as Partner with KPMG Australia, he heads a group of consultants providing demographic-based advice to business, government and the media.
His best selling book ‘The Big Shift’ predicted a surge in the demand for lifestyle and residential property, underpinned by the imminent retirement of the baby boom generation. His second best selling book ‘The Big Picture’ looks at how work, life and relationships in the developed world are changing in the early decades of the 21st century.
In July 2007, Bernard released the results of a global study of Generation Y titled ‘Beyond the Baby Boomers’, resulting in front page coverage in the Financial Times and The Economist.
Bernard’s presentation at WLA 2010 will examine the way in which demographic change is shaping global economic trends and consumer markets.


Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lin See-Yan
Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lin See-Yan is a banker, economist, entrepreneur and business advisor. He is a Director of Genting Berhad in Malaysia, whose subsidiary, Genting Singapore PLC, is leading the way in the development of internationally acclaimed casinos and integrated resorts worldwide.
Dr Lin is a Harvard educated economist and British chartered scientist. He sits on the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s National Economic Action Council Working Group and is economic advisor to the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Malaysia.
He also sits on the Asian Institute of Management’s Board of Governors.

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