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The overarching theme for WLA2006 is “Beyond a World of Numbers”.

The Convention will revisit the many complex issues that belie what appears to be a simple, straightforward world of numbers.  It will stretch our limits beyond known boundaries and offer a fresh take on the issues that continue to challenge us.

Monday, 13 November 2006
One Game – East Meets West
Corporations today operate in a global market.  Not only have their domestic markets become increasingly cosmopolitan; their reliance on resources from diverse sources necessitates constant transactions with suppliers around the world.  On Day 1, we will tap into Oriental and Western wisdom to garner best practices from both worlds to help us to engage effectively with our new customer base and, with overseas associates to achieve win-win situations across cultural differences.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006
Double Edge
Lotteries face structural changes that threaten to undermine their business positioning as well as mounting pressures to generate more revenues for good cause funding.  On Day 2, we will explore the double edges, the Yin and the Yang of emerging trends that affect lotteries. Can lotteries resist the tide of technological change that break down national boundaries and stiffening competition from all quarters? How can lotteries ride the waves of revolution in the age of Internet and  global casinos to reap benefits for themselves? How do we engage the regulators, as we rise to these new challenges, to create a win-win situation?

Wednesday, 15 November 2006
Beyond the World of Numbers
On Day 3, lotteries look inward to assess their own state of preparedness for the challenges ahead.  Do we have strong organizations that think “one team”? Do we have good corporate governance and a strong social responsibility code?  Are we functioning in a harmonious relationship with our environment in order to harness positive energy “chi” for the benefit of our organizations?  The WLA sub-committees will update us on the latest developments in CSR, risk management issues and global insurance scheme.  All that done, we round off WLA2006 Convention with propitious advice from an authoritative Feng Shui master, leading us into a successful 2007.   


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