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New World

Our Platinum Contributors share their views in marketing to a new world or generation of gamers. What new experience can be offered in competition with other gaming and entertainment avenues such as casinos, online gambling, online games, Xbox, etc favoured by Generation Z? How should lotteries market the new experience in an increasingly ethical society where problem gambling concerns are continuously kept in the limelight by a vocal minority as societies become more open and information flowing more freely?

Real world lessons on how our Gold and Silver contributors have forged successful partnerships with WLA members from planning to execution to deliver “big ideas” and bring positive outcomes for their organisations.

Explore how WLA members are designing new games and offering them to the emerging markets. What lessons can lottery operators draw from these emerging markets to better serve an increasingly multi-racial, multi-ethnic customer base back home? Do these markets offer business opportunities to suppliers to serve them better?

Learn from the best in our business on how they have creatively sold their products and ideas to their customers. Get an insight into how these companies applied advertising and promotion craft to motivate, persuade and seduce their customers to buy, and yet do so in a socially responsible manner.

Must regulators and lotteries be natural adversaries? How to create a win-win situation that will achieve business viability without problems commonly associated with gambling promotion? In what areas can regulators and lotteries collaborate as the latter reach out to the new world with new experiences? Should regulators take a rule-based approach towards lotteries? To what extent would regulators allow lotteries to grow against traditional adversaries like casinos, and online gambling providers?

Members share their experiences in market research and assess their usefulness to decision-making. Is a focus group study superior to a random questionnaire survey? Are there new and better ways to get respondents to ‘fess up and tell the truth and nothing but the truth? How can we avoid the pitfalls of market research and make the research dollar really work for us?

How should lotteries manage reputation risks? How do we respond when bad things happen to great companies? How should we prepare to manage crisis situations? How can lotteries build a glowing reputation and also establish emotional links to the community? Join us in this session to hear and debate the challenges.

WLA’s Responsible Gaming Principles were adopted in February 2006. In this session, WLA updates us on the status of the Responsible Gaming Framework and proposed Certification Process.

Keep abreast of the latest developments as the WLA Security & Risk Management Committee launches the updated WLA Security Control Standards. At the same time, get updated on RFP best practices and find out how to avoid pitfalls to reduce costs and enhance efficiency, and uphold standards.

It’s often said that people are an organisation’s most valuable asset. What kind of leadership style drives a high-performance culture? Discuss and deliberate with other companies on how they recruit, appraise, reward and motivate employees to align themselves to the corporate mission, vision, in achieving a high performance culture.


For the first time ever, the WLA Convention will take you out of the convention hall on lecture tours. They will complement the keynote speeches to give you a total experience. HP

Cooltown Lecture
Tour Cooltown is HP's showcase of intelligent mobile technology, demonstrating cutting edge and still-in-development innovations that enhances efficiency and productivity at the work place, as well as elevate comforts and convenience in the home of the future. Cooltown is designed to present a comprehensive technology roadmap where individuals can experience firsthand how businesses and homes can be transformed.

Feng Shui Lecture Tour
The Chinese believe that there exists in our environment, in the landscapes, mountain and water, different kinds of energies. The Feng Shui tour will expose participants to the application of ‘chi’ principles by companies and senior executives to create ‘luck’ and prosperity for their organizations and themselves. Understand the use of the Lo Pan in classical Feng Shui analysis of an office or commercial building. The tour will include an introduction to industrial and commercial feng shui with examples drawn from famous buildings in Singapore on site.


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