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An invitation from AGS to See Their exciting New Gaming Display System Which Will be Showcased at WLA 2006
Gaming & Lottery Display Software

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia (November 9, 2006) -- Australasian Gaming Specialists (AGS) would like to invite all WLA 2006 lottery delegates to see our exciting new Gaming Display System which will be showcased at the exhibition.

The Video Sub System is designed to increase the profitability and visual appeal of Keno, Bingo, Lottery, Racing and Sports games. It is currently in use in 2000 venues throughout New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory to display state-wide keno.  Pilot installations are in place in Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In venue displays are crucial to the success of lottery operation.  In the case of South Australian Lotteries (see graph attached), attention to the in-venue displays turned a declining game into a thriving operation with an amazing 24% growth over 5 years!!

 This PC based gaming display system is extremely flexible and offers the following features:

  • Integrates with a GTECH and a range of other host system providers.
  • Central control of all venue displays.
  • Multiple display channels using just the one PC (leading to significant hardware savings).
  • Full screen animations incorporating 3D rendered imagery.
  • Multiple animations and video sequences for each game draw.
  • Full screen advertisements between games.
  • Secondary screen displays during each draw.
  • Capacity to display different images and animations concurrently. Venues maximise the success of their games by displaying different information on separate screens.
  • Wide variety of different draw themes (more than 65 sports, social and calender events are available - http://www.videosubsystem.com/showcase.html

 Essentially the Video Sub System provides an innovative and proven approach to enhance the visual delivery of your games, brand and image.

To increase the profitability of your gaming operation, visit us at Booth IS02a in Singapore next week.

We look forward to meeting you then.

SOURCE: Australasian Gaming Specialists Pty. Ltd. (www.videosubsystem.com). CONTACT: Michael Toohey, Director, Tel: +61 2 9662 6662, Cell: +61 412 266 772 , Email:  mtoohey@videosubsystem.com

Used Lottery Printer Campaign At Wincor Nixdorf; Xiprint Thermal Printers Offered For Sale

CONSTANCE, Germany (November 06, 2006) -- Wincor Nixdorf Lottery Solutions Sales has just announced that a large quantity of thermal printers is now available for resale owing to the decision of a big lottery customer to change to a successor product.

The thermal printers print 80 mm paper, are fully graphics-capable, were in use for a few months only, and have naturally been refurbished, states Helmut Altenburger from the Retail Division at Wincor Nixdorf Lottery Solutions.

Wincor Nixdorf Lottery Solutions has 30 years' experience in the development of tailored solutions and best-in-class products based on state-of-the-art technologies for the world lottery market. Xiprint thermal printers are held to be the fastest thermal printers in the market. They can be addressed via ESC sequences as well as via a special API (Application Programming Interface). In the trade, Xiprint has a reputation for reliability and high quality, with 30,000 units already sold to customers all over the globe.

This offer is a real alternative to procurement of new devices, since the Xiprint printer can be deployed in national and international lottery and non lottery projects.

In addition, major savings potential can be achieved by bulk purchases.

Prospective customers will be able to view the Xiprint at the Wincor Nixdorf booth at the coming WLA Convention & Trade Show 2006 in Singapore.

Please contact Helmut Altenburger if you have any questions or need more details on this project.

CONTACT: Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH, Retail Division Lottery Solutions, Helmut Altenburger, Max-Stromeyer-Str. 116, 78467 Konstanz, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 75 31-9 42 26-60, Fax: +49 (0) 75 31-9 42 26-99, Email: helmut.altenburger@wincor-nixdorf.com

More information is available on our homepage: http://www.wincor-nixdorf.com/internet/com/Products/LotterySystems/Gebrauchte_20Drucker/index.html

Betware Representatives Will be at the WLA Convention in Singapore
REYKJAVÍK, Iceland (October 17, 2006) -- Mr. Wojtek Bachorski, Betware’s Sales Manager, Mr. Thor Thors, Project Manager and Mr. Stefan Hrafnkelsson, Betware’s CEO and Managing Director will be attending this year’s WLA convention and trade show, in Singapore.

The trade show, which runs from 12th – 17th November will bring a host of members in the lottery industry together to share their expertise and gain knowledge on important issues in the gaming market. Mr. Bachorski will be addressing the convention on Betware’s gaming solution, products and the relationship between the company and its clients.
The WLA forum provides a great opportunity for Betware to not only share information on its gaming software and solution, but also take part in the exchange of proficiency  in gaming which stems from over ten years of industry experience.
Betware will be at booth S1.
About Betware (www.betware.com)
 Betware is a software and services company that specializes in providing technical solutions to gaming companies operating in fully regulated jurisdictions.  Betware has a wide product line, covering most traditional lottery games, sports games, instants, horse racing, live betting, bingo and casino games. These are offered on different channels such as the Internet, mobile and on-line retailer systems. Betware’s flexible application program interface (API) allows independent third party gaming developers and operators to create their own games on top of Betware’s core services.
Information at Betware: Prerna Desai, Media Manager, Betware, Phone: +354 5804721

PB Invitation

WLA2006 Update
Like a magnificent dragon coming to life, the World Lottery Association Convention & Trade Show 2006 (WLA2006) is fast taking shape. This is a very exciting time for us as after many months of preparations, we are now open for registration. You may register online at www.wla2006.com.
BEYOND A WORLD OF NUMBERS” – the theme for the Business Programme promises to bring together an international group of world business leaders, policy analysts, think tanks and industry experts. They will address the key challenges facing the lottery industry and push us to explore new ways of thinking to find creative solutions for our business.
WLA Platinum, Gold and Silver Contributors have already committed to have a strong presence at the Trade Show in November. We are also receiving strong indication of interest from other suppliers of services and products to the lottery community to be in Singapore to show their latest offerings.
You will not want to miss this opportunity to learn at first hand in one location the latest technologies, games and services that have helped some lotteries to build strong market presence and to maximize revenue for good cause funding.

Singapore Pools Wins Bid to Host World Lottery Association Convention; Will Increase Tourism Revenue and Boost Singapore's Economy
SINGAPORE (October 15, 2003) -- Singapore Pools and Singapore Tourism Board are proud to announce that Singapore Pools has won the coveted bid to host the 2006 World Lottery Association (WLA) Convention here. To be held after the World Bank-IMF Forum in Singapore, this week-long international event will bring together lottery professionals from WLA members across all five continents. These professionals represent 143 state-licensed lotteries and sports betting operators from 74 countries, with combined annual revenues in excess of US$103 billion.
This is the first time an industry event of such a scale and high signature level will be held in Asia. Singapore Pools believe it will help to bring in tourism dollars and boost Singapore's economy. Besides the economic advantages, the convention will also provide a rare opportunity for Singapore to witness the vibrancy, innovations and significant benefits numerous established lottery operators have brought to the world community.
Held biennially, the WLA Convention is a key event in the global organisation's calendar, during which lottery leaders, experts and professionals from all over the world will gather and exchange insights on topical issues and challenges facing the industry. The convention will be accompanied by a trade exhibition which will feature all major international lottery industry suppliers.
In the bidding process, Singapore Pools received strong support from major government bodies such as the Singapore Tourism Board.
The last WLA Convention, hosted by South Australia Lotteries, took place in Adelaide in 2002. More than 800 industry professionals attended the event, and 44 technology companies participated in the trade show. Leading international speakers provided insights into subjects such as business ethics, intellectual property, enabling technology and innovation for sustainable growth. The 2004 WLA Convention will be hosted by South Africa's national lottery in Durban in November next year.
SOURCE: Press Release Jointly Issued By Singapore Pools (Private) Ltd & Singapore Tourism Board Ltd.

Singapore Pools to Host World Lottery Association Convention
SINGAPORE (October 15, 2003) -- According to Channel News Asia, Singapore Pools has won the bid to host the 2006 World Lottery Association Convention.
The week-long international event will bring together lottery professionals from 143 state-licensed lotteries and sports betting operators from across the globe.
This is the first time where an industry event of such a scale will be held in Asia.
Held biennially, the convention is meant for lottery leaders, experts and professionals to gather and exchange insights on topical issues and challenges facing the industry.
Singapore Pools hopes that the convention will be an eye-opener into the vibrancy, innovations and benefits which established lottery operators have brought to the world community.
The 2004 World Lottery Association Convention will be hosted by South Africa's National Lottery in Durban, during November next year.
SOURCE: Channel News Asia.


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