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The World Lottery Summit 2012: An Overwhelming Success

BASEL, Switzerland (September 14, 2012) -- Lottery professionals from around the globe made their way to Canada to experience a “World of Opportunities á la Montreal.” More than 1500 delegates were on hand for the World Lottery Summit 2012 (WLS 2012), the most significant lottery event of the year. This prestigious event was the fruit of a WLA/NASPL cooperation and was graciously hosted by Loto-Quebec. It featured one of the largest industry trade shows this year, capped off with a top-notch business program and three days of non-stop activity.

Commenting on the success of WLS 2012, newly elected WLA President Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, General Director of Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande, Switzerland, stated, “This WLA / NASPL convention has been very successful with a huge attendance – more than 1500 people from the lottery industry, including vendors and suppliers, as well as lottery officials. The business program has been outstanding. One session which I thought was quite remarkable was the Lotteries Pep-Talk. This session demonstrated how the mission and values of the lotteries are the same around the globe. It is essential that we preserve our mission and values in order to distinguish ourselves from the for-profit operators. In the coming two years I feel the WLA, together with the regional associations, should strive to strengthen and promote our mission and values.”

Trade Show And Business Program

Nearly 50 international exhibitors participated in the WLS 2012 trade show. Booth space for the WLS 2012 trade show sold out well in advance of the convention, demonstrating the commitment of the WLA Associate Members to supporting the vision and mission of the WLA. The trade show was well received by all delegates and saw strong attendance on each day of the show. A particular highlight of the trade show was the afternoon of Tuesday, 11 September, where attendees participated in the 1-2-3 trade show game, a new and very popular feature introduced at WLS 2012.

The outstanding business program was highlighted by the keynote address of world-renowned business scholar Michael Porter. Professor Porter spoke to the delegates on the topic of “Strategic positioning in a challenging world: Creating shared value”. In his keynote speech, Professor Porter described the notion of “created shared value,” in which improvements to society are integrated into economic value creation itself. He posited that created shared value is the next step in the evolution of the role of companies in their communities: no longer is it enough merely to be a good “corporate citizen.” Professor Porter called upon lotteries, which were among the earliest adherents of corporate social responsibility, to step up to the next level and create shared value for their respective jurisdictions.

For many delegates, the personal highlight of the business program bill was the moving keynote address of Paralympic champion Chantal Petitclerc, who told the cosmopolitan audience her life story. In simple yet deeply affecting terms, Ms. Petitclerc recounted how she became paraplegic as the result of an accident at age 13, but learnt to find spiritual healing and solace in sport thanks to the tireless efforts of her high school physical education teacher, Gaston Jacques. Introduced to wheelchair racing at the age of 18, she fell in love with the sport and decided to dedicate her athletic career to the discipline. Overcoming incredible odds, including racing with a home-made wheelchair comprising the parts of three separate machines, she participated in her first Paralympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, from which she brought home two bronze medals. She went on to compete in four further Paralympic Games, winning five gold medals in Athens in 2004 and five gold medals in Beijing in 2008, for a career tally of 14 gold, five silver, and two bronze. Offering numerous inspiring and profound insights to the audience that she gleaned through her sporting achievements—such as that when life is out of control, you still have control over your actions and emotions—Ms. Petitclerc received rapturous applause and a standing ovation from the audience upon finishing her simple yet beautifully told life story.

Nine individual parallel sessions were also included in the business program, providing insights into topics as diverse as “Lotteries and innovation in an age of social media” and "Expanding channels and building revenue opportunities". This year several parallel sessions were also used as fora for debating potentially polarizing themes such as the pros and cons of the online business model, and whether the expansion of the retail network to include big-box stores constitutes a threat or an opportunity for the lottery industry.

The business program was rounded out by three special plenary fixtures, including the WLA Platinum Contributor's session and the President's Summit. Joining these two round-table discussions was a new plenary feature, the "Lotteries' Pep Talk", which saw a distinguished panel of speakers discussing how lotteries can thrive going forward in an increasingly challenging business environment by leveraging their core public good values to maximize growth.

The WLA General Meeting

The biennial WLA 2012 General Meeting took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 12, with representatives of the WLA’s 147 member lotteries in attendance. During the General Meeting, a new WLA President was elected and a new Executive Committee was formed. Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, General Director, Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande, Switzerland, and member of the WLA Executive Committee since 2008, became the new President of the WLA. As incoming President he pledged to uphold best-practice standards and guidelines with regards to responsible gaming and the security and integrity of member organizations, and to continue to combat match fixing on every front possible. He also promised to further enhance the cooperation among member lotteries as well as between the regional associations and the WLA. Mr. Moner-Banet replaced outgoing WLA President, Risto Nieminen, who will retire from his position as President and CEO of Veikkaus Oy, Finland at the end of 2012. As such, Mr. Nieminen will assume the role of Immediate Past President.

At the first meeting of the new WLA Executive Committee Ms. Rebecca Paul Hargrove, President and CEO of Tennessee Education Lottery, was appointed WLA Senior Vice President. Ms. Hargrove has served on the WLA Executive Committee since 2010. She replaces outgoing WLA Senior Vice President Mr. Henry Chan who will retire from his position as Executive Director, Betting, of Hong Kong Jockey Club Lotteries Limited at the end of 2012. Ms. June Roache, Chief Executive of the Lotteries Commission of South Australia and WLA Executive Committee member since 2008, was appointed to the position of WLA Vice President. She replaced former Vice President Mr. Benjamín González Roaro, CEO of Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública, Mexico, who stepped down as WLA Vice President owing to other commitments. Mr. González Roaro will remain on the WLA Executive Committee as a member.

The new WLA Executive is composed of the following 13 members:

  • Mr. Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, President, Switzerland
  • Ms. Rebecca Paul Hargrove, Senior Vice President, United States
  • Ms. June Roache, Vice President, Australia
  • Mr. Fabio Cleto, CIBELAE representative, Brazil
  • Mr. David Loeb, NASPL representative, Canada
  • Mr. Ivan Pittevils, EL representative, Belgium
  • Mr. Fofana Issiaka, AALE representative, Ivory Coast, Africa
  • Mr. Soo Nan Tan, APLA representative, Singapore
  • Mr. Christophe Blanchard-Dignac, Member, France
  • Mr. Rolf Stypmann, Member, Germany
  • Ms. Dianne Thompson, Member, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Benjamín González Roaro, Member, Mexico
  • Mr. José Miguel Martínez Martínez, Member, Spain


At the General Meeting, a newly revamped version of the WLA Security Control Standard (WLA-SCS:2012) was presented to the membership by WLA Security and Risk Management Committee Chairman Thierry Pujol. The WLA-SCS:2012 was ratified by the delegates of the General Meeting. As such, it replaces the WLA-SCS:2006 and all other previous versions of the standard. To accompany the new standard, the WLA has published a new Guide to Certification for the WLA Security Control Standard: 2012. Both the new guide and the new standard documentation are available on the WLA website at

WLA Awards

The WLA Responsible Gaming Award for 2012 was presented during the General Meeting by Maria Sillanpaa, Chair of the WLA Responsible Gaming Independent Assessment Panel. This year the award went out to Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. This has been the third such award since 2008 that the WLA has bestowed on one of its members for outstanding achievement in the area of responsible gaming. Every two years competition for this prestigious award is open to WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF) level 4 certified lottery members, excluding the winner of the previous competition.

WLS 2012 officially closed on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 with a gala dinner and celebration. During the dinner, founding WLA President Guy Simonis conferred the Guy Simonis Lifetime Achievement Award on Reidar Nordby, the first elected President of the WLA. Mr. Nordby served as WLA President from 2000-2005 and has continued to serve the lottery industry as a private consultant ever since.

The winner of the Best of the Best Advertising Award was also announced at the closing dinner, with the New York Lottery taking the prize for their entry, “Powerball Yeah, that kind of rich”. The Best of the Best Advertising Award pitted the winner of the WLA’s Grand Award, the overall winner of the WLA Advertising Awards, against the winner of NASPL’s Best of the Batch Award, the overall winner of NASPL’s Batchy Awards.

The closing celebration was the crowning moment of the WLS 2012, the culmination of four days of learning, networking, and merriment. We wish to thank Loto-Quebec for their excellent organization and hospitality and NASPL for their partnership and cooperation over the past two years. We now set our sights on Rome, Italy for the World Lottery Summit 2014.

CONTACT: World Lottery Association, Paul Peinado Email: Phone: +41 61 284 1430.

SOURCE: World Lottery Association


The New York Lottery Wins The World Lottery Summit Best of the Best Advertising Award

BASEL, Switzerland (September 14, 2012) -- To underline the spirit of cooperation between NASPL and the WLA, a special advertising award was conceived for this year’s World Lottery Summit 2012 (WLS 2012) convention and trade show, which was jointly presented by both associations. The Best of the Best Advertising Award pitted the winner of the WLA’s Grand Award, the overall winner of the WLA Advertising Awards, against the winner of NASPL’s Best of the Batch Award, the overall winner of NASPL’s Batchy Awards. The New York Lotterywas presented with the Best of the Best Advertising Award in a special ceremony at the closing dinner on Wednesday, September 12.

The WLA Advertising Awards

The WLA Advertising Awards, which are presented every two years at the biennial WLA Convention and Trade show, have become a lottery institution. They acknowledge and promote best practice in lottery industry advertising and honor the most outstanding advertisements from the global lottery community. This year, the awards spanned five categories plus the Grand Award.

There were almost 100 entries for the WLA Advertising Awards, which were shortlisted by a panel of five advertising and communications professionals. The panel included Alex Lee, creative director and Partner at SidLee, one of the top five performing advertising agencies worldwide for 2011, and Nicholas Dion, creative director and partner at LG2, another well-known Montreal advertising agency. The entries were judged by the panel primarily on their impact and effectiveness, information content, design, and creativity. They were further judged for their ability to gain and maintain the viewer’s attention, and their ability to change the viewer’s perception.

The shortlisted submissions for each category were screened and judged by the delegates on the morning of Wednesday, September 12, 2012 in a special Interactive Advertising Awards Session. The delegates also selected the winner of the WLA Grand Award.

The categories for the WLA Advertising Awards 2012 and the winners for each category were:

Best Number Game: Won by New Zealand Lotteries Commission (New Zealand) for their entry Lucky Dog

Best Sports Betting Game: Won by Atlantic Lottery (Canada) for their entry ProLine Guys

Best Instant Games: Won by Lotterywest (Australia) for their entry $3 Super Sleuth

Best New Media (ads for any type of game created for distribution via Internet, social media, e-mail, mobile phones etc.): Won by Senegalese National Lottery (Senegal) for their entry Chasing Millions.

Best Corporate (TV/cinema ads that profile the organization): Won by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited for their entry Life Changing Athletes

The Grand Award

Won by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited for their entry Life Changing Athletes.

Upon receiving the WLA Grand Global Gaming Award, Ms. Dianne Thompson CEO of Camelot UK Lotteries Limited said, “On behalf of Camelot we’re really thrilled to have not only won one award but the ‘grand prix’ as well – it’s amazing. It’s easy when you’ve got a great subject and the Olympics was a fantastic subject but it’s an ad we’re proud of and I’d like to thank everybody for voting for us.

The NASPL Batchy Awards

The Batchy Awards are presented to NASPL members for outstanding advertising and business communication achievements. The award is named in honor of the late Ralph Batch, who in 1971 was elected NASPL’s first president. It was through his efforts that the advantages of exchanging information and collaborating on joint ventures between North American lotteries were first recognized.

There are six Batchy Awards categories:

  • Television Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Special Categories
  • Corporate Communication
  • Responsible Gambling Communications


Together with a Best of the Batch Award. Each of the six categories is divided into a number of subcategories, for which there are individual winning entries. This year a total of 31 Batchy Awards were bestowed on various NASPL members, while the Best of the Batch Award went to The New York Lottery for their entry “Powerball Yeah, that kind of rich”.

The Best of the Best Award

The winners of WLA’s Grand Global Gaming Award and NASPL’s Best of the Batch Award represent the best of the entries for the respective associations, while the winner of the Best of the Best Award represents the best of all entries for the WLA and NASPL competitions combined. The panel of five that shortlisted the WLA Advertising awards also served as the jury for NASPL's Batchy Awards and selected the winner of the Best of the Best Award.

The Best of the Best Award, which was won by The New York Lottery for their entry “Powerball Yeah, that kind of rich”, was presented to former New York Lottery Director and outgoing NASPL President Gordon Medenica at the WLS 2012 closing dinner on the evening of Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Hailing the award, Mr. Medenica said, “It's a tremendous honor and it is so flattering. I know the Camelot campaign was stunning – really a great piece of work. It means a lot to get this recognition from our peers and colleagues especially given the tremendously high quality of work throughout the whole industry. It is really a wonderful honor and we are very, very proud.

The WLA congratulates all award winners on their achievements, in particular, the Best of the Best Award winner, The New York Lottery. We look forward to presenting the WLA Advertising Awards once again at the World Lottery Summit 2014, in Rome, Italy.

CONTACT: World Lottery Association, Paul Peinado, Email:, Phone: +41 61 284 1430.

SOURCE: World Lottery Association.



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