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LaFleur's 2018 World Lottery Almanac
Worldwide Lottery Sales Top US$304 Billion

ROCKVILLE, Maryland (March 28, 2018) -- Worldwide lottery sales excluding video lottery terminals [VLT] totalled $304.4 billion, a 11% increase from 2016’s $275.4 billion, according to La Fleur’s 2018 World Lottery Almanac.

All lottery sales are for the year ended December 31, 2017 except where noted. If 2017 sales were not available at press time, the editors relied on the previous submissions from the lottery organization. The column marked “Year” reflects the time period for each lottery organization’s sales.

Over the last decade, worldwide lottery sales have ballooned from $224.3 billion in 2007 to $304.4 billion in 2017.

La Fleurs 2018 World Lottery Almanac

Sales for the majority of games -- instant, passive, toto (sports), keno and numbers -- increased in calendar 2017, except lotto sales.  “This was a tremendously successful year for the global lottery industry,” stated La Fleur’s Magazine Publisher Terri Markle. “European lotteries benefitted from the positive change in the rate of exchange. For instance, the euro increased to US$1.20 as of December 31, 2017 (from US$1.05 a year earlier). The British pound was selling at US$1.35 as of December 31, 2017 (compared to US$1.23 as of December 31, 2016).”

Lotto remains the undisputed champion as the world’s favourite lottery game but its market share is declining. In 2017, combined lotto and spiel sales account for 35% of total worldwide sales (down from 39% in 2016).

Combined instant/pulltab sales topped $87.6 billion, up from $80.8 billion in 2016. Instant tickets constitute 29% of total worldwide sales.

Numbers sales totalled $28.95 billion while Keno sales amounted to $9 billion. Keno represents 3% of total sales.  Toto sales (which includes fixed odds betting) topped $34.9 billion, up from $25.4 billion in 2016. Passive game sales amounted to $20.5 billion.

VLT net machine income totalled $32.9 billion. The North American VLT market generated $8.4 billion in VLT net income, followed by Europe ($17.5 billion). China Welfare Lottery’s VLT net machine income totalled $7.1 billion.

La Fleur’s Magazine list the top five lotteries worldwide as measured by total traditional lottery sales and total per capita (PC) sales.

In 2017, China Sports Lottery ranked number one in total traditional sales at $32.2 billion. China Welfare Lottery ranked second at $26.2 billion. Lottomatica ranked third at $23.1 billion. La Française des Jeux ranked fourth at $18.2 billion. SELAE in Spain ranked fifth at $10.5 billion.

In 2017, Singapore Pools ranked first at $918. Massachusetts Lottery ranked second in total per capita sales at $750. Veikkaus ranked third at $704. Norsk Tipping ranked fourth at $494. Georgia Lottery ranked fifth at $442.

SOURCE: TLF Publications, Inc. (La Fleur’s Magazine).




GBGC’s central report is the market-leading Global Gambling Report, which GBGC has been compiling for more than a decade. The Global Gambling Report contains information about gambling activities in more than 250 jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has its own separate report and contains data, operator news, and tax and regulatory information for each gambling activity.

In addition to the jurisdiction reports the Global Gambling Report contains a wealth of databases with data on revenues for the global gambling market.

GBGC’s Interactive Gambling Report focuses on issues, data, and developments in the I-gaming sector. It consists of a report with GBGC’s opinions on the state of the global I-gaming market and an accompanying spreadsheet with forecasts for revenues in the global I-gaming sector.

GBGC’s Gambling Report Subscription enables our customers to make a saving on the cost of purchasing certain reports individually. The subscription gives access to all of GBGC’s reports for 12 months, including updates to the various reports.

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Global Gambling Report Subscription

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Interactive Gambling Report
The Interactive Report focuses on issues and data from the global i-gaming sector, covering online sports, casino, poker, bingo and state lotteries.
The report includes key i-gaming regulatory developments in jurisdictions around the world.
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Global Gambling Report

GBGC’s comprehensive Global Gambling Report contains information and data on the gambling activities in more than 250 jurisdictions.

It is constantly updated with new developments in regulation, taxation and market performance for the sports betting, horseracing, casino, bingo, and lottery sectors. Includes:

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